“You Are My Spring” Is Refreshing And Shockingly Unexpected- Episode 1 And 2 Review

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tvN is premiering a couple of dramas this month and it appears they’re on a roll.

“The Devil Judge” which premiered last week was definitely interesting and “You Are My Spring” is also interesting in a different way.

We’re running towards the second half of 2021 and its been honestly a mixed bag of good and disappointing kdramas. So with it, I began to carry more doubt about a kdrama premiere because they tend to slow down after that, but in the case of “You Are My Spring” I can’t help but have some hope.

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Let us begin discussing “You Are My Spring” episode 1 and 2, and why I found the drama refreshing and surprising.

Note: this will be a spoiler review of the said episodes in the title. This is a subjective review.

The ‘realistic’ approach

Kdramas are known for doing certain reveals a certain way, its just kdrama but every once and a while you’ll get a kdrama that doesn’t like to dramatize what could otherwise be considered super normal everyday human interactions, and this appears to be the case for “You Are My Spring.”

Firstly, the introduction of the two main leads to each other is down so well and so casually, which surprised me. This tone is carried throughout the premiere. The drama appears ‘casual’ while carrying an eerie vibe.

The way the characters interact also felt cute and normal, there is a sense of easiness in the way the two main characters interact which I also liked.

It feels mature in its approach which is also suitable since the lead actors are in their mid to late thirties.

I hope this approach remains throughout the drama.

The shocking death

So in “You Are My Spring” plot summary, it is stated that a murder takes place and it does happen but its more of a shadow rather than the ‘focus.’

The second male lead dies in the second episode which was honestly quite the shock for me. My jaw dropped and I didn’t quite understand why but it leads me to believe the two things might be somewhat connected.

Its a very risky approach to kill off a main character so soon but it could pay off. It’ll depend on how it gets tackled. The drama has 16 episodes so this could go either ways.

Yoon Park is such an amazing actor, there is a creepy aura to his behavior but when he’s conversing with Seo Hyun Jin’s character Da Jeong, it flows so well and with his acting you almost forget this guy is a walking red flag.

The way he approaches her and pursues her screams ‘restraining order,’ its somewhat made for laughs but its also a deeply concerning thing some women have to go through. The screenwriter dances around that part.

This made me feel some sort of way but I’ll wait until the drama explains his behavior and then I’ll judge it in more details.

I think Yoon Park’s character was someone Da Jeong knew judging by the last scenes of “You Are My Spring” episode 2.

The screenwriter working on this drama has only one other drama to her name and that was the 2015 drama “Bubble Gum” which received mixed responses from fans. I never personally checked it out but I saw that many had vastly different opinions about it, which is generally not a great sign.

I’ll hold off judgment for now but I am a bit wary of how this drama might turn out. 16 episodes are a lot, time will tell how well this plays out.

Characters and worries

One of my only complaints about the drama so far is how uninteresting the main characters are, this goes for Da Jeong and Young Do. I certainly hope their characters become something throughout the drama.

As to my worries….

Also, many kdramas in recent memory have been tackling the growing issue of obsessive stalker men who inflict harm on women and prey on them, but what irks me with the way kdramas often portray it is how it is often used as a ‘plot device’ to bring the two main characters together, then its shoved aside despite how traumatic some of the thing the female lead often has to endure due to that obsessive behavior of the stalker.

This has always bothered me in kdramas, I hope the screenwriter has a better idea of how to properly explore this subject and the everlasting effect it could have on women who go through this.

“You Are My Spring” has a lot of potential and the lead actors often pick good dramas. I have faith but I am a bit skeptical, it is just that kdramas this year have been just ‘okay,’ the premieres were often the highlights of the dramas rather than a stepping stone of what should be the highlight.

So these are my thoughts on “You Are My Spring” , so what about you guys? did you like the episodes? let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

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