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Episode 2 of “Radio Romance” proved to me that its just your average Korean romantic comedy drama, and I kinda like it!

“Radio Romance” premiered with a mere 5.5% and its second episode actually ended up scoring slightly lower ratings.

But does it deserve the ratings it got?



As I said before, the writer is playing it very safe. There isn’t anything that scream originality in this drama whatsoever.

Aside from the radio theme there is nothing that’s slightly different with this drama. It pains me to see such an amazing cast in such an average drama.

The script (so far) is something I can write in a couple of hours (I am a writer as well). Its filled with even more cliché scenes that I had anticipated. Almost all of the characters are familiar.

You have the cold-ass mother who actually turns out to be psycho, wow!! Didn’t see that one coming! *sarcastically.

A playboy father who sleeps with his son’s co-star in the drama. (sick)

Your average hot cold and bothered male lead who continue to say something and do the exact opposite. *ommmmggg

Your average female lead who’s always being put in danger and belittled, the hot cold and bothered main lead is always grabbing her wrist and rescuing her. *so original

So Hoo manages to get on each and every nerve of my body throughout the second episode. Its sad that such a talented actor idol is playing this…thing…

In a nutshell, Geu Rim spends the second episode begging him to appear on her show, again, sacrificing her dignity along the way, she puts herself in dangerous situations (she gets drugged and almost gets rapped?), the bad cold popular actor comes to the rescue (duh!).

Even after everything she’s done to convince him, he still treats her badly. Turns out they have known each other (shocking) in the past, only he can remember her, she can’t remember him.

He liked her in the past and appears to be; sometimes; getting his revenge. She probably either friendzoned him or turned him down. I predict the blindness of her mother was caused by his family one way or another. They have a past together and it appears to be slightly ill-fated.

Another push and pull relationship y’all. A fallen star Tae Ri (Girls Day Yura) threatens everyone wherever she goes. She threatens So Hoo’s mother because she knows of their family secret and she threaten her hoobaes.

We also have that side kick close frenemy, in this script his name is Jason (Kwak Dong Yeon), he is So Hoo’s physiatrist. For some very odd reason (which is btw vaguely explained) he moves in to his house.

How the hell does that help? Why on fucking earth? A baby sitter?

So Hoo tells everyone to piss off and then hangs around them and pulls them to his side. What the hell man?

He is depressed and has insomnia, and needs drugs to help him fall asleep, and once he runs out of them he asks Jason for some which he refuses. Jason continues to hover around him and try to act like a mother/brother/doctor/crazy friend to get him to talk.

Guess what?

He fails! (because of course he would)

Again, I find myself frustrated with the script. Of course, I am not saying the drama sucks entirely, its still entertaining. But the moment you look past all that sweet cliched talk and those hot actors and focus on the script, there isn’t really anything there.

I wish that for once, a writer, a romantic-comedy writer would not play it safe. For once in my life I wish to see a writer who doesn’t try to appeal to the public with an average plot, why doesn’t anyone want to ever take chances and risk?

Life is not always all about whats average. Spice things up, I can already tell how this drama will progress and end. (ask me about it in the comment section and I’ll happily predict what will happen)

I wonder what drew So Hyun to the script… it baffles me, she usually chooses better scripts.

Besides, the writer is trying to get me to sympathize with Geu Rim, which I do (sometimes) but its illogical. She is basically stalking this celebrity trying to cast him in a radio show. She shows up unannounced wherever he goes and with all honesty I don’t blame him for the way he replies to her, I don’t know about restraining order laws in South Korea, but I heard its pretty much nonexistence.

After trashing the script, I am doubling down and retracting (omo) I still have some hope. I can’t fully judge from 2 episodes but so far, its meh!

The Performances

Girls Day’s Yura is great. She has great on-screen presence; her character is pathetic (not the idol) and will drive this plot forward. She will probably try to romance So Hoo and pressure the crazy mother into a corner and toy around with her to advance her career.

So far, I also like the performance of manager Kim (Ha Joon); who’s hella hot btw; I feel so sorry for him. The way he struggles with So Hoo, his crazy mother and everyone else who’s trying to get something from So Hoo is something interesting.

Doo Joon continues to impress me with is facial acting (if that make sense, excuse me I am not fancy with words). He’s very impressive as an idol actor, a part of me hates his character but also feels badly sorry for him (your first mission is accomplished writernim).

There is a lot of wrist grabbing, staring, sad soulful music and drunkenness in the episode. So Hyun is actually not half bad acting as a 26 year old. Again, she’s placed in danger and needs to be saved by the hero.

I liked her performance in this episode. She delivers some good lines, and I like her persistence.

I wished I could have seen more of Yoon Park, but I know he will have a bigger role in the upcoming episodes when they actually start with radio recording.

Who will So Hyun be romancing again? Almost all the male leads in this drama are hella hot.

The Chemistry

Aside from ori So Hoo fake smile and lifeless eyes, he actually has an okay chemistry with Geu Rim. Its not bad, not bad at all.

I predict they will make a cute couple. Once Geu Rim melts that ice berg, he will become a lot more bearable, their chemistry will get better.

A part of me anticipates how their romance will develop while the back of my brain is itching to tell me how its about to go down, I am trying to fight my brain, but as far as you can probably tell, I am losing.

Am the only one who noticed that Geu Rim never questions how So Hoo knew where she lives or why he easily tells her where he lives. I mean, didn’t it cross her mind?

If she was a normal person and this was real life this would’ve raised a big red flag. I’d be running for the hills if a hot guy I seemingly never knew on a personal level drove me to my place so casually.


NCT is singing for OST part 1. So far, the background soundtrack fits the drama well in my opinion. I noticed some people pointing out that it was out of sync, I don’t get why they’re saying that.

Final Judgement

It’s a feel good romantic comedy. Don’t let my review discourage you if you’re a fan of such dramas. I always focus on the script especially if the actors are hella talented, and I feel bad that their talent is being wasted playing such average less-interesting characters.

Its not that romantic comedies have been anything but that, but it wouldn’t have hurt the writer to actually drift away from clichés, because the first 2 episodes are filled with them. You can actually make a check-list and tick things off of it, you’ll probably check every romantic comedy cliché of the book off just by watching the first 2 episodes.

It’s a cute drama with cute good-looking actors. If you’re a fan of any of the main cast I recommend you stick around and watch the drama.

What did you guys think of it so far? Do you agree or disagree with me?[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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