“My Ahjussi” Episode 3 Review And Recap

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A lot of things happened in episode 3, it was an emotional rollarcoaster and I was glad to have been a part of it.

There might light at the end of the tunnel for the three beloved brothers, but it’s slowly fading and no one can guarantee that by the end of the tunnel there will be any light left.

Dong hoon has had enough. He is a man of virtue and won’t stand still when a little girl drags him around. He gave her time and space but she keeps exploiting him, he tells her off.


The look in her eyes and despair as well as the hatred is just immense. I love their chemistry together. At first, I was against any romance between them both, right now I am begging for romance, they would suit each other so well, I never thought they would have such good chemistry together.

To give you a short recap of what happened in episode 3.

Director Park is set up and this time no one can save his ass. Ji An set him up with the help of her very weird anti-social mysterious friend Ki beom. By the end of episode 3 Ji An makes a move on Dong Hoon and kisses him, in an attempt to take him out as well.

First of all, I would like to talk about Ki beom, Ji An’s friend.

I wonder why he breaks so many laws and why he helps her out whenever she asks him to without arguing much. I need a good reason for that. I hope episode 4 will answer this burning question, I want a logical reason to why he is like that.

Gwang Il presence on the screen is amazing. Such an amazing actor. How can you not love the actor and hate his character?

I believe he is the way he is because of something huge that took place in the past, this has also been one of my most pressing questions, I want to know why Gwang Il behaves the way he does around Ji An.

I’m still in awe of Ji An’s character and her disregard of other human beings because she was treated lowly and badly.

I still can’t believe the way she treats other human beings just because she is in a bad situation herself. At the same time I cannot really judge her so harshly for doing the things the way she does them.

I don’t know how I would behave if I had an insurmountable amount of debt in my name that I had to pay for the rest of my life, or what things I would be willing to do in order to escape that.

I believe that the only person she cares about is her grandma because she’s the one who raised her, aside from her grandma, I believe she has complete disregard to every other human being on Earth, which explains her terrible attitude.

She is a BITCH. The character, not IU ‘calm down, calm down.’

She forces herself on a man and kisses him knowing well it will confuse him; later she plans on using that to ruin his reputation and crumbling marriage as well, not to mention the damage that she’ll cause to the rest of his family, and his son as well.

I am still shocked that they wrote this character for the drama, so shocked and so happy.

The script is amazing, its one of the best scripts I’ve seen in 2018 so far.

The cast are not some young hot Rich dudes fighting over one woman, seeing this is surprisingly refreshing more than I ever thought that it would be.

Huge props to the writer for writing such complex beautiful characters, characters that I believe many writers would be too afraid of scheming because they might not be interesting for the public or a bit too raunchy.

Female characters in Korean dramas usually are ones with a golden heart ready to help everyone out; we don’t see bitchy lead female character often. This drama challenges this perception and it is one of the points that makes it such an interesting and different drama.

IU is doing an amazing job as her character; I doubt any other female Idol would be able to easily pull off the character.

With all honesty I think it’s very difficult for any female actress to match the other amazing actors in this drama, they’re acting is just on another dimension and if the female lead is not as good as them, the drama will fall short and be very difficult to watch.

I just wish that the drama had better ratings, the ratings are in the 3% Mark which is not particularly bad for a cable drama but still, they should be able to do better.

I like the drama so much, I relate to many characters in the drama and I think that this in itself, is amazing, I don’t really form emotional Bond with any kdrama character I follow easily, since I already know how everything will go down in most of them, it might also be because I am not really surprised or entertained as much as I used to be.

It might be because I became picky with Korean dramas in general, not everyone is willing to risk writing a script about three middle-aged men for a prime time Wednesday-Thursday drama, but tVN did that and I like the fact that the cast is formed of middle-aged men.

tVN is back to what made it the most amazing Korean cable channel, I’m very happy right now and super excited to see whats to come.

I suspect that by the end of the drama the changes would be good but it won’t be unrealistic, the writer hasn’t disappointed me so far.

What did you guys think of episode 3? Did you like it?

Let’s discuss in the comment section below.

By Jass K.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your thoughts after every episode. My favorite character so far is Dong Hoon, but the others are very much enjoyed, too. Keep the review coming. This is such a different and captivating drama.

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