“What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” Episode 3 And 4 Review And Recap

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“What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” is a gift that keeps on giving, an entertaining lighthearted kdrama that takes its own spin on the popular stereotypical overused rich boy-poor girl plot.

I must say I didn’t expect that I’d enjoy this drama so much. This makes me wonder why hasn’t ori Min Young unnie accept offers to lead a romantic comedy before, she is a natural who does so well and makes us all laugh, she makes it look so easy when its definitely not.

I am trying to figure out what makes this drama so darn special, because if you guys follow my blog, you know well that I am always going hard on kdramas with the overused plot of rich boy- poor girl.

I hate being double faced and easy on one drama while hard on another, so I tried to scratch my head hard and figure out what makes this drama so special.

It’s the director y’all! The flow of the drama is so great; the way each scene plays out is done so well. Of course, the music and the editing play a role but the director himself is so amazing.

He worked on 2017’s hit drama “Because This Is My First Life,” back then I wasn’t so fond of the plot outline and so I spoke badly of it at first, but as time went by I fell in love with the drama, it was so special and different despite its below-average plot outline, there was more to it than I had anticipated.

Now onto the drama recap and review.

I would like to start off by saying that the two should just date in real life already because I ship them so hard.

I mean, I love Seo Joon oppa but I am also a realistic person who knows well that he will never be mine, but he and Min Young unnie suit each other so well, my heart flutters when I see them together, thus by the power vested in me, I give them the green light, you two can date!

Again, I repeat, the dynamics of the drama is great. Every character is larger than life and so comical but not too comical, its still fun and entertaining enough to be enjoyed by the majority of kdrama audience.

Its very funny and sweet how they both look like a couple to everyone around them but them both, I found that so funny and entertaining. Its like im in on a secret along with a lot of other people.

In the amusement park scenes, I loved how vice president Young Joon didn’t break character during rides, he was so sweet and it was a lot of fun to watch.

I also liked how Mi So doesn’t try to trigger him badly, she’s always careful of what she says around him not only because he’s her employer but because she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings, she is a genuinely nice polite character, unlike the majority of today’s lead female characters who we’re supposed to love but end up hating *cough* are you human too *cough*.

The roller-coaster ride exhausted her but she still tried to smile and look okay, until he noticed it and got her to ride something else that’s a bit more her style.

I love how he throws information about his past around her so casually, he trusts her and that’s a great thing. I can’t imagine how hard it is to open up to someone, to say that you used to be bullied all the time and harassed especially by your elder brother who was supposed to be the one who protects you from harm.

I, for a person, wouldn’t so easily open up to just anyone and share such private information with them, especially not with someone who’s working under me. There is that immense trust between them, its a small detail but touching nonetheless.

I also liked how he was about to kiss her and how he tried to look so cool but she shut him down, I was laughing but also saying ‘is she that stupid to reject ori Seo Joon kiss? does she realize whats she’s missing out on?’

But we all know kdrama gods would never give us that perfect kiss scene during the first half of any kdrama.

I must also say that I love the other Secretary Kim, she is so sweet and fun, her interactions with Young Joon is so cute as well, I’m melting just writing about it y’all!

Park Byung Eun made a special appearance in the 3rd episode; he did it out of loyalty to the director of this drama since they worked together on “Because This Is My First Life.”

I liked his character, he wasn’t just that PERFECT handsome gentleman who would probably be a better fit for our Mi So, he was weird and creepy in a way. The way he screamed at others at the restaurant and some of the sentences he said raise red flags.

I loved how the director made the best of his cameo appearance; it wasn’t average like ‘hey look, I know this actor annnnnddd now he’s gone,’ it was entertaining.

Episode 3 and 4 were a roller-coaster ride for ori Young Joon, he suffered from many many fits of rage and jealousy that completely shattered his image. It was so much fun to see him through a fit every time he sees around a man, so sweet!

I must also point out that I loved the term of ‘blockbuster effect,’ that was a very clever move. It actually makes so much sense; every one of us would’ve compared Young Joon’s date to the average date she went on with Park Byung Eun’s character.

Well played, Young Joon, well played. ‘let us all just hope that no men see that and catch on… wait.. do they already do that?’ *mind blown*

I also love the interactions between the two secretaries; they’re just too darn sweet.

Besides, the fit he threw when he saw cable ties, it was like he was thrown from his high horse and suddenly became an average person who fears illogical things just like the rest of all of us.

