Dara Publicly Calls Out YG Entertainment Asking To Give Back Some Of 2NE1’s Trophies During Speech At The 2021 MBC Entertainment Awards

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Former 2NE1 member Dara is making headlines for her winning speech at the 2021 MBC Entertainment Awards.

On December 29, the 2021 MBC Entertainment Awards was held. During the award ceremony, Dara received the Popularity Award and her speech has gone viral for what she said about YG.

Dara said,

“I have received awards several times as part of 2NE1, but this is the first time I received an award as a solo artist.

My mom asked me where were the trophies I’ve received a lot of. If YG officials are watching, please donate and send some trophies to me.”

Dara’s comments have infuriated fans even more than they already were with YG and the way they had handled the disbandment of the group. Recently, CL admitted to having found out about her group’s disbandment through news outlets reports like everybody else, and it turns out she wasn’t informed of their planned disbandment.

This coupled with Dara’s comments have fans fuming with anger over YG’s management style. It is also very rare for a kpop idol to publicly call out their former agency like that on national TV.

2NE1 disbanded 5 years ago. Considering 2NE1’s contributions, alongside BIGBANG, to what YG became today, many fans have been voicing their anger with the agency.

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