B.A.P Fans Heartbroken To Learn That This Member Is Auditioning To A Rookie Artists Survival Show

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B.A.P Fans were in for a bitter surprise when they learned that this member is auditioning to the new AOMG show “Signhere.” The show features five judges Jay Park, Simon Dominic, Gray, Code Kunst, and Woo Won Jae.

On August 22 episode premiere, this B.A.P member showed up. It was during the first round of evaluation and the last segment of the first episode B.A.P’s Jongup showed up shocking the judges.

Jay Park asked him if he’s a B.A.P member and he confirmed it. Simon Dominic then asked him why he’s applying on his own, he answered hesitantly,

“I have to prepare to go solo, to be honest, and I needed a new agency.”

Jay Park then asked him if his group disbanded, he replied with,

“Yes, it’s been about half a year.”

The show revealed that his full story will air in next week’s episode.

For him to go up through the show the judges and 50 hiphop listeners must determine if he passes or fails.

B.A.P debuted in 2012, the group was active until February this year when it was announced that all the members left choosing not to renew their contracts. Fans thought that Jongup would’ve been able to find an agency; they were shocked to learn that the idol hasn’t been contacted by an agency yet.

What do you think of this?

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My personal thoughts

My heart just broke into a million pieces, I just can’t!

I am not even a B.A.P fan, I don’t like their style of music but respect them as artists and it pains me to see this.

It must’ve been a very tough decision, he used to be a popular idol from a rising boy group, he worked so hard and yet he couldn’t find an agency, my heart hurts for him. This industry is so difficult and so unfair.

I hope that he advances to the next stage of his career through this show, he was born in 1995, this means he still has time left on his hand to do more music before he must enlist.

He’s still young, not as young as all the new idols but young enough to get another chance in this industry. I can’t wait for next week’s episode, I hope he advances and finds success with AOMG.

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  1. The Korean Music industry is very interesting…the process is like and average person interviewing for a job…you’d think once a person at their level has had any kind of major exposure…signing with a new label wouldn’t be an issue because they know the person has proven talent and ability….and can sell records. No they treat it like someone applying to be a janitor at this company once they’ve been a janitor over at another company…you gotta start from the bottom again because you got laid off at the other company you were a senior at….

    This is depressing and destressing I am sure. To have devoted his youth to being a musician and achieved nothing because he was signed to a shitty label…that did nothing but use him and his band mates…to have earned no money to do his thing solo…is heartbreaking.

    I hope he gains something from this, even if it isn’t a contract…I hope another agency sees his drive and ambition to keep going….and will do him right. Or he will at least gain a new fandom that will push him to new heights.

  2. While Daehyun was the strongest singer in B.A.P, I really liked the quality of Jongup’s voice, even better than Youngjae’s. His solo Jigeum is one of my favorite B.A.P songs. After it came out on the album, i realized he had performed it for his solo stage at the 2016 concert in Chicago.

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