LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Share The Heartbreaking Story Of Meeting Her Estranged Father Once In Her Life

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LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura has surprised fans by discussing a story of one time she met her estranged father.

On May 14 episode of JTBC’s “Knowing Bros,” LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura and Kim Chaewon appeared as guests.

During the show, the cast asked Sakura to name the most memorable encounter she’d ever had with a fan, she surprised them with the story of when she met her father, for the first and last time ever.

Sakura said,

“When I was one years old, my parents got divorced. I have never seen my father before and never seen a photo of him, so I didn’t even know what his face looked like.

When I held my first handshake event back in my hometown [in Japan], a man came up to me and told me he was rooting for me. As soon as we shook hands, I knew its, ‘this is my dad.’ I felt it right away.

He told me he is cheering me on and as I was thinking about that, the next person in line was my grandmother [the mother of her father]. She suddenly asked me, ‘don’t you remember us?’ so I knew it was my father.”

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When one of the MCs asked her if she had seen her father ever since, she said she didn’t. That was the first and last time she saw him.

You can check out the clip below!

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