Popular comedian HaHa’s Solution To Kpop Idols Dating ‘Controversies’ Is So Extreme It Could Actually Work

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Popular comedian HaHa’s recent remarks about kpop idol dating news have become the center of attention and debate.

In the most recent episode of the web variety show “Praise or Scrap” hosted by Park Myung Soo and HaHa, 1st-generation idol g.o.d member Park Joon Hyung appeared as a guest.

During the episode, he discussed his idol career and Park Myung Soo mentioned his dating scandal back in the day, Park Joon Hyung coolly corrected him and said,

“It wasn’t a scandal as much as it was just that I dated that person.”

Park Joon Hyung didn’t mind mentioning the name of his ex-girlfriend and shared,

“the fact that we dated, it is not some kind of crime… and I didn’t want to hide it back then. A man and a woman dating is the most natural thing.”

Hearing him discuss his past dating news, HaHa chimed in with a hilarious suggestion that he believes would help the industry and fans become more cool with dating news, he said,

“For me, I want to see idols who are dating and all of their agencies just work something out and get an agreement to release all the dating news at once.

Just say it all at once, so that the media is so confused, they wouldn’t know what scandal to report on.

I know for a fact a bunch of them are dating each other.

Then choose one day, and at one specific time, all the entertainment agencies gather and agree to release their idols’ dating news at once.

And then, wait about when 50 couples have broken up and announce the news all at once in one day.”

Netizens couldn’t help but talk about how hilarious his suggestion was and how it could actually work because there would be so many dating news, netizens wouldn’t be able to keep up.

What do you think of his suggestion? Do you think it would be a good idea?

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