Kim Jae Wook Facts: Wife, Previous Girlfriends, Relationships And More

Kim Jae Wook is one of the most popular Korean actors, since he’s a very private person, here are some interesting facts about him you probably didn’t know about him!

“Her Private Life” is Kim Jae Wook first romantic-comedy leading role

Kim Jae Wook is no stranger to romance dramas, he’s been in many throughout his career but this is his first time leading one himself.

He likes taking on a variety of challenging roles which is why many fans saw him in unique characters for the past couple of years, in the press conference of “Her Private Life” he explains his choice, he says:

My previous dramas showed intimidating sides of me, and I was upset that some people were too scared to watch the dramas. I also heard that many people are hoping to see a brighter side of me, and right when I wanted to do that, I got the offer [for ‘Her Private Life.’]”

Kim Jae Wook And Lee El Dating Rumors

Despite keeping a low profile Kim Jae Wook couldn’t avoid the tabloids and their gossip about his potential girlfriend.

In 2018, rumors had it that Kim Jae Wook and Lee El were dating because of a photo she posted on her Instagram.

In the photo, he was sleeping. The actress deleted the photo shortly after posting it but people began to speculate about the nature of their relationship. The two are close friends and have worked together on the musical “Amadeus.”

However, her agency denied the rumors soon after they spread explaining the two are merely good friends and the photo in question was taken at the waiting room of the ‘Amadeus’ theatre.

Who is Kim Jae Wook’s wife?

Kim Jae Wook is a very private actor who takes his time between projects, added to that, he never once publicly confirmed he was dating anyone. Kim Jae Wook does not have a wife.

Is Kim Jae Wook Married?

The actor was born in 1983 (39 as of this writing), the topic of Kim Jae Wook’s wife often comes up, but Kim Jae Wook is not married yet.

“Life Bar” marks Kim Jae Wook’s first variety appearance in 10 years

Kim Jae Wook keeps a low profile and rarely comes out on variety shows unlike many other actors his age.

In 2019, he appeared as a guest on tvN’s “Life Bar,” a variety show where guests sit down over drinks and chat. He was a guest alongside Jo Jung Suk, they shared many interesting stories on the show.

Because of his charisma, many fans have been asking the actor to appear more on variety shows.

Kim Jae Wook worked at a transgender bar to prepare for a role

Kim Jae Wook is known for his dedication to his craft, he embodies the characters he selects and it’s always a delight to watch him perform. He is more than ready to experiment or go the extra mile for his roles.

He revealed that he actually worked at a transgender bar for a while to prepare for his role in the musical “Hedwig.” He says that he felt the need to learn a lot so he asked the bar boss for his permission, he worked there without getting paid, he also says it really helped him out,

“It helped me a lot and nobody noticed me.”

Kim Jae Wook’s agency

Kim Jae Wook is backed by an amazing agency called SOOP Management, does this ring a bell? It might because that’s the agency that houses many talented actors such as Gong Yoo, Suzy, and Gong Hyo Jin.

He joined the agency in 2017.

Kim Jae Wook does musicals

Kim Jae Wook is one dedicated actor but its shocking to learn that the model turned actor actually does musicals, an area that’s out of his comfort zone.

In 2011 he was cast in the musical “Hedwig” and played the role of Hedwig, it was the same role that he worked at a transgender bar to perfect.

In 2018 he joined actor Jo Jung Suk in Amadeus and played the role of Mozart, he even learned how to play the piano himself in order to make his character feel more alive.

Kim Jae Wook loves both cats and dogs

Kim Jae Wook is not only hot and utterly perfect in whatever he does but he also happens to love both cats and dogs, as if we needed more reasons to love him.

He often posts pictures of his cat and dog on his Instagram.

Kim Jae Wook is a smoker

Although he is very private about his life, there was a moment Kim Jae Wook shared a photo of him smoking that he posted to his Instagram account. The photo of Kim Jae Wook smoking became a fan favorite.

Are you a new fan or an old fan of Kim Jae Wook? Did any of these facts shock you?


  1. Been a fan of his works. I watched few of his dramas but I loved him as a villain in “Voice”. I think actors/actresses who can embody their roles are the best. At one point, his character scared the hell out of me but it only means that he really is an effective artist. I don’t his likes or dislikes so I don’t consider myself a superfan but I loved his works.

  2. Fascinasting to play a baddie so well you find you’ve scared people away from watching a drama. Kim Jae wook has always been magnetic, in a way that is able to be more than comfortable (but always amazing). When I saw him in Her Private Life I was like “Who is this guy, where has he been hiding? And wow- call for cardiac assistance, my heart just exploded,”.

    Then I got the pleasure of connecting him to the young Japanese Morean guy in Coffee Prince, and exploring all his other compellingly dangerous characters.

    The variety interview with Jo Junk Suk is a hilarious rivalry and kinda sexy. Kim Jae Wooks is unexpectedly romantic on the piano which cracks the men up.

  3. Fans of him since Coffee Prince. He is versatile actor. He is anti mainstream. He is SUPER HOT. Any clothes and any hairstyles suit him. Every things he does, he does it sexily. His voice will give you eargasm .

    1. It’s my first time watching his work! He is so cool as Ryan Gold in the beginning of Her Private Life but he turn to be so sweet and charming in the later part of the drama. Love his work and appreciate his acting skills. Will continue to see his other production :))

  4. Just know him recently with his new comedy drama series Crazy Love…. I ‘ve gotten hypnotized with his charm I was Not a person who like Korean drama…watched this show and he is the first Asian actor I am having crush with ❤

  5. HELLO from India. Firstly, congratulations on writing an amazing article. Reading this in. 2022 after recently watching ‘ Coffee Prince’. I am sad and happy at the same time that I discovered Kim Jae Wook so late but atleast I did. Although a side role, he had his own charisma in the Drama and in his screen time he shone like anything. Not just about his handsome face but tiny nuances of acting and expressions that I fell inove with. Too surprising he got a lead role so late in 2019. Currently watching ‘Her Private Life’ on Viki Rakuten and let me tell you that the comment section is on fire which shows how Amazing he is an actor. Whether it’s a serious role or a goofy or romantic one, he kills it all. I hope his Management company gets him more roles. Not sure why he has only 1 Million Followers on insta. Anyway love your article… please write more about him. Thankyou

  6. I have watched everything he has done. The hardest one to watch was Voice and then the one about exorcism. The best film for me was Butterfly Sleep. I was a beautiful movie cinematically and theme wise with wonderful actors. I think he should try the role of a private detective like Paul Newman.

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