Dara Talks About How Torn And Lost She Felt After 2ne1’s Disbandment

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Dara had opened up about her famous girl group disbandment in a recent episode of MBC’s “Insolent Housemate”, a show where idols move in together.

She was out late at night with Block B’s P.O and she spoke of the burdens she’s currently facing to P.O, she said,

“I was torn between what people wanted me to do and what I wanted to do.”

She added,

“I felt very lost after 2ne1 disbanded. Thus I started doing things that people thought would suit me well instead of the things that I wanted to do. This is why I wasn’t as happy as I used to be.

But now I will do the things that I want to do before its too late. There might be some things I won’t be able to do if I grew older, I will try a lot of new things now.”

After that Block B’s P.O and Dara finished drinking and eating snacks and headed back home.

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