“The King: Eternal Monarch” Episode 15 Review And Recap

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It has finally come full circle and we’re here to talk about it!

“The King: Eternal Monarch” aired its 15th episode a couple of hours ago, and I’ve seen it on Netflix and now I am here to talk about it.

If you follow my blog then you know that I stopped reviewing “The King: Eternal Monarch” episode per episode, but I decided to review this particular episode because it was so damn good and because I had a lot to talk about. You’re probably triggered reading the title but hear me out.

Note: this includes major spoilers of episode 15.

“The King: Eternal Monarch” is a series that I believe could’ve been better. I’ve stuck around not because of the script, but the cast. I love all of them and I think they’re doing an amazing job, it’s so sad that the drama had many issues with it but none of them had to do with the cast. My favorite characters are played by Kim Kyung Nam and Woo Do Hwan.

“The King: Eternal Monarch” 15th episode really tied everything together and was the series best so far in my opinion. It showed me what this series could’ve been and I would’ve loved for the rest of the drama to have been half as interesting as this episode.


I think “The King: Eternal Monarch” 15th episode was the longest one for the drama thus far, clocking at 1 hour and 20 minutes, however, I didn’t really feel time go by, I was so immersed in the episode and everything that was going on.

I stand by my choice for the best character in this drama… Kim Kyung Nam. The more I knew about him, the more I felt sorry for him. To know that his real mother wanted to kill them both ripped my heart to pieces. I understand why he’s so torn and why he’s having a difficult time. I also love the fact that he got the chance to have a closure.


Woo Do Hwan continues to amaze me with his acting chops and I could clearly tell he’s going to be one of the greats in the future through this episode. Previously, I watched him in “My Country” and my heart just broke for his character. The amazing thing about Woo Do Hwan as an actor is how captivating he is on screen. He just captures your attention whenever he’s on. You might think I am joking but he first caught my attention in his minor minor role in a movie that he only appeared in for about 2 minutes before getting killed off. He’s been on my mind since 2016.


Tae Eul and Lee Gon reunion was beautiful and their moments together were well crafted. I bet many kdrama fans besides me cried a lot when they reunited.


In the 15th episode of “The King: Eternal Monarch,” the plot was put back together after being torn in previous episodes. Through voice-overs by the characters, we get to understand how everything ties together at last and it’s a beautiful feeling to finally be able to understand whats going on, what, how, and why it happened.

I also loved the ‘reunion’ of Lee Gon and his ‘mother,’ it was nice finally finding out why she was kept alive. It also made me feel even more sorry for her, that she was imprisoned for a particular goal when she desperately wanted to die. I just feel so bad for her.


One of my fav moments of “The King: Eternal Monarch” 15th episode has to be Jo Young and Eun Seop’s goodbye scene. I just fucking lost it, I love them both so much and it was so nice seeing Jo Young get so emotional and attached to  Eun Seop and the little kids.


It was also very nice seeing Lee Gon go back to his place and wreak havoc on those who deserve it. I am also glad Shin Jae got the chance to have the closure he deserved. Seeing him cry broke my heart into pieces, this character was fleshed out so well.

Lee Lim really shines in this episode and as I’ve said before, I would’ve loved to see him shine more and get more screen time as the bad guy of the drama, I would’ve loved to understand his character better or get more information about why he became like that. His character isn’t written as well as some other characters in this drama but still, he does so well with what he has. He’s an amazing actor.


The moment when our beloved trio captured Lee Lim was amazing but also anti-climactic in a sense. I expected a bigger better showdown. “The King: Eternal Monarch” 15th episode is not as well-written as I’d wanted it to be, but it is still by far one of the best-written ones in this series thus far. There a lot of moments that will probably never be fully explained and there are lots of unexplained gaps here and there but at least we have an understanding of the bigger picture. Plus, it was an enjoyable ride, something I can’t say about the first half of this drama.


I understand that Tae Eul is trying to get back to her lover but she’ll end up disturbing his whole plan because she took the device, I understand her frustration and loved the confrontation scene between her and Shin Jae. His confession wasn’t played out in a cheesy way but in a beautiful sad way. I just feel so bad for him.


I don’t know how Kim Eun Sook plans on wrapping up the series leaving so many things still up for interpretation but I hope she wraps it up well. I have a feeling the last episode of “The King: Eternal Monarch” will be at least 1 hour and a half.

Since its Netflix, I am afraid we might end up waiting for a second season, this possibility remains in the back of my head but I will remain positive and hope Kim Eun Sook wraps it up in one go.

It’ll be interesting to see if she can tie every loose end together well, there are many things that need more explanation and context that we’re unaware of and it’ll be interesting to see how if she can do it.  

