“Love Is For Suckers” Ending Explained: Episode 16 Recap

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ENA’s drama “Love Is For Suckers” has wrapped up its run earlier today, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained.

“Love Is For Suckers” episode 16 recap

The episode begins with Yeo Reom waking up at her parents place, she stayed there after the fall accident. Her mother asks her to quite work as she believes its harming her. Yeo Reom cries and tells her mother she’ll think it through.

Jae Hoon decides to return to his official post as a doctor and he’s welcomed back by his senior.

Yeo Reom is now suffering from PTSD from the event and she hands in her resignation letter. However, her boss tells her to think it through as he chose not to accept it.

Then the entire production team goes to film the finale of “Kingdom of Love” where they follow up on what each cast member has been through.

Ahn So-Yeon comes to the show despite what happened and apologizes to Yeo Reom. Sparks fly between Chef John Jang and Park Ji-Wan but they’re both with other partners. Geum Soo-Mi and Hwang Jang-Goon are happily dating and he admits he slept with someone else when they were filming but it was before they were a couple. He promises to be faithful and she agrees to see him.

Chef John Jang says he’s ‘getting to know’ Jang Tae-Mi who is confused and had believed they were dating. Park Ji-Wan says she only asked to date Kim Joon-Ho for a month. She caught him doing something bad and he begged her to date him for a month so his app could work out.

During the Q&A, Han Ji-Yeon defends Jae Hoon from rumors and explains he was friends with Yeo Reom and says she’s the one who kissed him during that night.

Jae Hoon thanks her after the show and she says she didn’t want him to be hurt, he was someone she liked.

Chef John Jang gives Park Ji-Wan a ride and then admits he has feelings for her and asks her out, she cries.

Later, Yeo Reom talks to Jae Hoon with tears in her eyes about wanting to quit, but he advices her not to and to keep the door open to return one day.

Time skip to 6 months later

Jae Hoon is hard at work and Yeo Reom is in Paris and has been on a vacation there for 6 months learning the language and recharging.

Kang Chae-Ri asks Kim Sang-Woo to collaborate with her on a program but he refuses, he’s waiting for Yeo Reom to return. Kang Chae-Ri wants to do a program about family issues and reconciliation. She’s determined to do it, it might help her find out why her family life is like that.

Han Ji-Yeon meets a man at the gallery and talks about a specific art piece with him, Baek Joon Yeol who asks her out.

At a reunion between the show’s cast 6 months later, Chef John Jang and Park Ji-Wan reveal they’re getting married. And Yeo Reom later returns to Jae Hoon to surprise him.

Park Dae-Sik and Oh Hye-Jin find out they’re having a baby.

How does “Love Is For Suckers” end?

The episode ends with Yeo Reom and Jae Hoon holding hands walking through a place while leaves fall talking about how they’re glad they have each other and no matter what, it’ll be fine as long as they have each other. They say, ‘you are my end point, I make this promise holding your hand,’ hinting at the fact they’re getting married.

Does “Love Is For Suckers” have a happy ending?

Yes, it does. Every single couple finds each other and Yeo Reom and Jae Hoon continue to happily date despite all the ups and downs.

So what did you guys think of “Love Is For Suckers” ending? Did you like it or not?

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