Groups That Deserved A Nomination At MAMA 2018

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The awards season is in and you know what that means, a lot of fandom wars and people complaining that their group didn’t win/didn’t even receive a nomination.

The biggest music awards show in South Korea and the most notorious has announced the nominee list today and we all know a lot of fandoms were pissed.

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I am personally not pissed by a bit disappointed/shocked, I thought some groups or solo artists deserved at least a nomination but they didn’t get any which really puzzled me because some of these groups and soloists I am about to mention really should have been nominated.


I am not even a fan but I was extremely disappointed and shocked one of the best new generation dance groups didn’t receive ‘Best Dance Performance Female Group’ nomination.

I believe the category should honor the most unique and elaborative dance routines, the nominees’ list barely scratches the surface of what was good, I am sad Gfriend didn’t receive a nomination in that category.

SHINee’s Jonghyun

WOW! With this one, I am just sad, very sad!

SHINee’s Jonghyun posthumous album “Poet I Artist” was a hit, it topped 3 weekly Gaon charts upon its release. It also topped many iTunes charts and domestic charts as well.

He deserved a nomination in “Best Vocal Performance Solo” and “Best Male Solo Artist”


Where the hell is WINNER y’all? Are my eyes tricking me? I can’t believe that WINNER wasn’t nominated for “Song of the Year,” I am legit shocked because this song was a huge success on South Korean charts and was basically played everywhere.

When I went to Seoul all cafes played them and everybody sang along, it even achieved a perfect all-kill on icharts, I am legit shocked!

I don’t know about other categories and I am not the biggest WINNER fan but even I know that “Everyday” should have been nominated.


In January 2018, a struggling girl group of nine talented girls went viral and their song “BBoom BBoom” was a national and international hit that helped skyrocket their popularity.

Seems that Mnet was asleep in January since it was cold back then, I kinda expected this song to even be the runner-up to win “Song Of The Year” award, my bet was either on this song or “Love Scenario” since they were extremely popular.

So these were the groups and soloists I thought deserved a nomination this year at least, is there anyone you think should have received a nomination but hasn’t?

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