“Missing: The Other Side” Spoiler-Free Review: One Of The Best And Most underrated Korean Dramas Of 2020

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“Missing: The Other Side” is an OCN drama about a village where dead people souls are trapped, they wander in that village until their bodies get retrieved.

Our heroes led by Go Soo, Heo Jun Ho, and Ahn So Hee team up to find missing bodies. Meanwhile, Ha Joon’s character is looking for his missing fiancé played by Seo Eun Su.

Note: the below review is spoiler-free and is meant to help you decide whether to watch the drama. This is a subjective review but will take into account other people’s perspective and different preferences.

The plot

OCN dramas this year have been okay for the most part, I wouldn’t say I was particularly blown away by any of them this year- thus far, but I think out of the few OCN dramas released this year, “Missing: The Other Side” is easily the best written and most concise.

I want to start off by talking about how unique the idea is, a village for missing bodies… that’s one hell of an idea and I am honestly jealous of the screenwriter who came up with this idea. It’s such an interesting premise that can spawn amazing ideas. If and when done right, you can never run out of ideas and topics to talk about. “Missing: The Other Side” takes good advantage of its setting but doesn’t run too far with it.

Two screenwriters worked on the script, one of them happen to be Ban Ki-Ri whom you might remember from the hit Park Seo Joon drama “Witch’s Romance.” The other screenwriter is unknown and this is likely his/her debut project, what a great start.

I can easily tell that this particular drama was written ahead of time and probably reviewed multiple times as well. The plot remains consistent throughout the episodes and every little detail adds up, there isn’t one wasted moment in the drama which can be extremely difficult to pull off even with only 12 episodes.

The plot thickens as time goes by and until the very last moment, there are still mysteries to be solved. It’s jam-packed but not to the point of mentally exhausting you.

If you love OCN dramas, then you must watch this one. Even if you don’t particularly like such types of dramas give this one a try. “Missing: The Other Side” is a thriller and talks about murder but it isn’t too much, for the most part it’s one of the most timid OCN dramas I’ve seen in recent memory.

“Missing: The Other Side” is definitely one of the best Korean dramas of 2020 but not only that, it’s one of the most underrated as well. It deserved better ratings in South Korea and it deserved more attention from overseas fans. I know why it didn’t generate as many reactions overseas, none of the main actors are particularly popular overseas.

If this drama had been picked by a younger more popular Korean actor, it would’ve been one of the hit cable dramas of 2020.

The characters

The characterization of our protagonists is fine. I wouldn’t say any of them is particularly special or that memorable when compared to other kdrama characters this year but they work well together. Every character is your average Joe, there aren’t any over the top unrealistic characters. They’re presented as flawed human beings who are trying to navigate what life throws at them.

Go Soo and Heo Jun Ho’s characters work so well together despite the fact that they aren’t that compatible at the beginning. I liked the pairing a lot and they are now one of my fav pairings of 2020.

Ha Joon’s character was also nice, I liked that they didn’t try to present him as this ‘perfect’ detective all around, perfect at home and at work. He’s stubborn and a workaholic. He can also be a vulnerable human being and he also makes mistakes, one of his mistakes, if we can call them that cost him a lot and it was painful to see him suffer because of… I can’t get into spoilers but the drama perfectly illustrates how human greed is the drive force of so much unneeded aggression that can otherwise be easily solved if everyone had been a bit more honest.

The performances

I said I like OCN dramas a lot and if you follow my blog then you can tell easily. However, I was hesitant to watch at first because of Ahn So Hee. She has a resting bitch face (not that it’s her fault, she was born this way) but it sometimes gets in the way of her performance and thus, I didn’t always understand her acting, it’s a personal preference, I know which is why I am pointing it out. I couldn’t always tell what her characters were feeling at certain scenes in previous projects and it was frustrating to me, but I am here to tell you she has tremendously improved.

She improved enough that if I hadn’t known who she is, I wouldn’t think she was an idol-turned-actress. I don’t mind when idols start off with bad/less-than-ideal performances but as long as they commit to the craft and improve, there isn’t more that I could ask for. I respect that about Ahn So Hee, I can tell she takes this seriously.

The primary reason I watched this drama was ahjussi actor Heo Jun Ho. He always picks interesting projects so he was the reason I tuned in and I am so happy that I did. I enjoyed my time so much and was able to forget about everything and fully immerse myself in that world.

Go Soo does an amazing job as usual, he balances between the good and bad parts of his character, he’s very likeable and charismatic and the perfect pick for our lead character.

Ha Joon’s performance in this drama is his best to date since the start of his career in 2013. I certainly hope he catches the attention of other capable screenwriters and is able to grow even bigger; he has potential but must follow-up with the right projects. He needs around one to two more great projects to generate enough buzz to lead his own drama in the near future and get enough attention from more international fans.

Seo Eun Su is one my favorite underrated actresses, her performance in the 2018 marvelous drama “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” is still fresh in my memory. I wouldn’t expect any less and she does a good job making you kinda dislike her character but understand her motivations behind her actions which can be at times, extremely selfish, but understandable considering the situation.

Special shout out to supporting actors Song Geon Hee, Ahn Dong Yeob, Kang Mal Geum. Honestly, there isn’t one bad/underwhelming actor in “Missing: The Other Side” and that’s another reason I was so immersed in the drama, there is also one killer in the drama who’s facial expressions honestly scared me.

Should I watch this drama?

If you like OCN dramas, please do, this will become one of your favorite OCN dramas.

“Missing: The Other Side” is perfect for a binge-watch, it’ll probably take you around 2 to 3 days to finish but depending on how much you get agitated, you might finish much earlier.

If you prefer romance dramas with easier-to-digest topics, then “Missing: The Other Side” might not be the one for you. However, if you’re looking for something slightly different than what you’re used to, this drama is a good pick. There is more romance in this drama than your regular OCN drama mainly because one of the main characters is looking for his missing fiancé, it’s not the level any rom-com fan would find enough but its more than enough for an OCN drama.

If you like thrillers and mystery drama, this should be added to your watch-list.

If you end up watching this drama based on my suggestion, please let me know if you enjoyed it and if you watched it, I am interested in knowing what you thought of it, did you like it?

By Jass K.

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  1. Yes I totally agree with you. This drama is well written. Consistent and smart. I’m a bit sad that It did not catch the attention of international kdrama fans. I feel so delighted on how the people in the village help each other. I cried whenever one lost soul leaves when their dead body is found.

  2. Totally agree with you. The plot is so packed and they don’t waste even a minute. All the emotion feels real and the character is convincing. I cried a lot but it’s a mix of sad and happy tears. And I became Ha Jun fans after seeing him in this, so on top acting!

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