While I did enjoy “The King: Eternal Monarch” 15th episode, a part of me was also sad… sad about how good this series could’ve been and how better it would’ve been received had Kim Eun Sook written this drama better.


I understand that “The King: Eternal Monarch” isn’t the easiest drama to understand but unlike what avid Lee Min Ho fans believe, it’s not done intentionally but simply because of this darned 16 episode format. You can easily tell if you’re paying attention.

“The King: Eternal Monarch” first 8 episodes were mostly underwhelming and felt like an introduction that should’ve been wrapped up in two hours but somehow got extended for 6 hours. A lot of the things that happened in the first half could’ve been easily subtracted and no one would’ve known or cared. If you can do without a scene, then don’t put it.

I can clearly sense the drama took so long to start simply because it was 16 episodes. “The King: Eternal Monarch” could’ve been at least 100 times better had it been 12 episodes, I think 12 episodes would’ve been more than enough for the series.

The idea behind “The King: Eternal Monarch” is honestly genius and could’ve used more time to develop nicely inside Kim Eun Sook’s head. I am being this critical because it’s her and I am honestly disappointed in her and even more so after watching this episode because all I could see was how good this could’ve become and I am sad that this drama has become her lowest-rated drama in decades and possibly her lowest-rated drama ever- in South Korea.  

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What about you guys? What did you think of “The King: Eternal Monarch” 15th episode?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. I know JTE is now a potential spoiler for LG’s plan, but her finally getting in on the action was one of the best parts of the episode. I love men who can take charge, but I can’t stand men who keep things from women they claim to love. Besides, if you want an ace in your corner, it’d be TE.

    1. Okay, so I think I know what when wrong with this series….. 1) “The king” has Two very clear main focuses, romance and action.2) there was no “action= progression to answer”. Usually when you watch an action series, it starts with the protagonist having a problem/ situation that they need to solve, in this case, it was outlined in the beginning that Lee gon will probably take revenge for his father’s death by catching his uncle. Then, usually the protagonist will slowly start on the path to solving the problem by seeking out the clues , finding and then solving the clues left by the culprit. The WHOLE PROBLEM is that there is no progression! In the first few episodes he didn’t even know his uncle was alive, BUT the writer decided that we as the audience would know that he’s not dead, so for the next 6 episodes we were sat there annoyed and frustrated at the fact that he was too busy getting friendly Tae Eul that he failed to realise all the evil his uncle was doing. At episode 8 It was like the writer only just remembered that it was supposed to include the fact that, y’know, he’s a king of a different dimension, his uncle Killed his dad and is Still alive and that was the only thing that made this series NOT a romance.

      The problem was, the writer probably had a hard time balancing the two. This is actually quite a common problem with script writing when basing these two categories together as they are both very different genres, and when balanced improperly, you may find yourself skipping chunks of an episode. Say for instance, when he first walked out of the stone door, the viewer is suddenly hooked on the action, the adventure, however, after meeting with her he stays there for a week, because that’s how the writer decided that they would catch feelings for each other. Yes that’s sweet that he’s lived to meet the woman who saved him, but the writer forgot something…. he is a KING, And has been royalty for all his life, ALSO, this is his first time seeing all these things, And yet…. why did it seem like he just walked out of his bedroom, perfectly comfortable with living like us common folk, Not even one bit phased by the fact that he literally jumped dimensions? it was like they were trying to fit 2 plots into one series. The writer failed to deliver a climactic series which It should have been because There was too much focus on the romantic relationship of Lee Gon. It would have been a lot more binge worthy if the balance was corrected.

  2. I really hate the script- so difficult to understand. It is so complicated. I wish I did not watch it at all. I won’t watch Ep. 16 anymore not to complicate my mind. I had to take meds for headache. This is a real disappointment!

  3. I feel you too..the first 8 episodes storyline was going too slow..That’s why audience left the drama after 3rd or 4th episode.But because of the casts,I decided to continue watching and I didn’t regret it!Every episode there’s explanation on what happened in both worlds although it’s a little confusing but it’s okay..I love the 4 main characters the most,they played their role very well..I’m rooting for Lee Gon and Tae Eul to be together in final episode as their love story is not the usual ones like we experience in reality..She has to be his queen as he mentioned “Protect her,she is our future queen” before..I hope writer nim will satisfy our desire for good ending after some disappointments in early episodes. .

  4. I loved your review and completely agree with everything. This drama and story def had a great potential… Nonetheless, I’m hoping that the final episode won’t be a disappointment and the writer will be able to wrap it up nicely.
    P.S. Episode 15 for me was also the best ep so far!

  5. I feel like I was watching the movie Time Traveller’s wife in Korean version. I love all the characters, no doubt about that but to me, it could’ve been better.

