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JTBC’s drama “When The Weather Is Fine” began airing a couple of weeks ago, it was described as ‘healing drama.’ It boasts a stellar cast of established and rising actors so expectations were high.

JTBC has been on a roll in 2020, so far, some of my favorite dramas of this year aired on this channel, they usually choose interesting projects that might not seem easy to pull off but they make them work. So I had faith in the network, Park Min Young and Seo Kang Joon. But as you can guess from the title, it didn’t turn out too well for me.

I’ve seen the 6 episodes that aired so far. Initially, I was going to wait for two more episodes because that’s how I usually review kdramas, half-way and when it’s complete. But honestly I don’t know if I want to waste two more hours before I write my thoughts about “When The Weather Is Fine,” nor do I think that the drama will drastically change by the next episodes.

So today, I decided to discuss my thoughts on “When the Weather Is Fine” based on the 6 episodes I saw so far. I wanna stress these are my thoughts on the drama, if you can’t handle opinions that differs from yours, then you know what to do it 😉

Note: spoilers of episode 1 to 6. If you want to know if you should watch, please skip to the conclusion part.

The script is boring


I like healing kdramas. In fact, if you keep up with my blog, then you already know I featured a lot of them and I speak highly of them. The right healing drama is truly a wonderful experience.  

I know the pacing for healing dramas tends to be slower but it doesn’t make it any less eventful. Healing dramas usually deal with heavy subjects in a special way, while they might be considered ‘slow,’ the editing style and writing style is done with so much care and love that you can’t help but get immersed in the atmosphere. I couldn’t feel that with “When The Weather Is Fine.”

I am not here to say that “When The Weather Is Fine” is NOT a healing drama because that definition is subjective and will naturally differ from one person to the other, as long as the drama provides healing for you, then it is a healing drama in your perspective, however, it’s not in mine.


“When The Weather Is Fine” main plot idea is nothing special, the sub-plots are also nothing special either. There is nothing interesting about it. This is the type of script that is best suited for a movie not a 16-episode drama.

In fact, “When the Weather Is Fine” reminds me of a movie called “Little Forest” by the talented Kim Tae Ri. It’s also about a woman who is tired of city life so she moves back to her hometown to her longtime friends, a man, and a woman. She heals through food and nature. She also develops a romantic relationship with the town’s nice-boy who also happens to be her longtime friend. He also had a crush on her. The plots are similar.


Slow-paced dramas tend to have an urging issue to deal with but there is nothing there with “When the Weather Is Fine,” there is nothing of substance to resolve. There is no issue.

It’s just a bunch of people going about their day. They’re normal people like us with their own emotional baggage but not interesting enough to warrant an entire 16-episode drama.

If we take a look at the past 6 episodes, I can sum each episode ideas in one sentence, we spend 1 hour circulating around those minimal ideas spaced out with calming music and outstanding aesthetic.

Mok Hye Won is sad; Mok Hye Won keeps taking glances at Im Eun Seob. Im Eun Seob is acting cute and awkward around Mok Hye Won. Mok Hye Won has beef with Kim Bo Young who wants to become friends again but she says no. They’re just average issues we all have with our daily lives but not as interesting when told to other people over and over again.


During the drama, it was revealed that Mok Hye Won’s mother killed their father and was sent to jail. But it’s told in such an uninteresting way that it almost felt as if it didn’t matter. “When the Weather Is Fine” doesn’t feel warm to me and when I am about to warm up, the boring atmosphere takes me out of it.


I found “When the Weather Is Fine” very difficult to get through even though I love Park Min Young and Seo Kang Joon. I don’t know if I would have lasted 1 episode if the leads were different. I want to ask you guys, would you have stuck around if it weren’t for these two actors?

The characters are boring


I find Lee Jae Wook’s character to be the most vibrant and fun of them all and he is made to be the life of the party. There is no other character that intrigues me as much as he does and that’s an issue for me. I don’t find myself invested in Mok Hye Won and the story revolves around her. I find her a boring character.


Im Eun Seob is probably one of my favorite male lead kdrama characters ever; he’s so nice and warm-hearted, not without his set of insecurities but still very charming and pure. However, he’s also not interesting enough; I don’t feel the urge to keep watching him. He’s an eye-candy, who wouldn’t agree, but the way the script revolves around his character is just boring, it makes him look even duller.

