Kpop Idols Who Paid A Heavy Price For Falling In Love

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It is well known that a Kpop idol dating is a taboo subject, especially in the first years after their debut which is why many agencies such as JYP and YG impose dating bans.

This all stems from the possessive kpop culture, many fans assume the idol are theirs and should only work hard and not date. In case an idol comes forwarded with dating news, they’re usually bombarded with hate comments; many fans withdraw their support from their idol as a result of simple dating news.

The dating news not only affects the idol but the agency as well, which is why in many cases they’d deny it if there was no photo proof.

Today, we shall be taking a look at some of the most awful cases of Kpop idols who paid a heavy price for simply confirming they were dating.

[Note 1: the below couples also received support from many Korean and international fans, but we’re highlighting couples who were heavily and negatively affected by their dating news.

Note 2: The list is not a comprehensive list.]

Som Hye In

The first on this list is actually the most recent incident. She came out as bisexual about a month ago and shared photos with her girlfriend. She revealed that herself through her instagram account. As expected, she was harassed with hate homophobic comments by Netizens.

Some of netizens comments were,

“Being gay is abnormal.”

“A school bully.”

“Why should you be proud of that?”

“Lesbian and a school bully? gross… I hope she goes to hell.”

“Since when were same-sex relationships something to support? The world is going crazy.”

“Is this something to support? I feel dizzy here.”

“A school bully and bisexual, should we support this?”

In case you’re wondering about the ‘school bully’ parts, that’s because she made headlines after a school friend accused her of bullying. She later came out with a statement to clarify that she didn’t bully her but was a bystander to the bullying that happened to her (while also being bullied by the same person). She also added that she said things she shouldn’t have said and hurt the person who was being bullied.

Due to the immense hateful comments she received, she released a longer statement denying she’s doing it for fame or attention.

“I didn’t know I would receive this much attention, I just didn’t want to hide that I was dating in and love like everybody else….

I don’t want my people to get hurt, its my duty to protect them. I will take legal action to protect them. Please stop.”

Despite her warning the hateful comments didn’t stop. She paid a heavy price for revealing her relationship with her non-celebrity girlfriend since South Korea is a conservative country.

Choiza and Sulli

Sulli has been on the receiving end of many nasty comments for years now. She’s always in the news for what she posts to her instagram account. Netizens usually bash her and call her ‘crazy,’ and an ‘attention seeker.’

She was initially portrayed as the innocent baby-face idol back in her early idol days so when her dating news came out, it was poorly received for multitude of reasons.

She was rumored to be dating rapper Choiza since September 2013. Initially, both agencies denied the rumors. Later, it was reported that Choiza’s lost wallet was found by a stranger who saw photos of them together; the photos were posted online, they went viral.

Choiza’s agency Amoeba Culture confirmed that it was Choiza’s lost wallet. Later, in August of 2014, both SM and Amoeba Culture confirmed the dating news. SM was criticized for its vague statement, in which they stated ‘they depend on each other,’ it wasn’t until Amoeba Culture released a clear statement confirming the two were indeed dating that fans became sure of it.

This was followed by an apology from Choiza who explained he couldn’t come forward with a confirmation of the dating news back then due to ‘personal circumstances.’ He says that after he saw just how much the hateful comments hurt her, he decided to not be a source of suffering for her and thus his agency released a clear statement confirming the dating news.

Supporting fans were furious for another reason, SM announced that Sulli would go on an indefinite hiatus from the entertainment industry, and will not be performing with her group. The agency stated that the hateful comments stemming from dating rumors took a toll on her mental and physical health.

There were many reasons fans were upset. Sulli was one of the most popular members of her group f(x) at the time. There was also the huge age gap between them both. Many criticized Choiza for dating someone out of his league. They’re 14 years apart.

Fans also criticized Sulli because it appeared that she didn’t care about what her fans thought of this and she went on to boast about their relationship on social media sharing various photos of them together. Her dating news also severely affected her group activities at the time photos were released.

She officially announced her departure from the group a year later.

The couple announced their breakup in March of 2017.

Kang Daniel and Jihyo

Another famous couple that took the Kpop fandom by surprise!

Kang Daniel and TWICE Jihyo dating news is probably one of the most shocking to date because it was so random, fans couldn’t believe the two were dating.

The dating news was revealed by Dispatch, they shared various photos of the couple going on dates in his apartment in the expensive UN Village apartment complex. They had dates there because Jihyo lived with the rest of her members in a dorm.

Dispatch claimed that the two were introduced to each other through a senior artist who was later revealed to be 2AM’s Seulong. They reportedly began dating in early 2019 during Daniel’s very public legal fight with his former agency.

Shortly after the report was released, both KONNECT Entertainmentand JYP Entertainment confirmed the news.

The one who suffered from the reveal was obviously Kang Daniel who is still considered relatively a rookie. The dating news was announced only two weeks after he made his official solo debut.

Initially, Dispatch was supposed to reveal the dating news before his solo debut, they later clarified why they delayed the report release. Read about it here.