  6. This show has so many obvious plot holes that it just doesn’t make any sense/logic. I know this is a romance kdrama but come on, at least try to make things a bit more logical? Just listing a few for thoughts:

    (1) Why would Lee Gon choose to return back in time to that moment to save himself when he was a kid? Why not say return 1 day before that fateful day to kill Lee Lim? In that case, he could have saved his own father as well. And why would Lee Lim want to return to that same freaking day too? Cant he return earlier and just take the flute?

    (2) Lee Lim has so many lackeys in the Republic of Korea and yet he didn’t even try to mobilise them to capture/kill Lee Gon at any point in time? Say when Lee Gon was at the hospital with Tae-Jul? Seriously? Why go to such an extent to get the doppelgängers etc to do that?

    (3) Why is Lee Lim still alive in present day given that he was killed by his past self when he travelled back in time? Were there 2 Lee Lims arising from some time travel complications? Why aren’t there 2 Lee Gons then?

    (4) So much lovey dovey dialogue nonsense that they don’t even talk about things that truly matter? How about Tae-Gul telling Lee Gon that her doppelgänger, Luna, is in the Republic of Korea? No? And Luna tried to kill Lee Gon/steal his whip? Not important enough to even mention it amidst the lovey dovey dialogues – which honestly dont make sense too since there’s practically no foundation for their “love”? I get it that this is a kdrama but this is just too detached from reality.

    (5) Don’t get what’s with Lee Lim switching seemingly random ppl from the different worlds. For money, power or fame? I get the part where he tried to get Sin-Jae’s mum to poison Lee Gon but how about the rest? Why switch the pregnant lady who ended up killing Lee Gon’s next in line successor? Cant one of his lackeys just do that? How about the other girl who was killed in the prison in the Republic of Korea?

    1. 1) LG and LL were sent back to the night of treason by the magical flute. It was mentioned by the yoyo boy. It is the exact night the flute was also broke in half and the boy as He is the magical flute also wants to be saved. While LG wished to save both worlds and LL wished to save himself from failing the coup. Which LL still failed to do and LG now is still trying to fulfil his wish/destiny.

      2) LL was actually winning on the earlier part with his men thinking he will be able to put down the king with his grand plan. But it never materialised. It was foolish of him to wait until LG has already caught up with him which he acknowledged as the first crack of his plan. On the hospital scene, there was no indication that LL is aware of LG’s whereabouts. LL was actually looking for LG(alley shop scene) bec I guess on that time LG was still time travelling to 2020 so he can’t be found on both worlds.

      3)The LL that is still alive today is the LL character who slit the throat of his future self when LL and LG time travelled back to 1994. Current 2019-2020 events have been slightly altered bec of that. LG tweaked a bit of the past and as a result it only changed a fraction of the present. LL is still alive thinking he transcended death but seems like his punishment is only delayed.

      4) LG knows Luna is in ROK. He is aware of it. And both TE and LG are well aware of the danger they’re in. They don’t talk much on details though which is why they end up being in trouble. The 2 leads being lovey dovey is fine, it’s a romantic drama, that is part of it. Thing is they do romantic scenes to build up the romantic angle and some would still see it as unnecessary. Can’t understand why. It’s like, no foundation blah blah and then series will show romantic scenes and still some say it’s not making sense. Lol. Really what is up with that?? Haha

      5) The pattern that I see about LL’s strategy of switching people is that, as long as one person is of use to him (some are those that he can use to get close and spy inside the palace like the girl in prison), Regardless if it is for today or for his future plans, he will make that switch. Also remember the time concept inside the vast realm and the 2 parallel worlds are different. So on my understanding, LL didn’t really have that whole 25 yrs to execute his plan. Hence, him not aging. All the while he thought Time was on his side. Well it turned out his nephew figured out and understood the flute and the time concept on that vast realm better than LL could. Basically evil never wins. lol

      6) They were in ROK here if I’m not mistaken, not KOC. So when time stopped LL knew LG used the portal. LG was able to locate him, it was the scene with JiHun’s mom where she said to come 2 days before the memorial mass. I guess that was the day he caught LL. JY and SJ being able to follow that quick after the time unfreezes was also a puzzle to me. Though LG said some lines there about him not being alone as there are also people praying for LL to be punished etc etc..

      I would agree it is not a flawless plot. Time travel, 2 worlds , alternating timelines were all ambitious to start with. I could also nit pick on its flaws but still I find the concept, idea of the story is genius. And the 6 main actors were all great. They all had their shining moments and consistently delivered good portrayals.

      My conclusion is that viewers need not close their eyes and forget all logic and sense to get into the story. Just need to pay more attention to the details they put on scenes and lines that were actually there to give you something to hold on to and understand as a viewer.

