“The Red Sleeve” Rising Star Kang Hoon Reveals Girl’s Generation Taeyeon Inspired Him To Become An Actor, Why?

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The Red Sleeve” actor Kang Hoon reveals that Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation is the reason he became an actor!

On February 2, Kang Hoon revealed while on an episode of MBC’s “Radio Star” that Girls’ Generation (Especially Taeyeon) was the reason he pursued an acting career.

He shared that when he was 17 years old (Korean age), he was searching for a new dream after quitting basketball, and at that time Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls were very popular. So he started to look for a way to meet Girls’ Generation, and since he couldn’t be a singer or a dancer; he chose to pursue an acting career.

Kang Hoon was then asked who in Girls’ Generation did he really want to meet, to which he revealed that it was Taeyeon. The MCs later asked him if he had the chance to meet her and his answer was a no, to which they enthusiastically suggested to him that he should go on tvN’s “Amazing Saturday” to meet her.

Kang Hoon then revealed that he was a really big fan of Taeyeon to the point where he went to her parent’s optical store in her hometown Jeonju just so he can talk to them and have a pair of glasses made, he didn’t even have a problem with his sight.

In the end, Kang Hoon turned to the camera and sent a video message to Taeyeon, he thanked her for being his main inspiration for his acting career, he also added that he had her CDs at his home, so if he ever met he, would ask her to sign one for him.

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