All The Records J-Hope Of BTS Broke So Far With His First Mixtape Release

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BTS fans have been raving about the upcoming mixtape of BTS’s J-Hope, they were planning on making his first mixtape release one memorable release and they did just that.

The BTS rapper is the 3rd rapper of the group to release a mixtape. RM and Suga have previously released mixtapes that were also met with great success.

On March 2 at midnight KST, the mixtape “Hope World” as well as a music video with the title track “Daydream” was released. The album includes six other new tracks and according to fans reviews, they were all lit.

Today, we’re taking a look at all the records (we could find) that BTS’s J-Hope broke with his first mixtape release (so far).

Twitter Shutdown

The BTS fandom was so excited about the release that they took the top 3 spots of twitter worldwide trending topics handle to talk about “Hixtap.”

They trended “HIXTAPEisComing,” “HopeWorld,” and “DaydreamMVoutNow” in the top three spots.

The twitter hashtags received millions of tweets and even his real name Jung Hoseok trended at No. 10 for some time.

Some fans kept adding more hashtags besides the mentioned above, but those three were the most popular and the most used, they also include some of the best tweets by the overly excited fandom.

Overflowing number of likes

The title track “Daydream” was the one that got an MV release, being the first BTS-associated release of 2018, fans were sure to stream the video multiple times to show their support for the 24-year-old rapper.

“Daydream” became the fastest BTS video to reach the one million likes, having reached that after an unprecedent 1 hour 44 minutes.

Its also the fastest solo Korean MV to reach the 1 million likes on a YouTube video. J-hope newest mixtape title track didn’t only break the group’s previous records on YouTube but it also set new ones for all the upcoming releases.

Breaking More YouTube Records

Upon its release, “Daydream” was one of the trending videos on the YouTube trending page in many countries around the world.

Various fans of different parts of the world reported seeing the MV trending in their own country’s trending page.

Not only that, but J-Hope has set another record with “Daydream,” just after 24 hours, the music video reached 12,181,987 views, thus becoming one of the fastest Korean solo artists MVs to reach the 10 million views.

Its far away from breaking PSY’s record with 38 million views with Gentleman (in 24 hours), but 12 million views is still a huge milestone for any solo artist not to mention a Korean solo artist.

Topping iTunes charts

Shortly after the mixtape release, it claimed the No. 1 spot in 63 iTunes Top Album Charts in 63 different countries worldwide, these countries include United States, England, Canada, Brazil, and Australia.

The title track itself has also claimed the Nr. One spot on many iTunes top songs charts in many countries around the world including Kazakhstan, and Vietnam.

This is a new record for a Korean solo artist. J-hope now holds the record for the most No. 1’s on iTunes of any Korean solo artist.

J-hope has delivered fans with seven amazing rap tracks that shall keep the thirst of BTS fandom for now. The seven tracks are considered a masterpiece by many fans.

The YouTube video is also headed for the 20 million views mark. There will also be probably more records broken by the hottest mixtape out right now.

What did you think of the mixtape? Did you like it? Did it live up to your expectations?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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