“Link: Eat, Love, Kill” Ending: Episode 16 Recap And Review

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tvN’s “Link: Eat, Love, Kill” has come to an end earlier today, here is a recap of its ending, lets find out whether it was a happy or sad ending.

“Link: Eat, Love, Kill” episode 16 recap

The episode begins with No Da-Hyun telling Eun Gye-Hoon that his sister told him ‘its not your fault, its definitely not your fault.’ he breaks down right after she leaves for the hospital.

No Da-Hyun is injured but doesn’t die and recovers successfully.

An Jung-Ho is also saved, Lee Young-Hun didn’t kill him. Lee Young-Hun gets arrested, trialed and jailed. But he refuses to admit to the murder from 18 years ago and refuses to say where the body is.

Han Ui-Chan and Ji Won-Tak begin to build their relationship again with each other and Ji Won-Tak helps his father get back on his feet.

A month later

Eun Gye-Hoon goes to see No Da-Hyun and asks her out again. She accepts and they kiss. Despite their love for each other, since their link was severed, Eun Gye-Hoon is a bit clumsy and slow around her. Their dating life is filled with ups and downs but they care for each other.

Hwang Min-Jo gets back with Ji Won-Tak. An Jung-Ho continues to visit Lee Young-Hun in jail asking for the location of Eun Gye-Young’s body, one day, he tells him to stop coming, but An Jung-Ho refuses, before he leaves, Lee Young-Hun talks about their hometown and how much he misses it. So he goes there and searches through the land.

Seo Young-Hwan quits the police force as promised and also digs up the land with An Jung-Ho.

Eun Gye-Hoon comes back to the neighborhood and opens his restaurant again, luckily, many customers visit.

One day, Eun Gye-Hoon gets that dreaded call, they found her body, he goes there and cries his eyes out. Later, he goes to visit her with his mom who promises him she’ll do better, receive therapy and try to be a better mom.

Everything then goes back to normal with a happy ending for all and then we see Hong Bok-Hee and An Jung-Ho walk together, they’re acquainted with each other, they go to Gewoon police station.

Later, we find out something is developing between Cha Jin-Hu and Lee Eun-Jung.

How does “Link: Eat, Love, Kill” end?

The ending scene of “Link: Eat, Love, Kill” shows No Da-Hyun and Eun Gye-Hoon telling each other I love you. When they try to kiss, they see their past selves as kids running around happily. When they try to kiss again, Cha Jin-Hu and Lee Eun-Jung interrupt them. It ends with No Da-Hyun almost tripping and Eun Gye-Hoon catches her, they smile at each other.

Who was the killer in “Link: Eat, Love, Kill”? Who killed Eun Gye-Young?

The killer of Eun Gye-Young was revealed to be Lee Young-Hun, he kidnapped her when she was little and murdered her.

Did No Da-Hyun and Eun Gye-Hoon get back together?

Yes, they did. Despite breaking up in episode 15, episode 16 shows us the couple had gotten back together. Eun Gye-Hoon comes up to No Da-Hyun a month after her near-death experience and asks her out again. She tells him he must win her back and he does so with a kiss.

“Link: Eat, Love, Kill” episode 16 review

I believe there is a good script somewhere in “Link: Eat, Love, Kill” but it just got buried underneath whatever that was.

I read on social media someone say its ‘unrealistically realistic’ which I think sums up this show very well. There are parts of the show that portray the realities of people, their greed and at times, inhumanity. However, that gets buried by the way the screenwriter handles what remains of the script. There are many plot points that fail to make basic common sense. Added to that, the drama delayed the reveal of the killer.

A rule of thumb should be this… you can’t base a 16-episode drama on merely one killer, its rarely done successfully. One killer, no matter how notorious, will not have enough story to fill 16 episodes even if we assume four of those are fillers.

“Link: Eat, Love, Kill” didn’t need to be 16 episodes, in fact, 10 would’ve been more than enough. tvN has shorter kdramas so its puzzling to me that when they see a script, they still sometimes decide to give it 16 episodes despite the obvious fact that it cannot fill that run time successfully.

What pains me is this…. The performances in this drama are amazing, everyone did such a good job, I even think the main and secondary couple had great chemistry. The show had an amazing star-studded cast and went nowhere with it. Its just sad thats all.

I also didn’t like the fact that “Link: Eat, Love, Kill” ending was happy like that, I didn’t think No Da-Hyun and Eun Gye-Hoon should have ended up together especially given their shared history.

I don’t know about you but if I went through what Eun Gye-Hoon had gone through and found out I am dating the child of someone who could have saved my sister but didn’t means we’re over.

Even if I loved that person, my sister or brother suffering such a fate because of the sheer inhumanity and negligence of some of the town’s folks, I’d never set foot there again let alone date someone whose parent just ignored my sibling like this….

Even if “Link: Eat, Love, Kill” hadn’t been perfect, if it ended with the couple split, I still think it could have had a bigger impact. Despite that, the screenwriter opts for the most sugar-coated ending you could possibly imagine and to some people who don’t deserve it.

what did you think of “Link: Eat, Love, Kill” Ending?

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  1. I have only one question lol. WHY did he kidnap Gye Young? Why did he kill her ? Like they did not tell us why did he do it… Everything for what ???

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