There are many kdramas that focus on characters similar to the description of them both but in this case, the plot and editing are not doing them a favor.

I’ve seen almost all of Park Min Young dramas because I am a huge fan and I’ve seen all of Seo Kang Joon dramas. “When the Weather Is Fine” is the most boring project they’ve both chosen, in my opinion, hence the title of this article.


Park Min Young does well with romance, comedy, action and any other genre. Even if her dramas tend to lose their momentum around their 7th to 8th episode, they usually have a fun/interesting/intriguing idea behind them which serves as a purpose.

Seo Kang Joon’s choices are either a miss or a hit to me but I respect him a lot for not choosing to rely heavily on his looks, instead, he chose to walk the difficult path proving his acting skills up against some of the biggest Korean actors. I respect actors who gamble and try to portray different types of characters that go against what the ‘norm’ extremely handsome Korean actor would do.

This is why I am surprised by Park Min Young and Seo Kang Joon’s choices here.

Do they have chemistry?


When you see Park Min Young with Ji Chang Wook, Kim Jae Wook or Park Seo Joon, you can see sparks fly.

Now compare that to her chemistry with Seo Kang Joon…. I don’t feel that spark with Seo Kang Joon. Some say their age gap is too big and I can certainly feel it, Park Min Young looks her age in this drama, she’s 34 years old and I can definitely tell. He looks his age as well, 28 years old. It’s not that big of a gap but I can feel it.

It’s been a while since Park Min Young was paired with such a young actor; I think it’s been 5 years. I prefer her chemistry with male co-stars around her age.

I’m gonna be honest with you, while I do believe that Seo Kang Joon has great acting skills, I never once felt he had great chemistry with any female actress he’s been paired with. He is okay with everybody but never as good as some of my favorite on-screen couple pairs.


While I don’t think they’re terrible together because I was focusing on how boring the plot was, I don’t think they make the cutest couple either. They’re just ok.



“When the Weather Is Fine” is not a terrible drama but it’s not great either. I had higher expectations and thought the plot would be better, I think my high expectations led to this disappointment. It had some fun heart-fluttering moments that were followed by serious downs, so I was never able to immerse myself into it as much as I had hoped to.

Still, I think everyone is doing a great job acting-wise. There are some great characters in this drama most notably, Lee Jae Wook and Seo Kang Joon characters, but they’re not enough for me to keep watching.

I still do recommend this drama to everyone who likes any of the actors involved in this production. Also, if you like slow-paced dramas you’ll probably enjoy this one. This is the type of drama older kdrama audience would enjoy or anyone who’s overwhelmed with life and its responsibilities, it offers a relaxing escape from the hectic buzzing environment some of us have. It might not be my cup of tea, but I do know that a lot of you will like it.

Of course, this is a review of episodes 1 to 6, so things can change with “When the Weather Is Fine,” but I most likely drop out and I thought this was the time to write the review because otherwise, I would never do it.

So these are my thoughts on “When the Weather Is Fine.” What do you guys think of them? Do you agree with me or disagree with me? I’d like to hear what you think in the comment section below.

Whats your reaction to this article?

By Jass K.

Hi, I am Jass k. I discuss some of the hottest currently airing kdramas on this site in form of reviews an/or recaps, join me in the discussion~


  1. It’s not the usual k drama as the plot is not heavy. Normal I would say and that’s it’s charm, chemistry wise they look good together and interact well. I would like to see more of her mother and the story behind Eun Seob and house in the mountains. Overall Iam enjoying it coz the vibe is slow,normal and calm.

  2. Pls, give a break..
    It’s an art drama..
    Actors are so involved with their Characters and we are too. Immersed with them..
    I am really loving and enjoying the show..

  3. I’m huge fan of Lee Jae Wook. I watch all his drama, but this is hard for me to continue too. He is a new actor that I wanted to support from beginning, so it’s a struggle when the plot and leads are making it hard for me focus.

  4. I agree with you..The story is so boring i have been waiting for this kdrama to be aired because i really like seo kang joon..but it turned out to be a big disappointment after watching 4 episodes.But still i am looking forward for a twist in the coming episodes to satisfy the urge of waiting for this drama..

