2NE1’s Dara Explains Rumors That Alleges She’s The 3rd Richest Idol After IU And Lee Hyori

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2NE1’s Dara has addressed the rumors that she’s worth 30 billion won [around $21 million] on a recent variety show.

On The most recent episode of “Problem Child in House,” Dara made a guest appearance and talked about various topics, among them was the reunion performance with 2NE1 for Coachella.

She also touched on her hobbies and said she collects shoes, she has about 1000 pairs of shoes, shocking everyone in the studio.

Dara also said the most expensive shoes she’s purchased were $14,000. She also buys every color of the each shoe and wears them inside because she doesn’t want them to get dirty.

In the show, she also talked about a past news article that claimed she had a net worth of 30 billion won putting her as the 3rd richest female idol after IU and Lee Hyori, she dispelled the rumors saying, “There was a new article that said I had 30 billion won, I was sad because it was not true. But after thinking about it, I think I probably have made around that amount in my career. I would have probably been able to invest in real estate if I didn’t go shopping so much.”

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