“The Devil Judge” Premiere Is One Of The Best Of A 2021 Kdrama Thus Far- Episode 1 And 2 Review

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“The Devil Judge” is finally here! And OMG, I am already loving it!

I know I am very late for the review but better late than never. I had a lot of work this week so I haven’t gotten into writing this review until now. I have a lot to say and I didn’t want to delay it until the first half was over.

Note: this will be a spoiler review of the said episodes in the title. This is a subjective review.

The premise

as the title of the drama suggests, “The Devil Judge” is about what you could label a ‘devil’ judge. Its a very interesting premise because we usually focus on prosecutors or lawyers in kdramas and rarely on judges despite the fact that judges also hold power in their hands especially in the South Korean juridical system.

The screenwriter of this drama is a former judge which is good news. The good news is, we know we’re in for some realistic portrayal of what it means to be a judge, albeit being set in a dystopian alternate reality, the ideas it tackles still resonate with the average Korean citizen. I bet he has lots of stories to tell.

The same screenwriter who is working on this drama has also worked on “Ms. Hammurabi,” which also focused on judges. This time, his project is far more interesting and far more experimental. The idea of a world where the public can participate in trials could spill disaster depending on the context especially since people are so quick to judge. I can’t wait to see how he explores all the aspects of the hypothetical that South Korea has live court trials.

The characters

“The Devil Judge” premiere surprised me because I didn’t expect the judge to be so condescending in certain situations and downright problematic in others. I didn’t see any video teasers, only photo teasers, so I could’ve just missed the announcement that the judge was going to be a complete crazy person.

Nevertheless, I am happy with the introduction. “The Devil Judge” premiere is honestly hands down one of the best premieres of a kdrama in 2021. Its been an okay year so far, this drama definitely stands out with its premiere. tvN knows how to premiere a drama, I hope the same energy is paid to the remaining episodes too.

Ji Sung character was definitely surprising. I don’t know whether the character intentions are bad or not but I hope it is all bad and he’s truly a devil judge in the way that he only pursues justice for his own good and will step on the weak depending on circumstances.

Why, you ask? Because this way it becomes far more interesting. I highly doubt this will be the case but if the character turns out to be an absolute maniac, I ain’t complaining. Ji Sung is an amazing actor and I am sure he’ll do this character justice but the plot will be far more interesting in my opinion that way.

The devil judge title could mean a devil form of judge either to criminals or innocent people. Still, an interesting plot.

Jinyoung’s character is also interesting and slightly odd. First things first, can I just say this? Jinyoung’s face is just STUNNING. And his acting is EVERYTHING.

Now that I am done fangirling, lets get to it.

His character is very odd in the way that he immediately tries to tackle such a senior judge on the first days of his work, going as far as to plant a listening device inside his room. Shouldn’t the character try to build some form of trust before they begin trying to take down something? His character isn’t portrayed as dumb but his behavior wouldn’t work in such a setting in South Korea.

This could be intentional but its definitely odd thus far.

I feel like Jinyoung’s character is going to be the yin to Ji Sung’s yang. It could be that they form a sort of bond where Ga On (jingyoung’s character) stops him when he goes too far.

I also like Park Gyu Young’s character Soo Hyun and her cute bond with Ga On. He clearly likes her but I don’t understand why he doesn’t pursue her Still, both are too darn cute together.

All the characters seem interesting thus far in my opinion. The drama feels different which is likely due to the fact that its also written by a former judge since generally speaking, screenwriters follow a similar format for premiere episodes.

I am very hopeful watching “The Devil Judge” and I feel like this could turn out to be an amazing drama.

So these are my thoughts on “The Devil Judge”, so what about you guys? did you like the episodes? let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

By Jass K.

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  1. Agree, so far an amazing drama. Mix of Hunger Games and Batman it seems. I have to say I am so impressed by Jinyoung though. I did not know him well, I looked him up and saw that he was the main lead in “He is Psycometric”, but that’s all. So I thought “why did they choose him, he is not well known, it is risky to put him in front of such actors as Ji Sung”. But oh boy he is so great, a pure talent, the casting director didn’t make any mistakes. He has an amazing presence, so confident, a well- trained voice, as if he is coming out of some great drama school and has at already 20 projects under his belt, and he is only 26!

    I hope the drama will not lose its steam, I’d like them to showcase more cases like the contamination of water, I’d like them be brave. Look forward to watch more episodes.

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