Kpop Idols, Actors And Artists Who Left YG Entertainment In 2019- So Far

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YG entertainment has been one hell of a year for the agency!

YG entertainment has had a pretty tough year due to various reasons. The founder was accused of many crimes of which he’s still being investigated to this day; the agency is also under special tax evasion investigation and more.

Due to those reasons, scandals and probably many other things, many promising or established Kpop idols and artists left the agency in 2019.

Today we shall go over the list of everyone who left YG Entertainment in 2019 so far.

Kang Sung Hoon

Let’s start with the first one to leave; this happened on the first day of 2019, January 1st.

Kang Sung Hoon personally revealed that he’s leaving his group Sechskies and the agency through his official fan café. He wrote,

“Currently, it is impossible to predict when to I will return to the industry because of my psychological health problems. And I came to the decision that continuing to push back Sechskies’s activities is causing great hurdle to others.

So after many thoughts, I decided to terminate my contract with YG Entertainment on December 31, 2018 based on mutual agreement, and I decided let go of all Sechskies activities.

I am really sorry that the fans who waited despite the long hiatus period, I am sorry for having failed to meet the expectation of people who did not forget to greet me warmly.

I sincerely apologize to Sechskies’s team that has been affected by my personal issues. I sincerely thank all those who have supported me Kang Sung Hoon of Sechskies for a long time.”

Sechskies now promote as a four member group. Kang Sung Hoon has been involved in a series of issues back in 2018, he’s involved in trespassing case with his former manager. His fans had also filed a lawsuit against him and his fan club Hoony World.

It was also later revealed through a report that he married his fan club moderator. He’s been in the news for various issues in 2019 as well.

After his statement, YG Entertainment followed with their own statement confirming he’s indeed leaving after various discussions with the agency and his group members.


This has to be one of the most controversial departures on this list.

When Seungri left, he had already severely affected his group image, his agency image and YG stock price.

He personally announced that he would be retiring from the entertainment industry through a personal instagram post On March 11 after being involved in the Burning Sun scandal, he wrote,

“I have decided to retire from the entertainment industry since the issues that I caused had social controversy became too major. Regarding the investigation, I will sincerely be investigated in the matter to reveal all the suspicions.

In the past month and a half, I have been criticized and hated by the people, and now all the domestic investigative agencies are investigating me, and I am being corner by the people as a traitor of the nation. I cannot tolerate causing harm to everyone around me to save myself.

I would like to sincerely thank all of the fans in Korea and abroad for their love for the last 10 years. For the sake [to protect] of YG and BIGBANG this is where I stop.”

This was followed by YG Entertainment statement, they revealed his contract has been terminated,

“We’d like to express our deep apologies for causing trouble to many people including fans.

Following the announcement of Seungri’s retirement on March 12, YG agreed to terminate his exclusive contract upon his request.

As an artist management company, we admit that we haven’t been managing more thoroughly, and we’re deeply reflecting.”

Seungri is involved in many controversies and as of June 25, the Metropolitan/Provincial Special Detective Division of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency revealed to news outlets that he’s been forwarded to the prosecution on 7 charges:

  1. Soliciting prostitution.
  2. Prostitution mediation.
  3. Occupational embezzlement of Burning Sun funds
  4. occupational embezzlement of attorney’s fees
  5. Violation of the food and sanitation act.
  6. attempting to destroy investigation evidence
  7. and distribution of illegal sexual content through social platforms.

He also recently visited the police station to be investigated for his alleged gambling overseas with Yang Hyun Suk.

Rapper One

Rapper One is yet another talent that failed to shine properly under YG Entertainment.

On July 17, during an interview held ahead of Rapper ONE upcoming film premiere, he revealed that he had left YG Entertainment.

Fans weren’t aware of his departure from the label and probably wouldn’t have known if he hadn’t spoke about it since the label never released any official statement.

During his interview he revealed that he left the label after “Her Private Life” wrapped up, his contract had ended. “Her Private Life” wrapped up on May 30, 2019. The rapper had previously joined YG Entertainment back in September of 2015 when he appeared on the hit survival rap show “Show Me the Money 4.”

He explained why he chose to join the label and why he left,

“I wanted to focus on my music. It’s difficult to make music alone at home and I thought I could share my music with more people.

This year, I plan on focusing on my music activities. However, I am currently promoting alone since my contract with YG expired. I will be working alone for the time being focusing on music.”

He also revealed he plans on establishing a one-man agency, he couldn’t give an approximate date of when his new music would be released but he said to release music this year as quickly as possible.

YG Entertainment didn’t release a comment after his personal statement.

Kim Hee Jung

On August 20, it was revealed that actress Kim Hee Jung has left YG Entertainment and signed with a new agency.

Kim Hee Jung had joined YG back in 2016, she left three years later. She has signed with a label called Sublime Artist Agency which houses many stars like Hyomin, the agency promised full support for the actress.

Kim Hee Jung has been around for years, she started as a child-actress in 2000, since then she appeared in many dramas such as “Return” and most recently “Touch Your Heart.”

