How HyunA And Dawn Are Breaking Down Walls When It Comes To Idols Public Dating  Feat. Knowing Brothers

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HyunA and Dawn (previously known as E’dawn) are breaking stereotypes about idols dating and opening up doors for idols to express their love to each other more freely.

HyunA and Dawn both made a guest appearance on November 9 episode of JTBC hit variety show “Knowing Brothers.” It is considered one of the most talked-about and popular Korean variety shows, the couple made a guest appearance alone.

Idol couples, especially this young, don’t usually talk about dating their significant other on TV at all even if they had been dating for years, and it is extremely rare for idol couples to make an appearance on a Korean TV show together to publicly talk about their relationship.

HyunA and Dawn are one of the few idol couples who are breaking stereotypes and redefining how netizens look at idol couples and idols dating in general as well.

As soon as they entered the room, the MCs went wild and proceeded to ask all sorts of questions to them, instead of shying away from answering them, HyunA had no problem talking about her boyfriend.

One of the first questions they were asked was about how long they’d been dating, Dawn revealed that it has almost been four years while HyunA cautiously revealed that she had a one-sided crush on him for one and a half year,

“I… this kind of hurts my pride, but… I waited for a year and a half.

It wasn’t even a some-relationship [flirting]. I just fell in love with him alone.

He would always act in a different way than I expected. For example, it had been months but he never once asked for my number, even though we were together every day.

When we spent time together, he even kept a distance between us, which started to bother me.”

When asked why she hadn’t confessed, she said she tried to make it obvious but he never noticed. She then added that she mustered up her courage to drink soju and confess to him,

“I bought a bottle of soju and took it home, and took a photo of it to let him know I’d be drinking. He replied with ‘just a minute,’ he had gone out to also buy one too so we could drink together even though we were apart. He also told me to drink slowly since I can’t handle my alcohol. That made my heart beat faster.”

She then told him that she liked him for a long time and tried to let him know, she also said that she was surprised by his reaction,

“He was upfront about it and said ‘why, can’t we just date now? I was so happy that I couldn’t stay still, but I was also a bit said because I had waited for so long but it happened so easily, so it felt like a dream come true rather than reality.”

Check out the clip where they talk about this below:

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There are many Korean news outlets covering the story, netizens reactions are very positive, many are praising the couple for being so honest about their relationship and for how cute they are.

What do you think of this couple?

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