Bae Yoon Jung Reveals How Much PSY Paid Her To Use Her Choreography In “Gentleman”

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Bae Yoon Jung has recently appeared on a variety show and revealed exactly how much she was paid by PSY for her iconic dance in his song “Gentleman.”

Bae Yoon Jung appeared on the most recent broadcast of “Radio Star” and she talked about PSY and how much he loved the “Brown Eyed Girls’ ‘arrogant dance,’ he said that while working on the song, he couldn’t think of a dance move that would suit it better than that one.

After being contacted by him, he asked her if he could use only that part of the choreography, she said,

“I was grateful. For me, it was like, ‘wow, he wants to use my choreography? Of course, thank you.’

I was grateful that he was using it at all but then he said, ‘since I am using your choreography, I’ll pay you a copyright fee.’ I would have been thankful even if he didn’t pay me anything, but since he said he would, I said, ‘thank you so much.”

She revealed that around that period, she was getting paid roughly 3 million to 4 million won [approximately $2,530 to $3,375] to choreograph an entire three- to a four-minute song. PSY paid her 10 million won [approximately $8,438] just to use one part of the dance routine.

What do you think of the choreography?

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