Fans criticized him for dating Jihyo, many announced they would stop supporting him and were upset about how he was dating during the same time he cut contact with Wanna One members due to his ongoing legal battle with his former agency.

He was also criticized for treating his fans like his wallets; many assumed that he wouldn’t have had a successful debut if Dispatch had released this report before his official solo debut.

As a result of the negative response, he ended up releasing an apology letter to his fans promising to work hard and try to show a better image of himself.

There were also many netizens and fans who supported the couple relationship.

Baekhyun and Taeyeon

If you want to talk about dramatic kpop dating news, you have to mention Baekhyun and Taeyeon.

Back in June of 2014, reports claimed that Baekhyun and Taeyeon had been dating each other for a couple of months, photos of their dates were released to the public causing a huge issue. They were officially the first SM couple to be revealed. SM confirmed the two were dating shortly after the news were released.

At the time, EXO were only two years into their debut and Girls Generation were at the height of their careers. The couple took fans by surprise and some were very critical.

Baekhyun had told fans he won’t date until he’s 35 years old in an interview; he always talked about how much he loves his fans which rubbed many the wrong way when he was the first EXO member to confirm he’s dating.

This also negatively affected EXO. Some even petitioned for Baekhyun to leave his group and for SBS to fire him as MC on Inkigayo. The petition gained 1,800 signatures before it was quickly removed.

During a recording of Inkigayo, audience members chanted out ‘Betrayer, betrayer, betrayer,’ Baekhyun was hardly able to compose himself on stage.

Some fans were also less than pleased when they discovered hints on their instagram accounts, they believe the couple had been hinting at their relationship through love-stagram which is frowned upon in the Kpop industry.

Baekhyun and Taeyeon released apology statements shortly after the news came out. Not only that, but Taeyeon also apologized to fans at the airport after the dating news.

She reportedly (according to fan accounts) tried to find her fans and apologize to them. Photos of her distressed face were captured by fans.

The couple broke up in 2015. There have been many rumors of the couple getting back together but they were shut down by both idols.

Lee Ji Ah and Seo Taiji

If we’re going to talk about Kpop idols receiving hate for falling in love, we have to mention the OG, Seo Taiji from the legendary Kpop group Seo Taiji and The Boys.

This story is one of the biggest scandalous stories of Kpop EVER. It took netizens by surprise.

It was revealed that actress Lee Ji Ah was once secretly married to the great Seo Taji.

In 2011, the huge news shook the Korean community when their legal battle was leaked, Lee Ji Ah had filed for divorce from Seo Taji, it was later revealed that the two marred secretly in 1997 and split in 2006. The divorce was finalized in 2009.

Both figures were believed to have been single during that period so it shocked a lot of people when they found out that they had been married. Nobody even knew about it.

Lee Ji Ah met him through a concert and they grew closer back in 1997, before they married quietly and moved to Atlanta then Arizona in the US.

They separated in 2006 and she filed for alimony, she filed a 5.5 billion won lawsuit against him. The news were leaked through this lawsuit.

After the issue was made public the two parties’ statements contradicted each other, despite all of that, they ended up reaching an out-of-court settlement. The settlement money amount was never revealed because it was a non-disclosure agreement.

What made it worse was that Lee Ji Ah and actor Jung Woo Sung had just gone public with their relationship. As a result of the shocking news, the couple ended their relationship.

Lee Ji Ah’s acting career took a halt. Both parties were heavily criticized. They were both flustered since the news was leaked without their knowledge.

Lee Ji Ah later opened up about the experience and talked about how difficult it was for her to endure the stress when it was all revealed to the public. She was married to the biggest Kpop star of all time and naturally people had interest in their relationship that was kept a secret for so long.

HyunA and Hyojong

Last but not least, we have HyunA and Hyojong.

Their dating news was huge and caused immense backlash from Korean fans. The one who took the biggest blow was Hyojong.

The two were promoting with Pentagon’s Hui in Triple H at the time the entire drama unfolded. Fans had long suspected the two were dating due to the way they treated each other during their promotions with Triple H.

It all started when a report back in August of 2018 claimed the two were dating. At first, Cube Entertainment immediately denied the news stating the two have a close sunbae-hoobae relationship.

Back then, Pentagon popularity had risen and one of their comebacks performed extremely well on Korean charts, Hyojong was one of the most popular members of his group.

However, HyunA went behind her agency’s back and one-sidedly stated she had been dating Hyojong for almost two years which was a shock in itself. Hyojong and HyunA told a news outlet that they would feel more comfortable being open to their fans and would love to stand confidently on stage.

Following HyunA’s own admission, Cube Entertainment was forced to confirm the news. What happened next was a drama on its own.

Cube Entertainment started with cutting Triple H activities completely after the dating confirmation. Their appearances on shows were also abruptly cancelled due to ‘internal issues.’

Korean fans didn’t take lightly to the news, Hyojong was still a rookie, he had been dating HyunA even before he officially debut as a part of Pentagon. Many fans felt ‘betrayed.’ Some fans began boycotting Pentagon and some even demanded Hyojong be kicked out of the group.