      This was a very long reply.lol. Not here to convince you to believe how I said it, I could also be wrong with my answers. Just sharing how I understood the plot on my viewpoint.

      1. I see you understand the concept very well I do understand it too it’s such a pleasure watching this drama so far it’s the best for me excellent actors of course there’s flaws that’s okay it’s fiction some take it too seriously. I have one theory I am trying to understand why TE is doing in 2022 in front of the bookstore. I think maybe she couldn’t go back to that night to help LG maybe she’s lost in some kind of time loop and the way the boy look directly in the camera it’s like he’s trying to get LG attention what do you think?

      2. Although I know there will be plot holes because the concept is too ambitious, I still can’t accept some of the biggest one. The 2-Lee Gons one is the biggest and most unacceptable for me. One Lee Lim was killed, but there are still two Lee Gons surviving: One from 2020 going around setting things up, and another growing up from 1994. What happened? When Lee Gon meets Luna in 2020 again, he says he “remembers” everything, which one is him? What happened to the other? Did they merge? Did the other disappear?
        The writer just chose to ignore that point, which irritates me.

        1. Although I accept that there will be plot holes because the concept is too grand, I still can’t accept some of the biggest ones. The 2-Lee Gons one is the biggest and most unacceptable for me. One Lee Lim was killed, but there are still two Lee Gons surviving: One from 2020 going around setting things up, and another growing up from 1994. What happened? When Lee Gon meets Tae Eul in 2020 again, he says he “remembers everything”, which one is him? What happened to the other? Did they merge? Did the other one just disappear?
          The writer just chose to ignore that point, I think because she couldn’t solve it, which irritates me.

          1. @HaVy
            There’s only 1 Lee Gon. It only appeared as if there were 2 bec one is the past and one is the future(current 2020). When Lee Gon met Tae Eul again in 2020 in the hospital, he would ofcourse remember everything bec he is the same Lee Gon with slightly altered memories.

            @Erika The mystery about that 2022 video clip has been answered in the episode finale. Writernim wrapped it up well.

          2. @pav
            Lol there couldn’t be one Lee Gon. There were two: Lee Gon-A returned to rescue himself, the little Lee Gon-B. Then Lee Gon-A got stuck in the past. While he was waiting until 2020, Lee Gon-A went around setting things up as an adult, Lee Gon-A even met the little Tae Eul as an adult, while his little version Lee Gon-B was still growing up.
            In the episode 15, when he first met Tae Eul again with his white horse in the square, the Lee Gon-B even asked “Why you seemed to know me already?” because he was the rescued version and didn’t know anything in advanced.

            And then what? What happened between the two?
            There were two Lee Lims, definitely there would be two Lee Gons.

  7. Oh and (6) When Lee Gon and gang shot lee lim on the streets. The time stopped cause Lee Gon travelled back to the Kingdom of Corea and the duration of the stoppage was a few hours? How did Sin Jae and Yeong suddenly teleported from the bamboo forest to the streets? If the time stoppage didnt affect them, they walked for hours and managed to locate Lee Lim? They couldn’t find him for years and now just vola?

  8. What do I think – I think it was a nice series but you just really need to focus and understand. Part of the series is the twists and turns – you really just need to co-relate. There may be lots of assumptions only to find out that x is y or vice versa. Why did you like Episode 15? Because the twists that you cannot understand in the earlier episodes were finally answered in this Episode. Watching it, in fact, will have taught you, perseverance, patience & understanding 😉

    1. I totally agree with you, this series taught me patience and understanding, Yes! It definitely had some flaws but I watched every episode, and every second and minute of each episode and I loved it, It made me think about a lottt of possible scenarios and I gave me this adrenaline rush when I’d be right and I got sad when I was wrong!. I’m sooo sad that it’s ending soon tho

  9. It was painfully frustrating trying to get the pieces together..ive seen lots of social media post saying they had to watch ep.14 and 15 again jnnordee to fully grasp whats going on and even then foe the 2nd time it is still frustrating. To me it was like attending a 1 hr lecture in college and you struggle to understand only to realise youve been given a homework lol… the good thing is you want to understand it so you reach out to friends to discuss it for a group study lol…

  10. The “slow burn” style of this drama killed the epicness of the last 4 episodes, it felt so short instead. You’re right, without the 16-episode “rule”, this could’ve been made better.

  11. And yes the scene where all the men met, it was so anticlimactic! It felt like a quick change in plan so they just took them in the city instead. Should’ve been at least like in a bridge, the seaside or whatever but not in a park (?) come on.

  12. Honestly speaking I think it is a great show. I know it’s hard to understand but I’m watching it second time and believe me it’s all clear now!!

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