“Military Prosecutor Doberman” Episode 1 And 2 Review- A Promising Start

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“Military Prosecutor Doberman” has premiered earlier this week and here are my thoughts on the premiere.

“Military Prosecutor Doberman” focuses on the military prosecution division which is something I’ve never personally seen in a kdrama before, so, this is a first for me. This also makes the entire premiere feel refreshing despite dealing with law proceedings to a degree since its a legal drama, but we’ll get to that.

Note: this article is a first-impression review, it doesn’t mean this is the writer’s final thoughts on the drama. This is a spoiler review.

First things first, “Military Prosecutor Doberman” was unexpectedly refreshing and nice to watch. I was on the edge of my seat at times and at others, I was marveling the great acting and the way the plot progressed.

Also, I must say, the opening scene of “Military Prosecutor Doberman” is one of my favorite kdrama opening scenes in recent memory. I think it perfectly encapsulates the plot and the progression that would lead to that particular scene. I found it to be nice. I highly doubt he’s dead but I appreciate the way this scene was done.

The ratings also share a similar sentiment to mine. “Military Prosecutor Doberman” is taking charge and doing well in its time slot, the premiere ratings were honestly very promising.

Its a bit expected, the story behind a filthy rich youngster who steps on people older and more experienced than him because he’s probably getting treated like sh*t by his parents, but so far, I don’t mind it. I just hope they take this specific trope in a new direction.

Having said this, “Military Prosecutor Doberman” is going to be 16 episodes long… which is…. Never good. If you guys read my reviews, you know I don’t like the 16-episode format because I think its too long and almost always ends up ruining the kdrama for me. I hope I am wrong this time.

“Military Prosecutor Doberman” is a legal drama and with next week’s preview, I am assuming we’ll be moving towards court hearings which, after a while, can become pretty stale and boring to watch. This is why I am worried about the 16-episode format.

Ahn Bo Hyun has been surprising me with his kdrama picks, I’ve been loving them for a while now. I like how he’s taken charge of his acting career and used the moment he shined well. I think he’s going on to do amazing things in the future. I also like Jo Bo Ah here.

Kim Young-Min is one of my fav ahjussi actors, its always nice seeing him. The surprise for me was Kim Woo-Seok, an actor I’ve seen in previous dramas but never really paid close attention to. He’s very promising and his character is menacing, he’s been acting for like 4 years, if this drama goes on to be a success, he’ll easily become the highlight of it and gain many new fans, but, that would only happen if the script allows it to.

I remain excited for “Military Prosecutor Doberman” next episode, I am a bit skeptical about the future of it but I’ll choose to remain hopeful because I enjoyed the premiere a lot.

So these are my thoughts on Military Prosecutor Doberman, so what about you guys? did you like the episodes? let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

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