“ISAC” Will Not Be Held For This Year’s Lunar New Year holiday, Here’s Why

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‘ISAC’ will not be broadcast during the Lunar New Year holiday this year.

On January 6th, an MBC official said, “The ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship’ (ISAC) will not be held during this Lunar New Year holiday.”

‘ISAC’ is a program where idol singers challenge themselves in sports events to determine the winner. Since its first broadcast in 2010, it has been continuously broadcast during the Lunar New Year and Chuseok holidays, establishing itself as MBC’s representative holiday special program.

However, there were cases where participating idols were injured, and it was also embroiled in controversy, such as being pointed out as dangerous.

After the Lunar New Year special in 2020, it took a break in the aftermath of COVID-19 and resumed broadcasting after a long time on Chuseok last year.


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