“Recipe For Farewell” Episode 1 And 2 Review- Warm And Heartbreaking

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Watcha’s “Recipe For Farewell” is finally here, and here is a review of its premiere episodes.

Note: this article is a first-impression review, it doesn’t mean this is the writer’s final thoughts on the drama. This is a spoiler review.

I’ve had my eyes on the drama mainly because of its lead actors Han Sun Kyu and Kim Seo Hyung. Two actors I never thought would be paired together but here we are.

The premiere episodes were as expected, they were short, sweet, and heartbreaking at the same time.

The two episodes clock at roughly 35 minutes each which is very short but I think more than adequate for a drama about such a topic.

There is lingering sadness in the drama that slowly creeps in as the episodes move. The realization that you’re dying but you sort of continue to try and live as normal of a life as you can while basically wrapping up everything before you leave. Coming to terms with this realization must be one hell of a journey.

I found it interesting how Chang-Wook looked after his wife whom he says he doesn’t quite ‘love.’ Though I would disagree with him on how he defines it, I believe he loves and cares for her in his own way, otherwise, I don’t think he would have taken time off to take care of her in her final days and cook for her in an uncomfortable environment.

I think they’re separated or have been for some time, we shall find out in the coming weeks.

I do have a gripe with such dramas about such topics in how they refuse to tell their loved ones they’re dying, I think its really cruel. I do understand the intention behind it but I don’t appreciate it at all. If you truly care for those around you, you would tell them so they can prepare themselves and be there for you, it might be a burden but its something they’d definitely want to share with you. Robbing them of those moments simply because you fear for their feelings is cruel in my opinion.

The fact that their son, who is about to graduate, still hasn’t been told when his mother has probably months to live is not a ‘nice’ gesture in my opinion. Even if he’s a senior in high school, his mother will be gone in less than a year, high school can wait, his mother can’t. She doesn’t have much time left.

Also, her not telling her sister is not it either. This is a big deal so to do this to your loved ones like that…. I mean… I get what they’re going for but I find it disingenuous is all I am saying.

If you’re doing it for yourself and don’t want to tell for your own good then I get it, thats an entirely different situation and you’re free to do that, but to pretend its for ‘their own good’ if you hide it is horrible.

This was a rant on my side, but there have been many kdramas about death recently and it always rubbed me the wrong way when people who knew they were dying didn’t tell their loved ones until it was too late. If you truly care for their feelings, you’d know once you’re gone it would tremendously affect them knowing well they weren’t there for you before your final moments.

Regardless, I loved the premiere of “Recipe For Farewell” and I have a feeling that I am going to cry a lot moving forward. I trust both Han Sun Kyu and Kim Seo Hyung will put on amazing performances as their respective characters.

I have been seeing rising rookie actor Jin Ho-Eun a lot these days, he’s also a nice addition to the cast.

Looking forward to the coming episodes of the drama.

By Jass K.

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  1. My two favorite actors that I never expected to be in one drama is surely a suprise for me. I’ve been a fan of them and this drama is what I really want. Though the show is definely a sad one but the fact that they spending together with their son, treasuring those moments that they have and showing the loving and care that they deserved is one of the way to lessen the pain, for me. I find it more interesting but I may cry a lot on this drama and learn a lot from it. I hope that through this drama it will bring a lesson on how we should treasure every moment that we have and spending it with our loved ones.

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