This Actress Shocked Netizens By Revealing She Dieted So Hard She Could Fit In 7 Year Olds Outfits Due To Hate Comments

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Actress Ko Eun Ah has shocked netizens by sharing her past on a recent broadcast.

On May 14, the newest episode of KBS’s “Bbaegopa [I am hungry]” aired. In the episode, Ko Eun Ah brought up her extreme dieting phase and the reason behind it.

While the members gathered to talk about the difficulties they faced as celebrities, Brave Girls’s Yujeong opened up about how difficult it had been with hate comments. She revealed that as she was about to give up being a singer, she suddenly got a lot of attention, then, some netizens began calling her ‘a pig,’ and send threatening messages such as ‘I will kill you.’

Ko Eun Ah also opened up about her own story with hate comments and revealed that she debuted when she was a freshman in high school, she said,

“I got a lot of hate comments of people attacking my face. Because of stress, I went on a severe diet and was able to wear clothes that could fit 7-8 year olds.”

Ko Eun Ah added that due to panic disorder and depression, she took a break from acting for two years. When she started getting back to activities on YouTube, she began receiving hate comments again, she says despite trying to play it cool, it still affects her. She said she felt sorry for her little brother Mir too, and broke down in tears discussing the issue.

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