“See You In My 19th Life” Episodes 1 And 2 Review- As Good As It Gets

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THE QUEEN is back at last, our Shin hye Sun makes her drama return after what feels like an eternity with tvN’s “See You In My 19th Life,” let us discuss the drama.

Note: this article is a first-impression review, it doesn’t mean this is the writer’s final thoughts on the drama. This is a spoiler review.

June is about to get very busy and it looks like things are up to a good start with “See You In My 19th Life” premiere.

It feels like it’s been over 10 years since I’ve last seen Shin hye Sun in a drama. That’s how long it felt and I’m really glad she’s finally back with this project. I have heard many great things about the webtoon which this drama is based on, so I had good expectations going in and I’m pleased to say, I was very much happy with the way the premiere was handled. Let us talk about it.

This script is written by a screenwriter named Choi Young-Rin who only has one other credit to her name, an unknown movie from 2013. Alas, Shin hye Sun has always made great choices and I have a lot of faith in the dramas she picks.

The premier episodes of the drama were fast-paced. It went through a lot of phases very fast, and I think that it was done really well. It did not feel like it was too much or that it was pushing it, the premiere episodes did more than a good job establishing a special connection between the characters while getting into the meat of the story as fast as it could without compromising the quality.

I heard webtoon fans say some things have been omitted from the premiere episodes, but as someone who is judging it as a standalone project, I think it was done well.

There were quiet moments here and there where we get to enjoy seeing the characters develop a close relationship together and there are also some very fast-paced moments. I think overall the premiere episodes were very much well balanced and are encouraging enough for almost everyone to want to tune in to see next week’s episodes. I must say I have a slight bias because I generally like fantasy Korean dramas, but I like well made fantasy Korean dramas, and it feels like this one will be one of them.

I think one of my favorite things about the premiere was just how confused and astonished Seo-Ha was. He seemed so confused and so taken aback, but at the same time so intrigued by her. She’s a go getter, and so much fun to watch. There was one thing I Kept thinking about while watching this drama…how much fun Shin hye Sun must be having playing this character. I can tell I am going to have lots of fun going through this journey with her too. Such an amazing engaging actress who always gives her all to every character she plays.

Bo Hyun is absolutely adorable here too. I am glad he’s not playing an arrogant character and his character seems well-mannered. I liked the dynamics between them both too.

One of the highlights of the premiere of “See You In My 19th Life” was the child actresses they hired because they have done WELL. O.m.g, whoever hired those child actresses deserves a raise. I am really glad they hired good ones for these roles because if the child actresses weren’t up for the challenge, I wouldn’t have been this excited to talk about how impressed I was with the premiere.

The editing and the directing were also done well. Everything came together beautifully.

I heard “See You In My 19th Life” will be 12 episodes long and I am glad because almost always, a kdrama stalls if it has 16 episodes.

I have an inkling that Seo ha’s car accident wasn’t an ‘accident’ but I also have a feeling he does not know it yet.

The justification to why Ji-Eum wouldn’t tell Seo ha who she really is didn’t make much sense to me in the grand scheme of things. What I think is this, if you love someone so much you dedicated much of your teenage and adult life so far to ultimately reunite with them, it’s a bit odd you wouldn’t want to tell them who you are, especially since she seems so forward with him and so comfortable around him too.

It’s quite evident that she places a great deal of trust in him as soon as they reunite, so to say she can’t think clearly while placing such great trust in him is a bit contradictory. She willingly holds his hands, gets close to his face, and shows no fear despite the significant age difference. However, I do understand that the eventual ‘reveal’ will play a crucial role in the drama and contribute to the overall plot.

Aside from that small nitpick which isn’t much to be honest with you, I am very much happy with the premiere of “See You In My 19th Life,” and I have great expectations for future episodes too.

That’s just my take on “See You In My 19th Life,” how about all of you? What are your thoughts on the premiere episodes? Did you enjoy them or not?

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