Kpop Groups That Disbanded In 2022- Full List

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2022 was not an easy year for Kpop as many kpop groups were announced to have disbanded, many of which were less than 4 years old.

Today, we’ll list all the kpop groups that disbanded in 2022. Take a look at the list and let us know did any of them surprise you?


NU’EST went their separate ways back in early 2022.

On February 28, PLEDIS Entertainment released an official statement to Weverse announcing that JR, Aron, and Ren will be leaving the company, while Baekho and Minhyun will renew their contracts.

PLEDIS didn’t use the word ‘disbandment’ in their statement so fans had a slight hope that the group might be staying together, however, they stated the following, ‘the group will cap off their official activities as NU’EST of PLEDIS Entertainment with their album that will be released in March.’ Later that day, NU’EST members personally took to Weverse to confirm the group has disbanded. NU’EST releasef one last album together in March before their disbandment. The group lasted 10 years together.


Girl Group APRIL officially disbanded on January 28 of 2022. DSP Media issued a statement to announce that their girl group April has officially disbanded.

APRIL has been involved in massive controversy over a bullying scandal involving a former member, a scandal that they haven’t been able to recover from, yet.

April debuted in 2015 with their 1st mini-album “Dreaming.”

Hot Issue

On April 22, HOT ISSUE’s agency S2 Entertainment released an official statement to relay the unfortunate news.

In their statement, they explained that after ‘lengthy discussions’ with the artists and their company, they’ve collectively come to the decision to disband the team.

HOT ISSUE didn’t manage to break past the 1-year mark. The group originally debuted on April 28, 2021 with the release of their 1st mini album “Issue Maker.”

Fans had been preparing to celebrate with the group their first debut anniversary.


TRCNG disbanded on March 26. The members of TRCNG took to Instagram to share personal statements to announce the heartbreaking news. The members revealed that they have departed TS Entertainment and TRCNG is ‘finished.’

The members said they have departed the agency as of February 28, 2022. TRCNG debuted in 2017, and in 2019, they made headlines after two former members Wooyeop and Taeseon requested their contract to be canceled and sued TS Entertainment for frequent child abuse and assault.

As for the reason behind the cancellation of their contract, they stated it was because of the poor management of their label; the members also cite frequent child abuse by choreographer Park Sang Hyun and special violence crimes from choreographer Yoon.

In response to those reports, TS Entertainment flat out denied the accusations and not only that but promised strict legal action against Wooyeop and Taeseon, the agency says the members of TRCNG do not agree with this as well. TS sued Wooyeop and Taeseon for defamation and for causing damages.

To add to the controversy, the two former members ended up getting sued by the parents of the remaining TRCNG members for spreading false information.


CLC officially disbanded after many months of uncertainty in 2022. CLC members have been leaving the agency one by one since 2021 beginning with Elkie in February of 2021, followed by Sorn in November of 2021. On March 18, Cube Entertainment revealed that Seungyeon and Yeeun will also be leaving the agency after their contracts expired.

On May 20, Cube Entertainment released one final statement addressing the future of CLC revealing the group is disbanding.


Mamadol was a six-member project girl group formed through the tvN reality show Mama The Idol.

They made their debut on January 28, 2022 with the digital single “Mama The Idol”. They disbanded on February 4, 2022, following the airing of the eighth and final episode of Mama The Idol


On August 13, Girlkind’s agency Next Level Entertainment released an official statement to announce that the group has disbanded four years after their debut. The group debuted in January of 2018.

According to the agency, they have discussed with Girlkind and due to internal issues, they made the final decision that Girlkind activities could no longer be maintained and thus, they will be disbanding.


Girl Group LUNARSOLAR officially disbanded on May 22. LUNARSOLAR’s agency J Planet Entertainment announced the news via official statements on the group’s social media accounts.

The agency does not go into details about the reason behind the group’s shocking sudden disbandment so early on to their careers. The agency says they’ve reached this decision after long discussions with the members.

LUNARSOLAR made their debut in September 2020 with the single album “SOLAR : flare.”


Girl group DIA confirmed the news of the disbandment failing to stay together beyond the seven years mark recently.

On September 15, DIA’s agency Pocketdol Studio said, “DIA’s exclusive contract with the company will expire as of September 17. The music broadcast, which was originally scheduled, was inevitably canceled due to the injury of member Jung Chae Yeon.”

DIA debuted with “Do It Amazing” in September 2015. Later, Jung Chae Yeon and Ki Hee Hyun were active in Mnet’s “Produce 101” in 2016. On September 14, they released their last album (Rooting For You).


Girl Group G-Reyish officially disbanded on May 31. Their agency Big Ocean ENM announced the news. The girl group originally debuted under Hyuk&Company in 2017, they have decided to disband after ‘plenty of discussion with the G-reyish members.’

G-Reyish consists of Hyeji, Shinyoung, Yena, and Yeso. They debuted on June 1, 2017.


Girl Group Bling Bling disbanded on July 26. Their agency MAJOR9 shared an official statement. They announced that after much discussion with the members, they’ve decided to terminate the group’s contract, and each member will be going on their individual paths instead.

MAJOR9 stated that the members have decided to prepare for a new start as individuals instead of Bling Bling and they’ve decided to support their new beginnings.


Kpop Group D-Crunch disbanded on November 9.

The group debuted in 2018 and in began to losing members in 2020. Starting with Hyunwoo who left in 2020, Minhyuk later left in 2021 and Dylan departed the group last month.

D-CRUNCH’s last comeback song was released in March of 2022.


Underrated Group BVNDIT disbanded on November 11 when agency released an official statement to announce the news. Their first girl group has officially concluded their activities and are disbanding.

In their statement, they explain that “after a lengthy and serious discussion between the members of BVNDIT, its been decided that BVNDIT’s contract with the company has ended as of October 2022.”

BVNDIT debuted as a five-member group in 2019. Their last comeback with the 2nd mini-album became their last one.


BOTOPASS disbanded on August 25. The group’s agency announced the group’s disbandment via an official statement. Members Jiwon, Seoyoon, and Cui Xiang have terminated their contracts while Mihee who competed on MBC’s “My Teen Girl” renewed her contract.

The group debuted on August 25, 2020, meaning the group disbanded two years after their debut.

The group consists of former members of girl group ILUV (Jiwon, Seoyoon, and Cui Xiang). They have been embroiled in controversy when former ILUV member Minah accused the group of harassing her. The representatives claimed she was lying and took legal action but the charges were eventually dropped.


On December 8, the agency released an official statement to announce the group’s disbandment surprising fans. The group not only disbanded but their contracts have also been terminated.

The agency explained in its statement, “bugAboo will be halting group activities from today. The agency and the members decided to half the activities and terminate the contracts after lengthy discussions and much consideration.”

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