BTS RM And Film Director Jang Hang Jun To MC tvN’s New Program “The Dictionary Of Useless Human Knowledge”

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BTS Leader RM and film director Jang Hang Jun will be the MC of tvN’s “The Dictionary Of Useless Human Knowledge.”

“The Dictionary Of Useless Human Knowledge” is a trip to find oneself whom one didn’t even know from various perspectives. It is the third part that the production team of ‘The dictionary Of Useless Knowledge” ambitiously put out following the popularity of tvN’s “The Dictionary Of Useless Knowledge” and “The Dictionary Of Useless Crime Miscellaneous Knowledge.”

In “The Dictionary Of Useless Human Knowledge,” all humans in the world will be dealt with from different perspectives in various fields such as literature, physics, legal medicine, and astronomy. The stories of various people will unfold, including interesting characters who cross imagination and reality, as well as our stories of wandering through life. To this end, experts from various fields with knowledge as well as witty talks will be presented which raises expectations.

First, film director Jang Hang Jun and BTS RM (Kim Nam Joon) will be the MC and lead the program. Jang Hang Jun is an entertainer and a storyteller who is active and is naturally joyful and full of loveliness. His insight, which looks at the world warmly and sharply, is already drawing expectations.

The joining of global artist BTS RM, who rose to the top of the world with his music, is also an expectation point. RM is an artist with extraordinary intellectual curiosity and sensibility and an icon of the MZ generation. He has delivered various insights to the younger generation, covering a wide range of cultural genres, and is an extraordinary listener of the Dictionary of Useless Knowledge series. Attention is focused on RM’s unique vitality that will be added to “The Dictionary Of Useless Human Knowledge.”

Novelist Kim Young Ha and physicist Kim Sang Wook, who are both icons of intelligence and popular among generations, will also appear. Novelist Kim Young Ha is an indispensable figure in the field of intellectual discussions, and appeared in the first and third seasons of “The Dictionary Of Useless Knowledge” and conveyed a lot of echoes with insights into human relations. Professor Kim Sang Wook was also greatly loved by presenting friendly physics insights that cross reason and sensibility in the “The Dictionary Of Useless Knowledge,” “The Dictionary of Useless Crime Miscellaneous Knowledge” series, etc.

It will then feature Professor Lee Ho, a forensic scientist who was active in “The Dictionary of Useless Crime Miscellaneous Knowledge,” and Dr. Shim Chae Kyung, a new astronomer. Professor Lee Ho will take a deeper look at human life and inner life with the life and death he learned at the scene of numerous autopsies. Dr. Shim Chae Kyung, who will meet tvN viewers for the first time through this “The Dictionary Of Useless Human Knowledge,” is an astronomer who pays attention to Nature. Based on the knowledge accumulated by exploring astronomy for more than 20 years, Dr. Shim Chae Kyung is expected to double the fun by delivering human stories from a cosmic perspective.

Are you excited to see BTS RM in this program?

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