Younha’s “Event Horizon” Beats Intense Competition On Korean Charts And Becomes The Latest Viral Sleeper Hit Song Six Months After Its Release

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Younha’s “Event Horizon” is on its way to achieve a perfect-all-kill! Here is what you need to know about the latest viral sleeper hit!

A new viral song following in the footsteps of hits such as Brave Girls’ “Rollin” and EXID’s “Up&Down” has emerged. This song is taking over the charts and has managed to dethrone immense competition from the hottest rising and established girl groups.

How Younha’s “Event Horizon” became a viral hit in Korea

Younha’s “Event Horizon” was first released on March 3rd as a part of the singer’s repackaged 6th album. Fans have had a viral campaign to help the song chart on Melon. The song gained a following through her live performances during various events and festivals.

The song began to resurface and entered the charts in early October, it has been steadily rising ever since and has managed to top almost all Korean charts ever since.

Younha’s reaction to “Event Horizon” ranking first on Melon

Younha has expressed her gratitude to fans for helping the song reach No. 1 on Melon via Twitter.

“Event Horizon” rankings on Korean charts

As of this writing, “Event Horizon” is No. 1 on Genie, Melon, Vibe, Flo and more. Its on its way to achieve a perfect-all-kill.

More information about “Event Horizon” singer Younha

Younha is a Korean singer who debuted first in Japan in 2006 and was nicknamed “Oricon Comet” for her rapid rise in Japanese music charts. She has since become one of the most well-respected singers-songwriters in Korea.

If you haven’t heard the song yet, check it out down below!

Congratulations to Younha on the success of “Event Horizon”!

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