  5. I agree on what you said about seo kang joon not having great chemistry with the actresses he’s been paired with. Especially his drama the third charm. I can see that he always make an effort on working things out with a co-actor but they just don’t mesh well. Not an expert, but I think seo kang joon doesn’t synchronize well with his leading lady.

  6. I dozed off in the first episode. So i stop watching it. I heard about the great casts but even with great casts cannot mask the boring plot.

  7. i love the slow mellow on going on this drama.
    you will see the beauty in it.. look on the positive side and appreciate it.. maybe the story is common..but dont compare with the other kdramas…

    maybe boring for others but sometimes (boring) will make you see the beauty of life.

  8. Ya! My Kang Joon is a very good actor!!! I’ve watched all of his works and I don’t think it’s right to say that this one is boring!? So stop saying like you know him from the beginning!!!

    1. all things that you listed above are tackled in the later episodes (after episode 6) you should’ve watched more, and they have chemistry as their love story was very very subtle

  9. Personally, I really like this drama. I like the slow paced-ness, and I like it’s simplicity. It doesn’t feel like a drama with too many things filling it and I like that. Their chemistry isn’t the best I’ve seen, but I like the characters as well as the plot line. It’s simple, but I don’t know what’s going to happen next. It’s a calming and beautiful drama to relax myself with and have a cup of tea with. It’s not meant to be an action, or a comedy, it’s just a story involving Mok Hae Won, her difficulties, and Im Eun Seob. How she gets through her past, her present, and her future with her personality and those around her.

  10. I’m loving this drama! It’s deep, sensitive and character progression is refreshing! The characters are damaged souls who are healing slowly and gravitating towards each other. A deep and wonderful love story xxx

  11. Oh also, I forgot to mention. I’m interested in Mok Hae Won’s past, her fathers’ character, her mother’s story and her own story as a child(assuming her mum was abused). I’m also interested in Im Eun Seob’s story, why he opened a bookstore, what happened to him in the past, and his “Irene”. We find out more about these characters as time goes by, e.g. Mok Hae Won’s new friends, the people who crushed on her, and about Im Eun Seob, people trusting him to go to the forest alone at night, his calmness, and mindset.

  12. I’m 100% Kangjoon fan, but i agreed with all what U’ve commented, I think its on the way going to the cliff. I was hoping its like a literature romance in approach. But the story is going nowhere. U we’re right about age gap is one factor. The pacing was too slow & so many flashback. To cut the story short, its really boring & heavy except for KangJoon facial expressions he always delivers when it comes to emoting, no doubt about that. But still hopeful that KangJoon’s magic to carry the whole drama will work, coz he’s capable of doing so, his eyes & smile is more than enough to exude emotions needed for the scene. That’s his trade mark. But they have to make 360° of revision to catch up otherwise is gonna be a stormy weather. Mis or hit for Kangjoon, I don’t think so, bcoz he’s good in acting. He’s uses his eyes & smile only & presto! Youre trapped. What he needed is to study the project before accepting it. For a chemistry, its takes a good story & right leading lady that will fit both of them to story. But whatever happens, Im still going to watch it even how much boring it will go, for SeokangJoon. ✌

  13. In my opinion it’s a warm drama which teaches you about little things in life like how family may not always be filled with warmth and every individual have a secret they want to hide and even a past that can’t be turned into past perfect

    1. I agree with you. Yes, this drama quite slow but it is warm. Seo Kang Joon is a good actor for me. He carry all his feeling in a very good way and thats why I follow all his drama. I’m an action drama fans but this drama worth to watch actually.

  14. I applaud you getting through so many episodes. I multitasked through episode 1 and fell asleep through episode 2. I didn’t try again. I completely concur.

    1. I watched till the end.
      I really cried and forced my self to keep my eyes open durung the last episode, but I had to, in order to feel justified for calling the movie boring.
      It was awfullllll

  15. I see why so many people and yourself are finding it boring. It is a slow moving drama agree but I wouldn’t call it boring. Their story is like a slow love song, the kind you dance to, not closely at first but by the end your into it, not wanting the music to end. Every episode keeps building towards them realizing their possible happiness together, which I am enjoying. Yes, its slow but has quietly pulled me in and I am looking forward to how it all ends. I find their chemistry really good. They definitely make you feel what they are feeling for each other without saying a lot. That is great acting chemistry. Although, I think it might be a sad ending, just a gut feeling for some reason.

