Here Is How Two Rookie Girl Groups [Cherry Bullet And ITZY] Share A Connection To BTS

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2019 is going to be the year of rookies; a lot of new groups are debuting from many agencies.

Two highly anticipated rookie girl groups have already debuted, ITZY and Cherry Bullet.

Cherry Bullet debuted on January 21, 2019, while ITZY debuted on February 12, 2019.

The two rookie girl groups have some familiar faces, many of them share connections to BTS.

Starting with Cherry Bullet:

Two members of Cherry Bullet actually starred in BTS “Love Yourself” highlight reel, the two members are Yuju and Bora, they appeared in the video back in August of 2017.

Recently, Yuju was asked about her experience working with the BTS members, she said,

“I was so happy to have appeared on BTS’s MV. Bora also appeared with me and we have gotten closer then.”

Yuju appeared in Jin’s part while Bora appeared in Taehyung’s part.

There is also another Cherry Bullet member that shares a connection to BTS, its Chaerin.

The 17-year-old is known for being a good friend of Jungkook.

The two were even sent together for a study trip in the US back in 2012. Some say she’s a Big Hit Entertainment previous trainee but I haven’t found an actual Korean source to back this up, but she does know producer Adora, a female producer that works at Big Hit Entertainment.

Photos of the close friends spread online and people were reminded of her, fans marveled at her beauty and how much she grew up in the past six years.

Moving onto ITZY:

Almost all of ITZY members are familiar faces to JYP fans. Some of them are known for having a connection to BTS as well.

Ryujin appeared in BTS’s LOVE YOURSELF highlight reel with J-hope and Jimin.

But she’s not the only one who appeared in the same highlight reel, Shin Yuna, the youngest member of her group also appeared in the video alongside Jungkook, she was so little back then so it wasn’t easy to spot her like Ryujin.

She grew so much in the past two years.

And this is my friends how two rising rookie girl groups are connected to one of the biggest names in Kpop right now!

Check out the highlight reel below:

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Have you checked out ITZY and Cherry Bullet debut tracks yet? Did you like them?

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