MBC’s “Numbers” Episode 1 And 2 Review

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Our Kim Myung Soo makes his drama return for the first time following his military discharge, let us discuss the newly released MBC drama “Numbers.”

Note: this article is a first-impression review, it doesn’t mean this is the writer’s final thoughts on the drama. This is a spoiler review.

To be frank with you, I have been on the fence ever since reading the synopsis of the drama. This review will be more subjective than usual because of my personal preferences. I personally don’t care much for numbers in dramas, especially in such big doses.

I don’t find accounting ‘interesting’ per se, but I’d say “Numbers” tries its best to tackle that and deliver an exciting premiere to the best of its ability and as someone who is not interested in the said subject, it was a solid premiere.

The drama’s initial premise is about as expected as you’d get from such an idea that the script is made of, but its centered around accounting this time, a different theme with the same basic idea. A hardworking young man who loses his parent/father figure and tries to tackle the conglomerate that ruined his life.

The drama somewhat has similar vibes to “Suits,” and its Korean remake as well, as I am sure some have pointed out already. I am guessing Ho-Woo and Seung-Jo will team up to bring down Han Je-Kyun together.

There were moments in the drama that I felt lost and disinterested, mainly because it revolves around numbers, accounting terms and such. However, what might not appeal to me personally could appeal to you, if you liked it, I am happy for you. To me, I found it to be an solid premiere with a somewhat difficult concept to grasp.

Granted, I don’t have to understand every single plot point to enjoy the drama, but, like I said before, I am not this interested in the concept of accounting and numbers.

I say this knowing well how crucial accounting is, and how it likely plays a role in our daily life and how much power the accountants can hold over someone’s future. Dealing with numbers might be dull but if you know how to play those numbers, you control the big guys. There is also a huge margin for error and manipulation especially since many rich people would want to buy their way out of trouble, as evident by our premiere episodes.

Aside from the plot, the casting is definitely star-studded. Myung Soo is great here as per usual and I can tell he put a lot of effort to understand what he’s working with, he also said he studied this a lot to learn about it, I think it’s a must if he plans on presenting a character who is knowledgeable with numbers.

He has mostly always picked interesting projects and continues to challenge himself, I am pretty sure he could have picked something very standard for a comeback project but he chose this challenging premise. I hope it pays off for him. I am rooting for him even though I might not necessarily watch next week’s episodes.

Jin Hyuk is great here too. And I personally think Choi Min-Soo is always a great choice for a villain. He has that threatening aura to him which will work wonders for this project. He looks like he’s two steps away from snapping someone’s neck wondering why they got on his nerves.

I am guessing Yeonwoo’s character will also join the fight sooner or later. I am somewhat curious to see if there will be a love line in this drama or not.

Overall, I’d say “Numbers” was a solid premiere, I think to those who enjoy talking numbers, this was a treat. I am unsure whether I’ll keep tuning in due to the concept but even if I don’t, I wish our numbers team the best. They have an uphill battle ahead of them and are going up against SBS’s “Revenant” which is already nearing the double digits, wishing them the best of luck.

Those are my initial impressions of “Numbers.” Now, I’m curious to hear your opinions. What did you all think of the premiere episodes? Did they meet your expectations?

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