  16. I actually agree with half of what you said, only half. Although it does not have a heavy plot the drama isn’t boring but yeah I agree they sure aren’t the cutest couple and if not for the actors I wouldn’t have tried this drama but then it’s okay up till now. And they aren’t the cutest couple but they are cute. And yup it sure is based on the day to day life of people and it’s actually a reality based drama. The drama shows the problems we go through and tbh I don’t watch dramas like this coz I find them boring. But then I gave this one a try and it’s okay. I actually enjoyed it.

  17. I agree with you. Yes, this drama quite slow but it is warm. Seo Kang Joon is a good actor for me. He carry all his feeling in a very good way and thats why I follow all his drama. I’m an action drama fans but this drama worth to watch actually.

  18. I’m really agree with you
    And i think that their age gap is too big and the plot is too boring .
    I thought that in epidod 3 or 4
    The plot might get better but it is also boring till episod6.

  19. Finally someone said this! I agree with all the things you said..im still watching this because of lee jaewook..and its sadly true that there is no chemistry between skj and pmy (to me) i could see the chemistry more between jaewook and pmy or pmy with kim youngdae…maybe bcs of corona outbreak,the idea for the story become limited or i dont know..hope the next epi will be better <30

    1. Finally, I have someone to agree with. I actually read this blog before watching the drama and I can say that she’s right. There is no chemistry between SKJ and PMY, but as soon as I see Kim Youngdae with PMY, I feel that they have more chemistry and really good for each other (though they also have a big age gap.) I’m not against to Seo Kang Joon, I’m his fan since “Are You Human?” Drama, it’s just that I can’t feel their feelings towards one another, even I’m already in episode 8 or 9. I tried to watch it again, but I can’t, maybe some other day, I will be able to watch it again.

      Btw, I started watching it not just because of the actors but also because of the title, but maybe I came to realize that this drama is not for me. I wasn’t feel excited when I saw that the new episodes were released, unlike the other dramas that I’m also watching these days wherein I can’t wait for the scheduled date of the episodes to be released.

      P.S. I’m not against to this drama, I like the title (When the Weather is Fine,) I really like the actors, and I like the stories in the books they were reading (’cause I’m somewhat into books) but I just want to express my feelings towards it.

  20. I don’t think this drama is boring…I’m enjoying this drama I never seen this type of drama..Yah this drama is slow but I love this drama there is not so many fun elements but it’s ok…I think the couple also cute…

  21. Actually, I don’t want to watch this drama at all. Reading the plot made me think it’s a purely “kaartehan” haha, also I don’t like Park Min Young that much to watch it intentionally. But then, I accidentally watched on tv ep 6, and it looks good, that’s when I started to binge watch the first five eps and i never found it boring. It’s so soothing. And I started to like Park Min Young. Maybe I started the drama differently, which causes a change in perspective. Also, I believe we all crave for something everytime we wanna watch and it changes as time pass by and when the weather is fine or not. Haha.

  22. Yep for those who doesn’t like slow drama will find this ‘when the weather is fine’ boring
    But trust me it is not what you think you are
    You will love it once you start wtching
    I assure you
    In my perspective i think this drama is the.most realistic love story i ever encountered compared to any kdrama
    Of course there are so many kdrama love stories
    Which makes our hearts flutter but this specific one makes alot like a real love story that is happening around the world, to be honest.
    Example – he was very shy to confess his love , those embarrassing moment he couldn’t do anything about, making excuses to not to get suspected by her ,pretending like he didn’t like her etc…..
    Since beginning I knew im going to love this drama
    And see now I’m so obsessed with it
    I’ve watch till episode8 and I don’t have the patient to wait for another 6days
    It is such a pain in the ass
    this Drama is becoming more interesting and I have no tendency to wait that long . it sucks

  23. Im half agree with you. boring? because, it is a “healing” drama. as you can see. Mok hye won still stuck in the past. the past that made her being alone and lonely. she was an outcast student. she felt as if nobody likes her because of her family’s background.
    No chemistry? dont agree. they have… yes they have. iys just both of them chose to be alone and lonely ratjer than telling each others feelings.
    But i agree. i keep on watching because of seo kang joon and park min young. lee jae wook too. and i will watch it til the end.

