What Are X1 Members Up To After Their Group Disbandment? Here Is Everything We Know So Far

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January 2020 started with a lot of heavy and shocking news and one of the most talked-about news had to be the sudden disbandment news of X1, a group produced by the last season of Mnet Produce series.

The news was announced on January 6 to the shock of many fans who had been waiting for an official response regarding X1 future promotions. The boys received massive hate for being a part of the ‘rigged’ group and since the group hadn’t signed a contract yet, it made it easier for the companies to decide their fate. Dispatch released details about the meeting which led to the disbandment announcement and fans weren’t happy to learn of the details.

Since the announcement, X1 fandom has been doing its best to show Mnet and CJ ENM that they made the wrong decision; the fandom has been trending hashtags almost daily demanding a better response from CJ ENM in relation to the damage they caused X1 members and how they plan on compensating the trainees who received damage because of the vote-rigging controversy.

Yesterday, the fandom took it to the street in a silent protest to express their wishes to see X1 rebrand and debut as a group again; they called for CJ ENM to take responsibility for their actions instead of holding the members responsible for something they had no say in whatsoever. CJ ENM issued a response but it caused a massive backlash by X1 fandom who criticized them for not responding to their demands, there are reportedly discussing a second protest already.

Since the announcement was made, fans have noticed that X1 members companies are moving on and quickly preparing for activities of each member, some are set to hold fanmeetings, or set to release solo debut songs, and much more.

Today, we’ll quickly summarize what the X1 members have been up to since their disbandment.

Han Seung Woo


Han Seung Woo, who originally debuted as a part of the group VICTON, has opened his personal Instagram account on January 17; his agency Play M Entertainment shared a link of his account on their official twitter.

He’s using his Instagram account to communicate with fans.

Later, his agency confirmed his plans to hold his first solo fan meeting at the Kyung Hee University Grand Peace Palace on February 8 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. KST. The fan meeting is being described with four types of human emotions happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy.

A poster of his upcoming fan meeting has been released, check it out:


Kim Woo Seok


UP10TION’s Kim Woo Seok is another former X1 member who joined Instagram shortly after the disbandment announcement.

On January 10, TOP Media announced that an official Instagram account has been launched for Kim Woo Seok. And on January 23 at midnight KST, Kim Woo Seok announced via his Instagram that he’ll be holding a fan meeting titled “Woo Seok Ah” on February 22.

He shared the poster of the fan meeting, check it out below:


More happy news came on January 23 as well, media outlets reported that Kim Woo Seok is working on solo music and is possibly debuting as a soloist.

In response to those rumors, a source from TOP Media stated that Kim Woo Seok is working on a solo song for his fan meeting and when asked to comment on his possible debut as a solo artist, the agency explained that it’s not confirmed news; the agency is still discussing the subject.

Kim Yo Han


Kim Yo Han is the first former X1 member to likely take the acting route, on January 13, reports alleged that Kim Yo Han is set to lead KBS 2TV’s series drama “School 2020” which is set to air in August.

In response to the reports, a source from Kim Yo Han’s agency confirmed that he received an offer to star in the drama but its only one of the many offers he’s currently reviewing, and nothing is confirmed yet.

If he confirms for the series, he’ll be leading the next installment of the popular “School” series. He’s been offered the role of a former taekwondo athlete that won a bronze medal as a junior representative in the Korean National Sports Festival, he goes through hardships after suffering a severe ankle injury and the failure of his father’s business.

“School 2020” is reportedly preparing to begin filming in March.

Lee Eun Sang


Lee Eun Sang is another X1 member who opened up about his plans following the disbandment with a Live broadcast, but unlike other former X1 members, he didn’t open his own channel but shared his thoughts through his agency channel Brand New Music.

While not much is confirmed yet, Lee Eun Sang stated that he’s working hard on preparing and showing fans his improved self. He talked about making songs and learning new dances to show to his fans in the near future.

He told fans he’d regularly hold solo V Lives to communicate with them. You can check out the first one here.

Cho Seung Youn


Cho Seung Youn is among the X1 members who launched a twitter account. He launched his account 3 days go under his stage name WOODZ. He also uploaded a dance practice video for “Dream,” making it his first update on his YouTube channel in months. He also opened his own V Live channel under the name WOODZ.

He already has an Instagram account where he shared a letter addressing X1 disbandment announcement. Through his first-ever V Live, he talked to fans about his upcoming plans hinting at the possibility of opening an official fan cafe soon where he plans on accepting fans’ submissions for lyrics.

He also told fans that he has been working on a song and will record himself singing the lyrics soon. In regards to questions about a possible fan meeting, the former X1 member told fans to ‘wait a bit more.’ You can check out his first V Live here.

Nam Do Hyun and Lee Han Gyul


Nam Do Hyun and Lee Han Gyul have also opened their own V Live channel as a duo where they regularly communicate with fans and share updates.

On their first-ever broadcast, they promised to hold a fan meeting if they surpass the 100 million “hearts.” They quickly surpassed it, the agency explained that they will meet with fans as soon as possible and show them a good performance, they’re currently preparing for that.

They had also promised to hold a fan concert if they reached the 200 million hearts which they already had as well. Fans are eagerly anticipating an official statement about the date of the fan concert.

On January 16, their agency MBK Entertainment announced that they will hold their fan meeting “HAPPY DAY” on February 2 at the Kyung Hee University Grand Peace Palace.

They also joined the lineup for the “12th K-POP FESTIVAL 2020” which will be held in Sapporo, Japan on February 8.

Song Hyeong Jun and Kang Min Hee


The former X1 members greeted fans on January 17 through Starship official trainees twitter account, they greeted fans with selcas, not much is known about their next move but they’re reported to be working hard practicing their dancing and singing to greet fans soon.

Son Dongpyo and Cha Junho

The two remaining members have not yet addressed fans on their possible upcoming activities.

DSP Media shared Dongpyo letter following X1 disbandment and so did Woollim Entertainment with Cha Junho, fans are eagerly waiting to hear something from both of them soon

So there you have it, this is everything we know about former X1 members so far since the disbandment announcement.

Do you miss X1 members? Would you like to see them reunite as a group?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. X1 please comeback,
    Well they can form a new boy group, and girl group
    Wich contains the trainees who were supposed to debut. From Produce 48 to Produce X 101
    And also X1 and IZ*ONE should remain active as a group.

  2. It’s very sad that they work very hard to be pat of x1 and they would just be disbanded that easily. I really want to see them again together as a permanent group tho it may be impossible. I also want Izone to be a permanent group.

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