Kim Soo Hyun FINALLY Confirmed For His First Drama In 5 Years, Here Is Everything You Need To Know

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Beloved actor Kim Soo Hyun is finally coming back and fans are over the moon!

On February 7, tvN finally confirmed that Kim Soo Hyun is starring in the upcoming drama “Psycho But It’s Okay” (working title). This marks his first drama project since his military discharge, also his first in 5 years since “The Producers” in 2015.

He previously made cameo appearances in other hit tvN dramas in 2019 and in 2020 in tvN’s “Hotel Del Luna” and “Crash Landing on You” but that wasn’t enough for fans who desperately wanted to see his face on screen again.

But what is the drama about?

“Psycho But It’s Okay” is being described as a ‘healing romance resembling a storybook fantasy.’

It’ll focus on a community health worker who works at a psychiatric ward; he doesn’t have time for love, and a storybook writer who has never known love due to a birth defect. After meeting each other, they begin healing one another’s wounds.

Kim Soo Hyun will star as community health worker Moon Kang Tae, who had a traumatic childhood losing his parents as a child; he had to become the family breadwinner at a young age. He spent his entire life looking after his older brother who is on the autism spectrum. He is always concerned about making enough money to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. He doesn’t believe his future will ever improve.

Here is what we also know about “Psycho But It’s Okay”:

“Psycho But It’s Okay” will be directed by Park Shin Woo, the director behind the hit dramas “Encounter” and “Don’t Dare to Dream (Jealousy Incarnate).”

Actress Seo Ye Ji is still in talks to play the female lead in the upcoming drama.

But what about an air date?

It’s been reported that the drama is scheduled to air in the first half of 2020.

Are you excited about Kim Soo Hyun’s return?

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