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tvN is really one of my favorite broadcasting stations in South Korea, some of my favorite kdramas this year are from tvN and “Oh My Baby” is another one of them.

2020 has been okay for kdramas but not so okay for typical rom-coms. In my personal opinion, rom-coms are a dying genre these days. Everything that needed to be said and done about them has already been said and done, there is nothing more to add to it.

This is why you rarely find hit Korean typical rom-coms these days, they are either fused with murder or a deep dark mystery to top it off, take for example “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” which is at heart a rom-com but you have that serial killer plot-device to keep it interesting. The same goes for another hit rom-com “Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim?” that deals with a dark childhood secret and emotional trauma, rom-coms aren’t as simple as they used to be.

I like Korean rom-coms but I am not going to watch one that basically repeats another one I’ve watched. I’ve been watching kdramas for more than 8 years and have seen everything from the best to the worst. “Oh My Baby” sticks out for being genuine and cute.

“Oh My Baby” was surprisingly better than I had expected and one of the few dramas I am currently enjoying. So let’s talk about the first half of this drama (episode 1 to 8).

Note: obviously, this is a subjective review but I’ll try my best to take all tastes into consideration as we dive deep into “Oh My Baby.”

The script

I wouldn’t personally write a typical rom-com and I find them a hard challenge because there isn’t much you can do with them, but I applaud the screenwriter of “Oh My Baby” thus far, they’re doing a great job.

“Oh My Baby” is fun when it needs to be fun and serious when it needs to be serious, it also cuts tension at the right moment and has for the most part good comedic timing.

The screenwriter behind “Oh My Baby” is someone who is new to the industry and has only this to their name. Yet, they’re doing so well, it’s a great debut project and certainly better than what some experienced screenwriters are putting out these days, don’t get me started.

“Oh My Baby” is typical but also unique in its own way, the beauty of this drama is how grounded in reality it is, at its heart, it deals with society pressure to get married and have kids, and how working women constantly struggle to climb up the corporate ladder while keeping their sanity and have a somewhat normal life. It also deals with a subject that not many kdramas talk about, infertility in men and women and Korean laws surrounding sperm donation. I found it very interesting how they tackled such heavy subjects so well, highlighting how unfair some laws are towards women.   

“Oh My Baby” asks questions all of us women have thought of at a certain point in our lives, without spoiling much, the main character Hari (played by Jang Nara) wants a baby without the trouble of getting married. The main character struggles are not downplayed or ridiculed for comedic relief but highlighted to bring attention to the shit Korean women have to go through.

Even if you’re not Korean, you’ll still be able to relate to Hari. I am not as old as her, but the drama got me reflecting on myself. I am currently prioritizing my work career not paying much attention to my love life but she got me thinking of the far future. And the questions she got me asking myself are honestly scary and necessary.

I can’t say it’ll be the same experience for you but the older you are, the more you’ll probably relate to this drama. And even if you don’t or you’re a man, you’ll still feel for the characters and sympathize with their struggles.

But I will say, the older you are the more you’ll likely enjoy this drama because you’ll relate more to the characters. A 15 year old kdrama fan might not be able to fully understand the nuance of this drama.

However, there is a note I’d like to bring up and it’s the episodes count.

The more kdramas I see, the more I am convinced 80% of them didn’t need to be this long. Many kdramas that aired this year could’ve been downsized to 12 episodes easily and no one would’ve noticed or complained. 16 hours long content isn’t easy to pull off.

I’ve seen all the episodes so far and this is only a review of the 1st half but I don’t know if “Oh My Baby” has enough material for 16 episodes. The characters fate is already becoming full circle and they’re moving on to what appears to be the end of a kdrama.

While I do find “Oh My Baby” nice and entertaining, it’s becoming less interesting as time goes by, I know the outcome and I am emotionally invested but not as much as I would love to. I said “Oh My Baby” was fun but it still carries the same clichés and stereotypes that plague rom-coms. The more I get of it, the less interested its getting, it might be okay for a binge but to wait 1 week for 2 episodes each time? I have doubts.

The characters

I am honestly surprised by how the screenwriter decided on these characters but I applaud his/her vision. It’s bold and interesting. Hari gets involved with three men, each one has a distinct character that isn’t necessarily likeable but isn’t unlikeable either. They’re somewhere in between and not made to look or feel perfect. I like that, I like that a lot.

We suffer from excessively perfect leading men in kdramas so it’s nice to see male characters with genuine struggles you can either relate to or sympathize with. None of those 3 characters is anything out of this world and they all have their set of issues, I will leave it to you to see them and decide for yourself.

This character of Jang nara is very similar to other characters she played in past works but it’s still a lot of fun to watch. You can’t get easily tired of her.

The performances

10/10, I mean did you take a look at the lineup?

There is no point in discussing Jang nara’s acting at this point because she’s just amazing. I found out about Go Joon through “Oh My Baby” and I feel like I am late to a party…

He’s an amazing actor who despite his appearance does very well at comedy, he played mean characters for the most part so it’s nice to see him in such a role, I’ll go back and see his other works again. I’ve seen some of his dramas and movies but never paid attention to him.

Park Byung Eun is amazing here as well but I don’t think this role brings out the best in him, I feel he could do better. I feel that this role should’ve been given to an actor who is lesser known than him.

The most interesting performance in my opinion in “Oh My Baby” has to be rising actor’s Jung Gun Joo. How can a rookie actor be this cute and good?

He’s paired with actors who have had careers for decades but he doesn’t fall short and plays his character well. He stands out when he’s on screen and skillfully portrays his character that could’ve easily become unbearable and crude. His character is gullible and slightly inconsiderate and unaware of his surroundings so he comes off offensive at times, but he’s still such a cutie.

He has a great future ahead of him, and this is only his 3rd project.


“Oh My Baby” isn’t perfect and the typical rom-com in many areas but the heartfelt stories and struggles of the main characters makes it so much more fun. They’re easy to relate to which makes it a fun watch.

However, “Oh My Baby” is still a rom-com, and has many elements about typical rom-coms, if you’re not bothered by those stereotypes repeating themselves over and over again, you’ll probably enjoy this drama.

Also, if you’re a fan of any of the actors in this work, you’ll also probably love “Oh My Baby.”

Regardless, I know I am picky because I watch so much, I still consider “Oh My Baby” to be possibly the best rom-com of this year thus far and one of the best in recent memories.

By Jass K.

Hi, I am Jass k. the founder of Jazminemedia, in this site, I discuss some of the hottest currently airing kdramas, and if you have any requests for a kdrama review, please let me know in the comment section of any article.

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