Cube Entertainment then suddenly and out of the blue announced that Hyojong and HyunA were kicked out of the agency citing ‘broken trust’ as the reason. Their stock price immediately plummeted.

Later, they Backpedalled and released a statement contradicting themselves,

“We are simply negotiating with HyunA and E’Dawn leaving the label, but it’s not been confirmed yet. It’s a matter that should be discussed carefully with the artists opinions in mind as its also important. The withdrawal has not been decided yet.”

It was also reported that HyunA and Hyojong found out about this just like everybody else, they weren’t even informed by their own agency.

As months went by, Cube Entertainment announced that Hyojong left the agency and his group and HyunA did as well. The dating news severely affected Pentagon as well.

The biggest victim of this entire drama was Hyojong who trained hard to become a part of Pentagon but was later kicked out due to the manner in which he and his girlfriend announced their relationship plus how fans reacted to it.

Back in early 2019, PSY’s new agency P-Nation announced that they have signed both artists under their agency.

The couple still flaunts their beautiful relationship on instagram.

So which one of these controversies shocked you the most? What do you think of idols dating?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. I dont know why the fans in korea are so possesive with their Idols. Its feels like suffocating. Why they just accept it and leave them alone. They have their free will to love and be love by someone. I dont understand these kind of attitude. No offense. I feel so pity for these Idols. Because of their crazy fans.

    1. Where’s super junior’s sungmin and his marriage scandal?! That’s a really hurtful one, I mean he fell in love and wants to get married must they cut his livelihood his dreams and ambitions that he worked so hard to achieve like that? he’s just hanging in there not as super junior neither a singer just waiting endlessly

  2. There’s nothing wrong to date, especially if you love someone that much! Fans should not be so possessive about their idols. They should love them of who they are. Idols should have the freedom in the world who to love, they’re human beings just like you…why the hate if they fall in love? Of all people, fans should be the first to understand their idols….

  3. Kpop and kceleb fans are cancerous and toxic and borderline creepy. Ok not all fans are like that but most. I think it’s just sad to see people do that kind of stuff. I mean if youre a true fan you should be happy for them. Dont be a creepy over possessive delusional creep your not a fan at that point, at that point youre a psycho who needs help if you think that your so called I doll is yours HAHHAAHHA that’s sad.

  4. I was pretty sad and angry that Baekhyun and Taeyeon broke up in 2015. It was so frustrating and rage-inducing not being able to do anything back then when fans reacted negatively to their relationship. I am okay now and happy with Baekhyuna and Taeyeon having almost the same roles in SM: a Leader (Baekhyun might be the leader of SuperM) and an overwhelming voice.

  5. Why does it matter if two idols date each other or anyone period let them be happy they are humans just like us they want to have someone to comfort them when they are sad, or having a bad day, they want to have someone to talk about how their day went, and etc. It’s not our job to my choices for our idols it’s our job to support and give much love so if you’re a true fan you wouldn’t care who your idol is dating you’ll support them because that person makes them happy

  6. I think an important story was left oyt. Hiw about poor Suengman of the infamous Super Junior. This man has NOT appeared with Suoe4 Junior since announcing his engagement to his now wife. I cannot believe this man still cannot promote with his group because he did not inform fans he was dating. Freaking ridiculous

  7. If they are truly “fans”, then why wouldn’t they want their idols to be happy & share their lives with someone they love? I’m sure if the situation were reversed their idols wouldn’t be so hurtful & critical of them.

  8. Its pretty sad that some possessive fans hate their own idols just because they want to spend their life with someone special they love. Its literally not their business to interfere into those idols life saying they should be kicked out or they should go to hell they are just jealous that they are not the one their idols gives full attention. Its disappointing.

  9. Surprised by dating news? yes. Shocked? Never.
    Those idols are only human. They need lobe, like you and me.
    So fans who hated their idols dating are not fans. They are monsters who hated seeing other people’s happiness.

  10. What Hyuna did was so reckless and dangerous. Yes i know she have so much money that make her can pay the penalty for breaching contract (assume that revealing relationship must be known by agency) but did she think about Pentagon too? Her junior? Yes i know you all are “idol can dating” activists but hey it’s isn’t as somple as that

  11. I think dating is totally normal. Wtf is wrong with these selfish greedy korean fans like can u chill tf down??!! They are already considered as ‘slaves’ to their agency and they have to be a slave for these immature ****** tf??? They have to follow the rules and follow the rules of their fans when they are working hard and these fans have problem with them dating, being fat, having an different appearance and dating tffff. Let them live peacefully. Korean fans ruining all their lives.!!!!

  12. Agreed like we are all human and idols want love an deserve to be loved they work hard and do their best because they love the fans.Like lee Taemin and Son Naeun are an example like if your a true fan then you want them to be happy. Those two i loved tho,its just sad what these Toxic fans do i get it you love them but thats NO EXCUSE to do these things to them.:(

  13. These kpop fans are so selfish and delusional,if you’re allowed to date and marry, why can’t others? Just because they are ‘idols’..if you truly love someone you would like for him or her to be happy and live with it. They can’t fall in love my ass cause they are not humans like everyone else SMH

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