Berry Good’s Johyun Criticized For Praising Her Body But Calling Lovelyz Mijoo’s A ‘Chopstick’

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Berry Good’s Johyun recent remarks about a fellow idol have landed her in hot waters.

On May 19 episode of “Video Star,” Berry Good Johyun and Lovelyz Mijoo were among the guests.

A particular segment on the show gained Johyun lots of backlash. The MCs asked her to compare between her body and Mijoo’s, Mijoo got up to show off her figure doing funny poses, the MCs burst out laughing before Johyun got up to show off hers and stated,

“Of course Mijoo has a pretty figure but she’s like a chopstick. I filmed a lingerie CF recently.”

Many netizens thought her comment was very inconsiderate and mean spirited, others thought she shouldn’t say stuff like that about another woman’s body on TV, their comments include,

is she serious?

why would she say that?

She has nothing but her body to brag about

Its very disrespectful and rude to talk like that

check out the video moment below:

What do you think of her comments? Do you think she went too far or were netizens overreacting?

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