I loved the way the scene was put together, Seo Joon is an excellent actor, this is why sometimes, I feel like romantic-comedies are too easy for him.

I must also point out that my favorite character of this entire series is the one I resonate with the most, Bong Se Ra. Its like she’s all of us kdrama fans stuck in kdrama land, she is so funny and relatable especially when she’s fangirling over 2PM Chansung’s character Go Gwi Nam.

The ‘friendly’ sports event held by the company was such an emotional scene for me, mainly because I felt like I was being tortured along with Young Joon, triggered whenever Secretary Mi So would interact with a man.

Mi So’s scenes with Gwi Nam was so cute, but I was so anxious because Young Joon looked like he was being eaten alive by the jealousy monster, I was screaming at the screen and screeching while watching, I said a couple of times, ‘Kim bieeeeesoooooooo’ (please read that with Seo Joon’s voice and tone in mind)

In the end, he sprained his ankle like a little baby demanding attention from his mama; it was so sweet, I was so happy.

Damn, this drama makes me happy!

The final scene of episode 3 was very heartwarming; the fact that he wasn’t afraid of being so vulnerable in front of her was a sight. Despite the fact that she saw his scarred ankle, he still wasn’t so aggressive or defensive; it was in my humble opinion, too sweet!

This injury of him leads me to believe that his elder brother had something to do with it; he might have been one of the students who bullied him. Its an awful feeling to see your elder brother aiding others in hurting you.

There is also that theory of the mysterious woman, who might’ve tried to murder him. Some fans also believe that she might’ve abused him, which might explain why he hasn’t dated any woman yet and/or was never seen being intimate around any person other than Kim Mi So.

Its also very weird how he’s very protective of Mi So in front of his elder brother played by Lee Tae Hwan, Sung Yeon seems like he has it all but is very insecure and feels inferior to his younger brother.

I think Lee Tae Hwan is a good actor. I have initially complained about the casting but a part of me thinks that it was intentional, they might have wanted someone who appears old but is a child on the inside, similar to the feel Lee Tae Hwan gives with his demeanor.

I think we need to wait and see if it was truly intentional or if he was miss-cast.

Its not that Lee Tae Hwan sucks, he’s highly underrated, but its that they needed someone who looks and feels old as old as the character Lee Tae Hwan is playing.

The tension between the two brothers is massive; it feels like Sung Yeon is playing the victim card here when he’s really the perpetrator.

The library scene was also very fun. I feel like a lot of episode 3 and 4 scenes will be immortalized by kdrama fans, it’ll be shared thousands of time FOREVER across all social media accounts.

I also feel like Kim Ji Ah and Go Gwi Nam will develop into something more than just co-workers sharing the same space. A part of me feels sorry for Go Gwi Nam because he seems abnormal; anyone who loves his work this much isn’t someone in his right mind.

I can’t wait to see more about those two characters, I have a feeling that Kim Ji Ah is a bit too bright, it could be that she’s in the company with malicious intent.  Some think that she’s here with agenda.

I haven’t read the webcomic or the novel itself so I am just speculating.

I also like how Young Joon parents are so nice to Mi So, they know their son is unbearable and are just thankful that someone managed to put up with him all those years.

I also liked the scene where she fixes the wound of the punch his elder brother threw at him. It was so darn cute how adorably awkward they were around each other. They always feel awkward around each other but keep coming back for more~

Both ending scenes of episode 3 and 4 felt a little forced and too cheesy, I didn’t hate those two scenes but it felt childish as well. Of course, it won’t be a kdrama without scenes in which they manage to get on the top of each other in ‘unpredictable scenarios.’

Plus, that hug scene was too awkward and misplaced, its almost funny as cringe worthy as it is, I don’t know whether I should be cringing or laughing, or am I supposed to screeching? Help! I feel conflicted!

Anyhow, episode 3 and 4 were amazing. There wasn’t a dull moment. This is slowly becoming one of my favorite romantic comedies in recent years.

I realize that it has been a staple in kdrama land, using such scripts but I appreciate the writer and director efforts that make “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” a tad different from the rest of the pile.

I can’t wait for next Wednesday; it has been so much fun watching this drama so far.

What did you guys think of it? Did you like it? Lets discuss in the comment section below!

By Jass K.

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  1. What I will say is that I have continued to enjoy Secretary Kim all the way from the start through to the end of episode 14. So, here’s to the final two episodes!

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