“Why Her?” Ending: Episode 16 Recap And Review

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The hit SBS drama “Why Her?” has come to an end earlier today, here is a recap of its shocking ending.

“Why Her?” ending explained [episode 16 recap]

The final episode of “Why Her?” begins with Oh Soo Jae exposing every single terrible deed the villains have done. Choi Yoon-Sang hands Oh Soo Jae evidence his father tucked away at his house to use against his so-called friends one day.

Also, Ha Il-Ku decides to join hands with Oh Soo Jae who convinces him to make a decision based on how the chairman treats him. When the chairman tells him to take the fall just in case, he turns on him.

Oh Soo Jae presents the evidence obtained from Choi Yoon-Sang and Ha Il-Ku. Ha Il-Ku also testifies against the chairman. Gong Chan also takes the stand and they prove he’s been coerced to give a false confession as admitted by the police officer on his case.

Oh Soo Jae shares video of how Choi Tae-Guk pushed Park So-Young to her death and how he actually was the one who killed Jeon Na-Jung. He found out she didn’t die when he thought she did so he stabbed and killed her.

When Gong Chan found her, Ha Il-Ku hit him on the back of his head and framed him for the murder. Ha Il-Ku had filmed many of the chairman’s bad deed just in case.

The board who called for meeting against Oh Soo Jae is also being called into question but she admits she used Gong Chan’s case to land a deal to join TK Law Firm.

Choi Tae-Guk sees all of this live from his room in the office, he’s livid. Choi Yoon-Sang comes to tell him he handed over evidence and that he should receive punishment for his crimes but he dismisses him.

Choi Joo-Wan confronts his father later as he can’t believe he killed her. Choi Tae-Guk says he did it all for him.

As a result, everyone falls one after the other. Yoon Se-Pil also delivers one final blow to his enemies and a bunch of higher-ups quit and are now being investigated.

At night, Choi Tae-Guk takes a mix of alcohol and pills, he calls Oh Soo Jae and tells her not to think she has won and proclaims he’s done the best he could every step of the way. She noticed he’s slurring his words, she calls 911. They show up at his place, he dies.

Director Baek Jin-Ki takes trial and asks judge to give him a harsh sentence for his crimes.

Oh Soo Jae is revealed to have opened her own law firm and is happily dating Gong Chan. She also still gives lectures at the university.

The end.

Did Choi Tae-Guk commit suicide?

Yes, he did. He fails to comprehend his crimes and still believes everything is his from the top people in the law firm to the janitors and cleaners.

How does “Why Her?” end?

In the final scene of “Why Her?” Oh Soo Jae waits outside after giving students a lecture on how to be good lawyers. She’s about to go out in the rain but Gong Chan brings an umbrella for them both. They puts his hands around her and they go together.

“Why Her?” episode 16 review

Good news is, “Why Her?” ending is nice. Damn it, Soo Jae suffered so much, I am glad she got a semi-happy ending. It also made sense that Choi Tae-Guk would never admit to defeat or accept people bringing him down. His pride and delusion would not have allowed it in a million years.

Its sad he managed to weasel out of it by committing suicide but it is what it is. Many cowardly powerful people would rather die than face a shred of accountability.

“Why Her?” definitely had a lot more potential but the writing butchered its chances. While its wrong to say this drama has not been a success, its sad the fact that it could have been a bigger success but never got the chance to fully shine.

I feel bad for the actors because they did a great job. Veteran actor Heo Jun-Ho is always delightful. Its so much fun watching him play the villain role. I will never get tired of it. He injects so much life into his roles. Opposite him is the amazing Seo Hyun-Jin who gives one of my favorite performances by an actor in a 2022 kdrama.

Like I said, I feel bad it wasn’t written as well as I would have liked it to be but I am also thankful because I got to see such amazing performances by two of my favorite actors.

What did you think of “Why Her?” ending? Did you like it or not? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. It sad the fact that I don’t need to wait for them anymore but I like the drama and the actors ! The friendship and other! I also hope to see seo hyun jin in other drama! I think I’m more fall in love with her! I also hope the same for hwang in yeop! My 70 billion hearts will stay with them!

  2. I really wished they could’ve shown the chairman’s son and his friends being punished too! Even though their fathers made the situation even worse I really hoped that at the end I would’ve seen the sons also go to jail.

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