Fans Amazed By Sunmi’s Act Of Kindness, She Paid The Deposit For Her Manager’s New Home

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Korean and international fans are shocked by Sunmi’s amazing act of kindness towards her manager.

The two girls appeared on September 15 episode of “Omniscient Interfering View,” Sunmi had visited her manager’s personal home and a particular sentence caught the attention of the audience that revealed Sunmi’s kind nature.

Sunmi talked about how beautiful the house was, the manager replied,

“This house is yours.”

The sentence was confusing to the audience but Sunmi’s manager explained it. She revealed that Sunmi had paid for the entire security deposit of the new home, she said,

“When I was moving to the house, I was suffering from financial difficulties, but one day I noticed that a large sum of money wired to my bank account, I had been thinking of getting a loan or borrowing money from a friend. That large sum of money was under Sunmi’s name.”

Sunmi had found out that her manager was going through financial difficulties and had wired the money without letting her know. The manager revealed that she both taken back and shocked at first, she thought Sunmi had transferred it by mistake.

When she called Sunmi, she told her that it was hers, Sunmi told her,

“Unnie, I couldn’t buy you the entire house right now, but I wanted to help you out in any way I could.”

The manager added that she cried her eyes out when she found out, Sunmi revealed that she overheard her manager talking on the phone by accident and she wanted to help out.

On the show, Sunmi said she wasn’t expecting to be paid back the money or get it from her manager.

It is worthy to point out that security deposits in Korea are not easy money to collect. The security deposit sum is in the thousand dollars range somewhere between 5000 to 10,000 on average, of course, the security deposit sum could be higher or lower than that. The security deposit sum depends on the location of the apartment/house and its space as well.

This act of kindness made fans hearts melt, Sunmi is such a kind idol who gives back to people she cares about.

My Thoughts

This is such a sweet idea, Sunmi is truly a kind person!

I have seen lots of kdramas so I know well that security deposits are such a serious matter and very expensive, you must be a really kind person to be willing to give someone you haven’t known for a long time thousands of dollars.

People who do things like this warm my heart, the world is filled with misery and bad people and when I see someone treating another human being like that and helping them out when in desperate need I can’t help but feel happy.

I used to like Sunmi, I always thought she was sweet and unique, now I respect and like her even more knowing that~

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