    Well, eps 7&8 were already released. and i was crying this 2 eps beacuse in ep7 hye won confessed her feelings to eun seop, but got rejected. she cries a lot but she never give up. until in ep8 eun seop cant hold his feelings any longer… and boooooooom!

  24. I must agree.her chemistry with jae wook in hpl is incomparable. This drama is boring and there is no chemistry. Im not sure if its their fault or that the plot isnt helping. Anyhow i dropped it altogether 8 episodes in which is saying A LOT.

  25. I totally agree with your comments 100%! I love both the main actors but find myself falling asleep during each episode. Yes I’m only sticking with it due to the main actors but I’m not really enjoying it. It’s boring as heck! Lol…

  26. I was thinking the same way too at first. But I gave it a try and I found it very interesting and it did really felt like healing. Its like your reading a book slowly and mindfully until you fully understand and find wisdom in it. Its not the typical romcom kdrama but a real life experiences I think with a very good setting, and right now Im looking forward for the next episodes which I am thrilled for the answers of some questions in my head. But I hope this is not a sad ending.

  27. Mmm creo que el drama no es para cualquier persona, personalmente me a encantado ♥️♥️ los 3 primeros capítulos casi me hacen dormir, pero logró tomarle el hilo y se me hace hermoso

  28. Same here. I found it to be slow initially but I kept watching and then later I found myself looking forward to each coming episodes. I guess, it is not the type that a lot of people will find interesting, seeing how it’s not going beyond the 2% mark in the rating. But I hope more people will give this drama a chance. I am loving this series’ slow paced slice of life offering. It’s that sort of escape we need from the state that the world is currently in.

  29. I admit this may not be everyone’s cup of tea… Because most kdramas revolve around really fast paced stories, with new and more plot twists and cliffhangers at every episode, with issues and troubles you are less likely to encounter in a normal life.. I usually watch kdramas in an attempt to understand/relate to the characters in it-which I fail to in most instances because they yield quite unrealistic stories
    I’m an international fan by the way… I watch kdramas when I find some time(amidst my hectic schedule) in order to heal my overworked body and mind. I have watched many dramas, but not each and every one which gets aired.. I’m also a fan of the feel good type and tear jerker movies, which suits my silent and introvert character. Honestly what made me so happy watching this drama was that it kept me feeling so good each time I re-watched it… It felt like the feel-good genre just became a whole length drama… As much as I understand that you didn’t like it, I humbly request you to try to understand this different kind of people:- people who are shy, people who talk less, people who just want to relate to the on screen characters much more… I’m a bit worried that your honest review in the first search page will be chasing away many fans who wish to find solace in a drama which helps them to reconnect in their lives… Do you know what I found the best about this slow-paced drama?
    It captures everything despite the slow-pace! All the people, all the supporting characters, all the activities in a small town far off from the bustling Seoul The silent ones will capture every moment of it… It’s just like reading a novel, you slowly unfurl the story, go deep within it and the visuals keep you so bound to the book, even when you are unsure how the story will turn out to be… It’s simply so poetic and soothing to a heavy heart❤️ The simplicity of the drama makes me feel like I dwell in it Also, it never snows in our region, hence the visuals are really an eye candy❤️ I know they are good actors, and it’s a wow feeling to see them doing their part so well(with so less words spoken) The feeling that they are depicting people like me, in it… People who don’t really open up to anyone and are tagged as weird ones everywhere… It’s really awesome It’s okay if you didn’t enjoy it as much as I could, I do respect our personal differences, yet it would be nicer if you do not chase off people who might really enjoy it… I believe there are many out there who shall enjoy it… I just hope they won’t stop here and feel wronged
    Good luck

  30. I agree mostly. It’s the kind of drama that you can watch before going to sleep. The music and pace relaxes my brain, i am not too inclined to see the next episode right away and therefore not letting me stay up too late. Nevertheless, I think I’ll keep watching 🙂

  31. Wow, I really LIKE this drama. For me it arrives at a great time for a slow but beautiful drama. The music and pace are helpful to relax. But I understand it’s not for everyone

  32. I think this story truly make me think a lot. About how well I have healed, about how well I have been enduring from all the hardships.

