Gary Cryptic Comment About Love Lines In Variety Shows, Was He Referencing Song Ji Hyo In “Running Man”?

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Gary’s recent comment on “The Return of Superman” is gaining a lot of attention!

During March 8 episode of the reality KBS show, Gary and his song Hao visited a real estate agent where they kept an eye on the office while she ran an errand. While the agent was away, two clients stopped by and were shocked to see Gary and his son. The two women played around with Hao and asked him and his father questions.

Hao held out a juice box for the women and one of them asked which one he’s offering it to, after Hao made his choice, he continued to offer gifts for the same women, Gary laughed and asked his son why he’s neglecting the other woman.

Gary added,

“He keeps flirting. Who in your family did you take after to become such a flirt?”

When one of the women cracked up at his comment, he followed with,

“Love lines on variety shows never come true.”

Fans believe Gary was making reference to his love line with Song Ji Hyo on “Running Man.”

What do you think of this?

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