“The Law Cafe” Episode 1 And 2 Review- Unexpectedly Tedious

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KBS’s newest series “The Law Cafe” is here….. and it was unexpectedly below my expectations, lets talk about it.

Note: this article is a first-impression review, it doesn’t mean this is the writer’s final thoughts on the drama. This is a spoiler review.

“The Law Cafe” has been hyped as one of the biggest releases of September. It marks Lee Se Young’s first comeback following the smashing success of “The Red Sleeve,” and Lee Seung Gi’s first comeback following his highly praised performance in “Mouse.”

The supporting talented cast completes it and we have what could be a recipe for another successful drama with the ratings of the 1st episode this drama could well become one of KBS’s most successful releases of this year- for shorter kdramas.

Lets talk about my thoughts on “The Law Cafe” thus far.

What should have been a very interesting premiere turned out to be boring in certain scenes and mostly uninteresting. The screenwriter who pens this drama is an unknown screenwriter and this marks their first project. This tracks well with the way the entire premiere was structured and written, sadly.

There are many of what could be labeled ‘filler’ scenes in the premiere episodes already. Its not helped by the fact that the story is as typical as they come.

On one hand, I am happy Lee Se Young and Lee Seung Gi chose a ‘lighter’ drama but on the other hand, I just wish there was an ounce of creativity added to the base script of it.

It has a bit of suspense as most romantic comedies do these days because there isn’t really much to go off with the typicals of rom-coms, but it felt like a chore getting through some parts of the drama.

Things do pick up towards the second half of the 2nd episode. But the drama is surprisingly chill in its premiere when it should be working hard trying to get people to stick around. At least this is how it felt to me.

The script is based on a webtoon and the idea behind it is like about 20 other kdramas I’ve seen before. This time, we have the puppy high school love infused with law proceedings and a man whose family is responsible for the misery of his lover. Not to forget a ‘contract’ written between what would eventually become a couple.

Its repackaged typical kdrama cliches but its not as exciting as it can be. Lee Se Young and Lee Seung Gi definitely carry the drama with their charms, especially Lee Se Young. But even with her bubbly charms, impressive facial expressions, and law recital powers, it was an underwhelming premiere in my opinion.

I can already picture how everything will turn out to be and it is not a good sign. I know this is the case with most rom-coms, but I expected it to be a bit more exciting. I say this but I know that people who love rom-coms probably loved this one a lot. I like rom-coms, but when only when they’re well-written or try to at least be different.

“The Law Cafe” will be 16 episodes and will likely follow a similar path to most legal dramas but to me, legal dramas tend to lose steam easily. The two main characters shout law articles at each other for a good portion of the episodes and it made me want to turn it off. I imagine they will eventually team up together to fight crime, solve their neighbors’ legal concerns, fall in love, bicker a 100 times and eventually team up to bring down Dohan Construction.

The premiere tries to tease the tension but eventually gives off the crucial information about why Kim Jung-Ho disconnected from reality, this has me worried about what will come.

One last thing I wanted to point out… its a personal opinion as this article is of course, but I am getting tired of what obvious creep male characters getting labeled as ‘romantic’ in kdrama land. Kim Jung-Ho has been in love with Kim Yoo-Ri for the majority of his life, even when they parted ways on his terms, he still thinks about her.

He still imagines her even in his 30s by his side throughout his daily activities…. I mean…. I see your point writernim… but this is creepy to me and seems very unhealthy.

If you’re so in love with a person that you ended things with so many years ago but you still imagine them by your side when you wake up in bed, when you brush your teeth and such, maybe…. just maybe, you should see a doctor about it.

Aside from the fact that this is highly illogical but often is the case with rom-coms, its very annoying behavior to me, from the character. I know he has his reasons and knows his father caused her misery but my guy, staying in love with this one person for so long… its… its a bit much…

I don’t know, maybe I am over-analyzing this. But whenever I see what is easily very creepy behavior by male characters being labeled ‘cute/romantic/’ I facepalm.

I am a bit worried about “The Law Cafe” but I hope that it picks up soon. There is a chance it gets so much better because I highly doubt Lee Se Young and Lee Seung Gi would pick such a typical average script, I know they can do better…. So there is definitely good room for improvement.

So these are my thoughts on “The Law Cafe” Episode 1 And 2, so what about you guys? did you like the episodes? let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

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