    I smiled when I watching this drama, I became thankful for all those good things that have happened when I’m trying to cope with all the stress that I received before.

  33. Justo acabo ahora mismo de ver el drama, una auténtica joya para mí, entiendo tu opinión hasta el capítulo 6, estuve a punto de dejarlo, pero a partir del 7 cambia la cosa, no deja de ser lento pero para mí, los personajes secundarios pasan a principales y nada es lo que parece en esta bella historia donde destaco el entorno y los habitantes de ese pueblo.
    Mañana escribiré la reseña, será larga, muy larga, porque es un drama para analizar mucho, te aconsejo que sigas viendo, te sorprenderá.

    1. Gracias, justo estaba por comentar algo asi.

      El nivel de detalle que tiene este drama lo hace precioso, en ningún momento deje de aburrirme porque todos los personajes son especiales a su forma y tienen un crecimiento que va evolucionando en cada capitulo (cosas que no me esperaba tampoco).

      El personaje de Im Eum Seob… Poco usual, especial y acogedor. No me lo esperé y me encantó.

      Tenía muchos simbolismos que nunca necesitaron palabras y nos dejaron apreciarlos.

      Aunque tenia escenas que podrían haber dicho más, todo lo compensaban los bellos mensajes al final, de sus verdaderos sentimientos.

      No queda ningún cabo suelto y es BASTANTE CALIDO y profundo.

      Estaba buscando sobre el autor del libro y vi este artículo, me resulto bastante extraño a la verdad.

      En el cap 6 no se desarrolan bien las cosas como para efectuar un comentario así, pero cada quien con su opinión.

  34. I wanna share some thoughts upon watching the drama.

    Hmm, I dont think this one is boring. Its actually very, very deep. I also think if an actor / actress in this field can’t pull this one, then there would be no dynamics in the entire career life.

    This drama is more than just romance. This runs very deep, especially with deeply wounded people. Half of the people in this world can overcome these painful emotions. Others simply can’t, and so they bury them in their hearts. But only a handful, empathic people can look through behind a facade. Their characters only showed how humans can be both fragile and strong at the same time, that their are fake people around, and that there are some of the purest people who can simply accept and love a worst person.

    One cant simply judged a person by its outward appearance, nor judged a person by its past. Those who manifest great and pure love have already accepted themselves as they are and that they can be at peace with themselves. Sure, undesirable memories will still be part of the imprint of one’s life, but these won’t stop a person to bloom beautifully at its fullest.

    So I think, this drama has justified what it means to love and accept unconditionally: towards others and oneself. That no matter what, love is the most powerful thing in this world. And as always, kudos to all the actors and actresseswho played their respective roles. Not all can pull off a heavy drama like this wonderfully. Hats off to the production team!

    P.S. I sincerely respect your views on this. I wanna share mine just to balance things out. Thanks!

  35. Im literally laughing at this review but this drama is one of the best dramas of 2020. Two ep in i knew this should be adapted from a book, and it is! Atleast book lovers are gonna love this i promise. The ppl who didnt like this drama are the same ones who said Burning was mediocre. The drama other than romance tackles how domestic violence can tear families apart in such a way. The direction is absolute perfection and the script is so wholesome. Its a beautiful slice of life, mellow and soft like a cup of coffee

    1. I got hooked by the fact they pay so much attention in the details and was amazed when i found out it was from a novel.

      I really loved it.

  36. The drama is super boring. I felt like a fool for watching it. Only Lee Jae Wook and his romantic interest made me smile a bit. The story is told in such a boring way.
    Side plots are unnecessary. Like Hae Won’s ex friend having a crush on Eun seop and bearing grudges.
    I feel like the fact that her aunt killed her father would have had more impact if the script was better.
    I get that the drama wasn’t supposed to be upbeat and fun, but the actors were just really boring and not in the solemn, but interesting way,the drama was dry. Really.

  37. Yeah I’m disappointed too, it is because I also have a high expectations when I saw the main leads. I barely finished the 1 ep, I think I’m not gonna continue it. It’s a bad move when I just recently finished the CLOY and Itaewon class drama that have the roller coaster plot twist. So it’s made this drama so boring for me. Sorry this is my personal opinion only.

