“My Ahjussi” Episode 2 Review And Recap

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tvN’s new drama “My Ahjussi” is an emotional roller-coaster that I was glad to be a part of, the second episode is even better than the first one, tvN has got a new gem in its hand, it’s a beautiful dark gem.

Picking up from where we took off with episode 1 review and recap, I have nothing but praise for the drama so far, I am just bewitched by its depressing realistic set, its like the drama heavens listened to my prayers and gifted me with this unique drama that I have been waiting a while for.

If you follow me on my blog, then you probably already know that 2018 so far (in my opinion) has been meh when it comes to kdramas, aside from “Mother” and “Return” I found no drama that was polarizing enough for me, they were all mediocre.

After watching episode 2 I can confirm right now that I hate Lee Ji An, a lot! I just don’t like the character at all, and you know what? I am so happy that I don’t like her character, this is so refreshing and new, for the first time in a long time, a writer took a chance and created a female protagonist that is not easy to love.

The quickest most precise recap I can give you of episode 2, is that Park Dong Hoon barely manages to escape losing his job, and Lee Ji An uses CEO Do Joon Young weakness (the fact that he’s sleeping with Dong Hoon’s wife) for her advantage, she requests to be paid 10 million won (approx. $9000) to take out manager Park Dong Hoon and director Park.

Her motives behind hurting innocent people for her gains is something that I think a lot of people will have trouble understanding, no matter how hard life swings at you, you should never hurt other people, karma is a bitch and if catches up to you, it’s the end!

The drama does not force us to like or understand Ji An’s point of view and it also doesn’t force us to like Dong Hoon’s character, we just feel empathetic towards him, he grows on you naturally, not through the writer setting improbable scenarios that will get you to like him, you just do. subtly!

So far, we have little information about each main character, just enough to make us tune in for next week’s episode, not too much, and I LOVE that.

I am curious about a lot of things, a lot! Like what made Ji An the person she is right now, and why would someone so cold hearted take care of a helpless grandmother when she could just escape her debt, run away and never return.

There must be something bad that happened in the past, bad enough to make her the person she is today, I am curious to find out what happened and why it turned her to what she is today.

I am also slightly worried, worried that the writer won’t give me a logical sufficient explanation for why Ji An does what she does the way she does it. The reasoning behind her devious plan to take out two innocent hard working people for money must be a very strong one, if the writer screws that up, then I don’t whether I’ll be able to handle it mentally.

I say this because writer Park Hae Yong previously worked on “Another Oh Hae Young,” the drama was amazing and different but by the end of it, it fizzled into blackness, I felt like the reasoning behind what was going on with the main character was never properly tackled, I didn’t get the explanation that I deserved, at least that was how I felt about the drama.

I am also a huge fan of Park Sang Hoon’s character, who can believe that actor Park Ho San was a last minute replacement, he does so well and I pity him so much, but I also hate that he’s just standing still not doing much, but I can’t be too judgmental since we’re only two episodes in, there has to be a good reason why he’s just so helpless.

I hate hate Kang Yoon Hee’s character, I don’t want to swear but I just couldn’t contain myself throughout the episode. After she finds out that her husband might be fired and wrongly accused, she confronts her lover and tells him the line below.

I was ‘you don’t say, bitch!’ I mean she’s cheating on her husband and when he’s about to be wrongly framed by her lover the CEO, she pauses and says ‘we’re becoming bad people.’

I wanted to punch the screen so bad y’all.

I am invested in the drama so far, I love how well everyone’s doing, every actor is doing a good job, they don’t feel like actors trying to be someone but they feel like they’re those characters, I appreciate that.

I like the pacing as well and the way the camera guides us throughout the episode. I am also a fan of Park Dong Hoon’s patience throughout the episode, even when Ji An took away the money, he still gave her chances and tried his best to contain himself, if it were me, I’d be in jail for assault, I would’ve ruined Ji An’s face.

I am also very impressed with Chang Ki Yong’s performance in the drama, I love how evil he is and how obsessed he is with Ji An, I am curious to find out more about their past together, I know for sure that the writer won’t ever make their relationship go the romantic direction, especially after their fight, but I am still interested!

Throughout the episode, I was deeply immersed in its atmosphere, taking a look at Ji An’s pitiful life, the way she stands up to her enemies and the way she gets mistreated. Park Dong Hoon’s family is another story on its own and its also a very depressing one.

All the characters look tired and out of energy, its very different from the bubbly kdramas we usually see, I appreciate that, I appreciate where the drama’s headed and the direction it chose.

Overall, I have a feeling that this drama won’t get the international attention other fluffier kdramas might get, mainly because I have yet to see a kdrama cliché, its very different from other kdramas, not every international fan will appreciate it.

But I have a feeling that it will be a hit in Korea, it has already generated a lot of interest and controversy, but I feel like a lot of Koreans will relate to three middle aged average looking men and a young female who has had enough.

I will continue to watch the drama and will try my best to review each episode.

What did you guys think of episode 2? did you like it?

By Jass K.

Hi, I am Jass k. the founder of Jazminemedia, in this site, I discuss some of the hottest currently airing kdramas, and if you have any requests for a kdrama review, please let me know in the comment section of any article.


  1. Love your recaps, I am by far a huge fan (international) of this drama. I wanted to add, I am a bit invested in Gwang Il and Lee Ji an’s past. I am rooting for their character to have a sensible story and hopefully the writers will provide us that, I wish they would properly explain their circumstances well. I love Jang Ki Yong’s acting skills and IU’s deffinitely stepped up. A part of me wanted him to be Lee Ji-an’s person by the end of this drama, despite the horrendous violent scene. And I’m getting that vibe from IU’s interview on Vline where she said something about people should wait and see what’s gonna happen next to Gwang Il and Lee Ji an (something like that). A lot of people might disagree though. Anyway, great going for this show so far. Got me hooked, I crave for this kind of drama. Enjoyed “Mother” so much and I am yet to check out “Return”.

  2. Wow i really like your recaps.
    When i started to watched Kdramas i really love the plot with the love triangle and how bubble all the actors were but to be honest i cant watch it anymore its so boring always tge same thats why i was so happy when “Mother” aired.
    It was something new and totally realistic.
    I will wstch my ahjussi thxx
    (srry for my bad english)

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