KBS’ Latest Music Talk Show, “The Seasons- Jay Park’s Drive” To Start Recording In January

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KBS’ new music talk show “The Seasons- Jay Park’s Drive” will be launched soon.

On December 29th, KBS said, “KBS’ new late-night music talk show will meet viewers under the name of “The Seasons- Jay Park’s Drive”. We are recruiting audiences ahead of the first recording on January 11 next year.”

“The Seasons” is a music talk show that introduces a different method called the annual project for the first time in a KBS late-night music program, and in 2023, four MCs will take charge of each season under their own name and continue for a total of four seasons.

All-rounder artist Jay Park, who is in his 15th year of debut, has been selected as the MC for the first season, which has drawn a lot of attention.

The first title of “The Seasons”, which is receiving a lot of attention, has been confirmed as “Jay Park’s Drive”. ‘DRIVE’, which is also the title of the song Jay Park released in 2016, is a song that conveys a pleasant message, ‘Let’s leave together so that we can forget all worries and troubles’.

Jay Park personally selected ‘Drive’ among his many songs, and wants to give the gift of a pleasant ending to a stress-filled week during the weekend night.

Expectations are high about Jay Park’s appearance to meet viewers with colourful music and comfortable stories.

“The Seasons- Jay Park’s Drive” is recruiting audiences to go on a music drive with Jay Park ahead of the first recording on January 11 next year.

Jay Park, who thrilled the audience with his own performances on numerous stages, will introduce various music that will catch the eyes and ears of the audience. More information on audience recruitment can be found on the official website.

KBS’ new music talk show “The Seasons- Jay Park’s Drive” will be broadcast in February next year.


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