7 References/Hints You Might Have Missed From “Map Of The Soul: Persona” Trailer

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“Map Of The Soul: Persona” comeback trailer was released a couple of hours ago on March 28 (Midnight KST). Since then, ARMY all around the world have been scrambling to figure out all the references in the trailer video.

Here are some of the things ARMY found watching “Map Of The Soul: Persona”:

The classroom

The classroom RM appears in reminded ARMY of a very similar one that was used in BTS’s debut track “No More Dreams” back in 2013.

Similar shots from “Boy in Luv” teasers

Fans have also spotted a very similar scene in the trailer that reminded them of RM’s teasers for “Boy in Luv.” The camera angle, styling even the pose are very similar to his “Boy in Luv” teasers.

The animated persona

Remember “IDOL” MV? It’s probably still fresh in the memory of many fans. In the colorful music video, BTS were dancing in what appears to be a tank surrounded by animated figures of themselves.

In “Map Of The Soul: Persona” RM is confronted by his own animated persona, many fans drew to the conclusion that the persona is the same one from “IDOL” MV.

Referencing United Nations speech

One of the defining moments of BTS careers was when they delivered a speech at the UN last year.

In many “Map Of The Soul: Persona” scenes, RM is standing in a similar fashion to the legendary moment this time rapping, many ARMY drew similarities between both scenes. Even the lyrics rapped draws similarities as well.

President RM

President RM is one of the many nicknames ARMY came up with for the leader of BTS. Because of his great leading personality, many call him President RM.

In one of “Map Of The Soul: Persona” scenes, RM is standing and behind him, a banner read ‘Kim Namjoon.’

Skool Luv Affair opening

The moment “Map Of The Soul: Persona” trailer started playing fans noticed how similar it was to something they had seen a long time ago.

“Map Of The Soul: Persona” opening has a very similar graphic design of Skool Luv Affair opening.

The Chalkboard

Fans are coming up with all sorts of theories after taking a look at the chalkboard behind RM in “Map Of The Soul: Persona” trailer.

BTS are known for hiding clues about their next comebacks in trailers. Fans noticed one particular sentence ‘dream, love, happiness.’

Some drew to the conclusion that this sentence is what the titles of the new series of BTS will be. As in the form “Map Of The Soul: Persona-Dream,” Map Of The Soul: Shadow – Love,” “Map Of The Soul: Ego – Happiness.”

BTS will be making their return with “Map of the Soul: Persona” on April 12.

Have you figured out more hints?

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