  38. I have to disagree with you. This drama is very realistic and yes it tacles day to days lives of local provincial life… The story are well written and 2 main cast are not boring at all, even the other characters. The story of the 2 sisters, the bacground story of their trauma, the supporting characters are also just important as the 2 main cast. This Drama are one of my favorite and included in my top 5 list (1st My Ajussi, 2nd Mr Sunshine, 3rd Goblin, 4th When The weather is fine, and 5th Signal). I wish I could convince you to watch the whole series.

  39. Hiello,

    With all due respect, I completely disagree. The depth of each character is so masterfully portrayed by all the cast. “When the weather is fine” is a complex drama, conveying the different sides of unconditional love, friendship, family relationships, personalities, and emotions. The director does an amazing job pointing to all the small and subtle ways of expressing with I found refreshing, after every other drama that just chews out the emotions in front of you so nothing is left to your own imagination and perception. The slow pace of this drama is just a well-organized introduction into everyone’s life that really guides you through so that, you are so familiar with the characters that you can even read their facial expressions, and the actors are excellent. The layers of complexity that each of the characters are painted with, was just another way to underline the greatness of the drama. Finally, the realistic relationships in this drama teach us about honesty, security, prejudice, friendship, unconditional love, respect, and empathy – everything that the world lacks right now! I highly recommend it to everyone that is interested in true emotional complexity and great acting.

    1. I totally agree with your comment. I am an international watcher and have watched many dramas and whilst the first few episodes were slow , the story and visuals really came together with the sisters story towards the end rounding it out. i really enjoyed seeing a side of South Korea that is not normally portrayed in K dramas and this story made me realise that we are all more alike than we are different! i highly recommend watching this drama until the end.

    2. Agree. This drama is not for everyone. I think when people doe not have the intelligence and capacity to appreciate arts, they shouldn’t have the right to say the words: “most boring ever”. And because these people are shallow, they can just focus their viewing pleasure in their preferred equally shallow and less intelligent romcoms. Hehe.

  40. I actually enjoyed this drama. Though I would agree with you that this wasnt their strongest drama. Im interested to know what other healing dramas you recommend.

  41. You missed the entire essence of the drama if you only watched half. How can you review something that you have not watched entirely. Most of your points will become invalid once you complete it.

  42. I totally loved the story/tv series “When The Weather Is Fine”, truth is i am watching this series for the forth time today! I love the way the actors portrayed their characters individually; the music themes and sound tracts are great; each slides of scene are artistically done, the leading actors did well on their role,
    I LOVE Im Eun-seob and Mok Hae-won.

  43. Yeah i agree、 i am a super duper fan of seo kang joon but the story is so boring . And also they don’t have a chemistry , that is why i didn’t watch there drama . Sorry Seo Kang Joon . 🙁

  44. For me, this drama was a breath of fresh air. Watching “when the weather is fine” was like reading a novel- the slow start, the character’s inviting you into their mundane life and with each turn of the page, a new side/story is revealed. I could smell the winter through the screen of my phone, for me winter is my favorite season, the weather may be cold but it warms you up, your life pauses to breath a moment, days are short , nights are long and there’s warmth to be found in closeness. This drama was like my winter, with a book and a coffee – a sweet, dark academia and a slow life.

    1. i agree with you.. ive watched so many kdramas, and my expectation getting high..when i found this drama its was totally a healing for me..i could feel the warmth from this drama..what i love about this drama is that it potrayed the real feelings..im not a fan of kang jun but i can feel his longing to see hae won..it suprised me that this slow pace drama touches me..my fav moments was the waltz dance..il do the same imagining that if i were to sit beside my long waited crush..hahah

  45. When you don’t have an artistic sense then you won’t be able to understand this drama. How can you review something if you weren’t able to finish the whole drama? SUCH A WASTE! You wrote such a lengthy review without knowing the whole story.

  46. All i can say the person who wrote this article got no kdrama classic taste 🙂 no offence..Cz this drama is more than just a drama..the whole story about this series is absolutely awestruck,i got to know a lot about korean poetry , this drama is actually educating..but again some people will be only entertained by FANTASY.. But idk this drama is absolutely Magical too me

  47. I love this drama. I actually decided to watch When the Weather is Fine after being stressed out watching 4 episodes of Nevertheless. I love the drama’s slow paced flow. If you’re into poetry and nature, this one’s a great drama to watch. Classic one indeed.

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