This Kpop Idol Was So Traumatized By A Past Failed Relationship That He Couldn’t Date For 13 Years

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This Kpop idol has shocked fans all around the world by talking about his dating life, what he revealed will surprise you!

Fly to the sky member Brian told the story about his dating life and it’s making headlines everywhere. In the most recent episode of SBS Plus entertainment show “Dating guru,” the singer appears as a guest star and talked about his dating life.

During the filming, Brian told the cast members that the last time he dated someone was about 13 years ago shocking everyone.

He explained,

“the last time I dated someone was 13 years ago, I think I’m not able to date because I haven’t dated for a very long time.”

He explains the situation and why a past relationship traumatized him so badly he couldn’t date since then, he said,

“I had a girlfriend right after I debuted, but she was dating another singer while she was dating me. I didn’t know but that singers group member told me so I broke up with her. The member told me he felt bad and apologize to me.

I formed a trauma because of that and I kept contemplating if I would ever be able to find true love.”

He added that this is the reason why he’s come on this dating show. The fortune teller even told Ryan that he has an interesting fortune and he has such a detailed and high standards for everyone around him, he also has a high possibility to meet a foreign woman rather than a Korean one.

What do you think of this? Were you surprised to hear about his traumatic experience? let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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