tvN’s “Mine” Episode 1 And 2 Review- An Okay Start To A Repetitive Theme

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“Vincenzo” is over and a new drama has taken over its timeslot, a drama that has been on people’s radar for its cast which is led by Lee Bo Young and Kim Seo Hyung.

Its finally here and after seeing the premiere, I thought I should write a review to sum up my thoughts on the first and second episode.

Note: this is a subjective review. I will share my personal opinion while keeping in mind how others might perceive it. This is a spoiler review

A repetitive idea

I think its because we as humans are fascinated by rich people and the concept of lives we cannot even afford to dream of that there is so much excess of such dramas centered around the unreachable rich.

Popularized by JTBC and SBS, there is no shortage of kdramas about a rich/rich families living their best lives or attempting to until a murder occurs that turns their lives upside down.

This idea is basically the same one for SBS’s “Penthouse” and a collection of similar kdramas. It could be because we have a drought of kdramas about ‘average’ humans that I no longer find such themes as interesting as I once thought.

Hence the title of this article.

tvN’s “Mine” premiere was okay. I wouldn’t say I was blown away by it and it stalled a bit early on as it focuses on setting the mood. It is exactly what I expected walking into the drama after having read the synopsis of it.

A drama that centers around the rich and their egos is fun every once and a while but I could swear to god we’ve seen at least 5 this year already and we’re not even half-way done with 2021. I know I might sound a bit annoying but since I do this for a job, I am not as phased as a normal kdrama fan would.

I am surprised that it also appears that they’re letting us on so much during the first and second episodes alone. To me, it seems that the new tutor is Ha Joon’s actual mother and she’s back to reclaim her throne from Hi Soo [Lee Bo Young]. The drama is hinting at this a bit too fast which left me a bit surprised, it could be that its a false lead but I have a feeling my hunch is not entirely false.

I would say I enjoyed the budding romance between Soo Hyeok and Yu Yeon the best and they’re the couple that will likely interest me the most.

I am a bit skeptical about how they plan on approaching Seo Hyun’s sexuality. I hope they take a different route than what I’ve traditionally seen in kdramas.

The characters

I would say I liked most of them, many are the standard but judging on the premiere alone, there isn’t one character that is particularly shocking or captivating in my opinion. I’ve seen them all in previous kdramas and the nut case that is the tutor isn’t particularly that ‘shocking’ as much as they’d like it to be.

The screenwriter behind “Mine” also wrote “Melting Me Softly” which is already a source of concern. I will have faith that Lee Bo Young picked a project she’s read throughout. Screenwriter Baek Mi Kyeong has a knack for making spectacles without much consideration for ‘logic’ so I am wondering how she plans on tackling what appears to be a setup for a complicated story.

Most of her scripts had relatively ‘simple’ ideas and this seems to be her attempt at what appears to be complicated events and entangled fates. I wanted to be a bit more optimistic but personally speaking, her writing style isn’t my favorite. I will continue watching but I’ve lowered my expectations.

The cast choice

This is the nth time that Lee Hyun Wook plays a similar character, a douche husband/boyfriend. I wish there is more to his character and that he won’t become this classical cheating husband. It is hinted that he’s fought hard to keep Hi Soo by his side and it hasn’t been that long since they’ve gotten married, I am kinda rooting for their marriage.

VIXX’s N is such an interesting idol-actor, while I didn’t like his acting style at first, he’s shown me just how talented he was with his projects over the years. He’s truly a gem and I hope this character he’s playing will also turn out to be more than just this tormented rich rough-around-the-edges type of character.

Lee Bo Young and Kim Seo Hyung are amazing as they always have been. Ok Ja Yeon could terrify a grown adult with her creepy acting, her character gets on my nerves already.

In conclusion, there is potential. I just hope that the script won’t disappoint because it seems they truly put a lot of effort into this, casting wise and production wise.

So these are my thoughts on “Mine”, so what about you guys? did you like the episodes? let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

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