Yoo Byung Jae

On May 21, YG Entertainment announced in an official statement to the press that comedian Yoo Byung Jae is leaving the agency, after discussions, they have decided to conclude his activity. He Left YG in early June.

His longtime manager of 10 years Yoo Gyu Sun is also leaving with him, showing his loyalty to the comedian.

Yoo Byung Jae signed with YG Entertainment in 2015.

Kang Seok Hwa

Kang Seok Hwa was the first “YG Treasure Box” trainee who left YG.

On August 20, OUI Entertainment announced that Kang Seok Hwa had officially signed with them.

Kang Seok Hwa previously spent time as a trainee at JYP Entertainment as well. It is said that he will soon be preparing to make his official debut.

Hidaka Mahiro

A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that various YG Entertainment trainees who appeared in “YG Treasure Box” were leaving the agency, some had already signed with other agencies already. YG stated that everything was operating just fine without a hitch in response to those reports.

Despite YG’s statement and on August 29, industry representatives reported that Hidaka Mahiro has left YG and signed with a new label, OUI Entertainment.

In response to the reports, OUI Entertainment released a statement confirming the news,

“It is true that we signed an exclusive contract with Mahiro.”

Hidaka Mahiro previously gained recognition by competing on two survival shows, “YG Treasure Box” and “Produce X 101.”

Wang Jyun Hao

Wang Jyun Hao is the 3rd YG trainee to sign a contract with OUI Entertainment leaving the label.

On September 10, it was reported that Wang Jyun Hao left YG and signed a contract with OUI Entertainment. OUI Entertainment later issued a statement confirming that they signed a contract with Wang Jyun Hao.

Wang Jyun Hao previously competed on “YG Treasure Box” and “Produce X 101” but failed to make the final cut.

He joined Kang Seok Hwa and Hidaka Mahiro who previously signed with OUI Entertainment.

This further solidifies the rumors that claimed YG trainees were leaving the company. TREASURE 13 debut has been delayed indefinitely following Yang Hyun Suk’s resignation since he was the one responsible for the group musical direction.

Go Jun hee

On February 20, 2019, it was reported that model/actress Go Jun Hee’s exclusive contract with YG Entertainment recently came to an end. She had decided to not renew her contract and left the agency.

However, she soon became entangled in Seungri’s huge controversy after rumors claimed that she was the actress named in a Seungri group chat where he and his friends were discussing girls they can invite to entertain a foreign investor visiting South Korea.

Go Jun Hee, happened to be abroad around the same time as the event mentioned in the chatroom and according to some netizens she fit the description of what Seungri and his friends were talking about.

Go Jun Hee firmly denied the rumors over and over again. She took strict legal action against anyone who spread the rumors.

She recently opened up about her struggles with such malicious rumors stating once again they’re false. Her plans to join agencies ultimately fell through; she is still a free agent.

Oh Sang Jin

Actor Oh Sang Jin join YG Entertainment back in February of 2017.

In April 2019, he left YG Entertainment and signed with new agency IOK Company

Former iKON member B.I

The most tragic and controversial departure on this list belongs for B.I.

A couple of months ago, Dispatch released a report accusing B.I of purchasing drugs and using them as well as dodging police charges. The former iKON leader took to Instagram to clarify what happened and apologize.

He said,

“First of all, I would like to apologize for the inconvenience I caused to the public by my inappropriate actions.

It is true that I once wanted to rely on things when I was deeply struggling that I should not even have had an interest in. But even then, I was also scared and terrified and ended up not taking part in it.

Nevertheless, I am so embarrassed and sorry for the fans and members who are greatly disappointed and hurt because of my wrong speech.

I want to leave my team and humbly reflect on my mistakes.I once again bow my head in apology for my fans and members. I am Sorry.”

Following his apology, YG Entertainment released an official statement to the press confirming that he has indeed left iKON, they also announced that he has terminated his contract with the agency,

“Kim Han Bin feels heavy responsibility for the problems he caused by his actions, and we are also taking it seriously. It has been decided that he will withdraw from his team and terminate his contract.

YG is aware that we need to maintain management responsibility for our artists.”

His departure was the most controversial on the list because the Dispatch report remained an allegation. On September 14, it was announced that he will be questioned by police for his drug scandal. A petition demanding his return to his group and the agency reached more than 1 million signatures.

YG hasn’t released any statement to address the overwhelming backlash they received for terminating his contract. He spent half his life with the label. Many brought up favoritism by YG because of the way they handled Seungri’s scandal vs. the way they handled Hanbin’s case.

Which one of these departures shocked you the most? and which one do you think should’ve stayed in YG?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. The Most Shocking Departure Has To Be B.I. Also, I Don’t Think ANYBODY Should Be In YG! I Would Also Like To Note That I Am HAPPY That Jaewon Jung Left The Company. He Was Put In The Dungeon For A LONG Time And It’s Time For Him To Finally Move On. I Know He Wants To Promote On His Own, But I Think He Should At LEAST Join Either P-Nation Or AOMG Because They Let You Have More Freedom Than Other Companies. YG Is Trash tbh. The Only Part Of YG That I Trust Right Now Is The Black Label. I Prefer THEM!

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