Mnet New Survival Show “Girls Planet 999” Scores A Shocking 0.4% In Ratings For Its First Episode

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Mnet New Survival Show “Girls Planet 999” is up to a rocky start despite the anticipation.

According to Nielsen Korea, “Girls Planet 999” episode 1 scored average nationwide ratings of 0.46%, a shockingly low number despite the hype, marketing, and the star-studded lineup including the presenter Yeo Jin Goo and kpop masters Sunmi and Tiffany.

The rating number is considerably low especially when you take into account the infamous produce series that kicked off with higher ratings. ‘Produce 101’ season 2 started off with 1.6%. ‘Produce 48’ kicked off with 1.1%, and ‘Produce X 101’ began with 1.4%.

Some attribute the lackluster ratings to the boycott that is still ongoing due to Mnet launching another survival show despite illegally manipulating all of the four seasons of the Produce series.

“Girls Planet 999” is a competition show aimed to debut a new 9-member girl group consisting of trainees and idols from China, Japan, and South Korea.

Have you seen Girls Planet 999 episode 1 yet?

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