“The Interest Of Love” Episode 1 And 2 Review

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JTBC’s newest drama “The Interest Of Love” is here and here is what I thought about it!

I’ve been eyeing the drama for a while now because I am a fan of every main cast member. I was also happy to see Jung Ga Ram back after a long time, its his 1st drama post-military discharge if my memory doesn’t fail me.

Note: this article is a first-impression review, it doesn’t mean this is the writer’s final thoughts on the drama. This is a spoiler review.

I was curious about the type of project Yoo Yeon Seok would take on after the massive success of “Hospital Playlist.”

Here we are!

I think the drama’s premiere was ok. I was slightly surprised because I didn’t expect it to be this slow, not that it was painfully slow, but it was slower than I had expected.

It was a nice premiere, I saw hints of what could be a mature romance in the making or something thats slightly childish. It was wavering around that line between being about adult romance to kids’ romance with the way they tease each other and can’t draw boundaries. I certainly hope that Su Yeong keeps her cool and if she’s sure of why she rejected him, she should keep it that way. Of course, I highly doubt thats the case, but why not have some hope.

I don’t know what she exactly seriously turned her off but I certainly hope its something tangible that would not be scoffed at. I also wished she would just explain to him what or why that happened if she’s seriously interested in him. I am sure she knows he’s nice and would’ve tried to explain himself. I am sure it has something to do with their differences in class [in terms of money] which turned her off immediately.

I am slightly surprised that he keeps pursuing her when she clearly drew the line, that was becoming annoying, and she didn’t, at any point, even hesitate to tell him off.

I also liked how much the drama focuses on wealth and how it plays into relationships for adults even, and how it can potentially ruin good relationships. I think this will be a love triangle both ways, which is something I am not particularly excited to see. I think that concept works better with high school or university dramas where the characters are a bit younger, more passionate and inexperienced.

Keum Sae Rok steals the spotlight, she’s absolutely amazing here. I was sad we didn’t see much of Ga Ram yet, but I hope our female lead will not hurt his heart too much.

Overall, I’d say “The Interest Of Love” has been a nice watching experience that could go either way fast, I think I need to watch 2 to 4 more to judge whether it’ll be different or not.

The drama is 16 episodes, and its based on a novel…. Novels, especially about such topics, rarely do well in drama format. I hope it won’t lag much.

Have you seen The Interest Of Love yet? what did you think of it?

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