“The Heavenly Idol” Ending Explained- Episode 12 Recap

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“The Heavenly Idol” has to come an end a couple of hours ago, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained!

“The Heavenly Idol” episode 12 recap

Pontifex Lembrary is furious with Redlin after he finds out that she made people into goblins and ruined everything he’s believed in. he found out the evil one killed innocent people and his family and he begins smashing things around. Redlin sees her powers weakening and decides to escape to another realm.

She goes to earth and then chokes The evil one. After that, she goes to Hongwoodaedae’s Master and asks her to collect souls.

At the after life, Pontifex Lembrary talks to the king of underworld who tells him Hongwoodaedae has been using celebrities and the holy relics to steal their souls and turn them into goblins. She also tells him he possesses deity’s powers because Redlin created him with a part of herself. His powers cannot be transferred nor easily obtained just because someone wants them.

She then suggests they can destroy her if they take out their powers both at the same time. Since they’re part of her soul, this will weaken her powers and she’ll send grim reaper to capture her. There is one drawback, once the deity’s powers are destroyed, everyone who ever loved and trusted him will no longer do that since they’re all connected to his powers. He tells her he needs some time to think about this.

Back on earth, the other Yeon Woo has returned and he’s bothered to see his old dorm and his mates, he lashes out at them before Pontifex Lembrary shows up and scolds him. He beats him up and finds out he’s actually someone who is disguised as his face. The man is named Ardor and he was sent by Redlin to become his alter ego five years ago, he’s been attempting to get people to distrust him so it weakens his powers. He is not part of this world.

Pontifex Lembrary then decides to return to being Yeon Woo so he can infiltrate the Hongwoodaedae.

As he returns to being Yeon Woo, one day, he gifts Dal a bag. He then kisses her. Dal can sense something is wrong and it might be that he’s hiding something from her. He decides to give her his bracelet and promises to always return to her no matter what.

As Pontifex Lembrary returns to activities, he gets confronted by the evil one after wrapping up a schedule. Pontifex Lembrary tells him Redlin has used them and she never cared for them. He messes with his mind and tells him she will abandon him and has never been with him because she doesn’t and never wanted that, but was using him. He does not react well to this information.

On a way back from schedules, people from Hongwoodaedae approach and kidnap Pontifex Lembrary. Sa Gam-Jae panics and when he answers the phone, he tells Dal Lembrary has been kidnapped.

At the location of Hongwoodaedae, the master tells the evil one his services are no longer needed and she has one of her followers attempt to kill him.

Sa Gam-Jae and Dal then enter the premise and stumble upon a room where the vows are written and the relics are used. Turns out Redlin was amassing powers using people’s souls and wishes, once they write down their wishes, she captures their souls.

When Lembrary is kidnapped and brought before Redlin, she think its Ardor and scolds him for failing to kill Lembrary. She then figures out its not him. He asks her if the love and care she’s talked about were all lies, she says he cannot understand what its like to be a deity.

She tells him she created him by using a part of herself, she impregnanted a married couple with a part of her soul, but gradually he crossed the line and she wanted him dead. Sa Gam-Jae interferes but is hit so hard he passes out.

Meanwhile, Dal decides to look for the relic and use it to write a wish to give up her soul and wish for this holy relic to be destroyed, this weakens Redlin’s powers as she’s about to kill Lembrary, she runs away.

When Sa Gam-Jae and Lembrary wake up, they cannot recall anything and go to the room where Dal made a wish but they cannot find her anywhere.

At a church, the evil confronts Redlin and asks if he’s always been a pawn, she says she’s disappointed in him but attempts to reassure him and tells him she’s never abandoned him. He collapses on the ground and stops his plans to  kill her, when he asks what she wants, she says she wants his ring. And once she takes it, he vanishes and goes inside this ring.

Lembrary shows up at the church and after a conversation, Redlin stabs him. However, when she killed everyone, no one believes in her anymore. She panics and screams.

After this ends, king of underworld brings Lembrary to her place, she tells him she’s locked up Redlin. She also explains she’s not actually a deity but the spirit of seaweed who lived in the ocean, she did not know she possessed deity’s powers. She then once helped a human who believed she was a deity and worshiped her. This is how she gained power and became a deity.

He goes back to being Yeon Woo on earth and helps the king of underworld do more good. But he does not recall Dal. The Wild animals are a success and win music shows and such. They’re exhausted from work but arrive at a photo shoot where Dal is.

Dal suffers discomfort in that room and exits it, Lembrary follows her and cures her illness. He cures it and then sees her wrist and remembers her. Her ringtone remains the same, and she hears it. He asks if she remembers him, and after a montage of their memories together, it returns to her. She remembers him.

Both smile looking at each other.

did Pontifex Lembrary return to his original place?

No, he stayed on earth and remained a part of Wild Animals.

Did Kim Dal and Pontifex Lembrary end up together?

Yes, despite forgetting him due to the wish she’s made, Dal ends up remembering him and the two reunite.

What happened to the real Woo Yeon-Woo?

Turns out he was Ardor, a man sent by Redlin five years back to make people hate Lembrary, he gets escorted outside and is not allowed to remain with the group.

What happens to Wild Animal?

They become very famous and have schedules packed. They’re enjoying great popularity and all the rumors surrounding Yeon Woo have been changed. They win music shows awards and their songs rank high on charts too.

What happens to Redlin?

She gets locked up by the king of the underworld for what she’s done, and we find out she was not actually a deity, originally. She was the spirit of seaweed who lived in the ocean, she did not know she possessed deity’s powers. She then once helped a human who believed she was a deity and worshiped her. This is how she gained power and became a deity.

Was the evil one killed?

Yes, Redlin ended up killing him by trapping him in the same ring she’s given him.

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